How to Create a Form in Brizy: Ultimate Guide

Are you running a website or want to start blogging on WordPress? Then you must use the submit form because there are tons of benefits to having it. You can allow customers to make payments and get leads. Take customer queries regarding your product or services, and a lot more.

If you have a WordPress website or blog, this means users can handle these things easily. There are lots of form builder WordPress plugins available to WordPress users. And that all works fine. But, if you are using Brizy to create form. You do not need to install any other because Brizy has sufficient features and tools. By which you can make the submit form perfectly.

Brizy is available in both free and premium versions. It depends on the user and their requirements. If users think the free version is sufficient for them. They can use it. Otherwise, a paid version with premium features is always available for them.


The main difference between Brizy free and paid versions is that in the free version. Users cannot connect form with third-party services like HubSpot and all. But the paid version does allow users to do so.

Apart from this, you will find many features with the premium version of Brizy that will make your work so easy.

How can a user make a form in Brizy?

To create a new form in Brizy. First, you need to install it from the plugins section of your WordPress panel. Then follow this process.

  1. You need to create a new page from Pages, then add
  2.  Do some modifications with Brizy
  3.  If you are already using any form, you can edit it too.
  4.  A user can edit or create a new template instead of a page.
  5.  You can use Brizy drag and drop feature to move from element to element in the canvas area.

Now you have a form with three sections, and you can remove any portion of it if you don’t find it necessary. In the same way, you can add a new field with the help of it.

How to set form in action?

If you want to set form action, select the action button showing there. And the following symbol appears on the setting bar over there.

How do I specify the conditions for submitting a form?

There are several benefits of using the required form to submit. Anonymously nobody can submit it. But some information is mandatory to fill out the form.

To create the required things, the user needs to go to the settings bar. And then the Field tab where you can choose the required option showing.

So, it is easy to make a required form to shoot it to the website owner.

How to set up a custom message form set?

We have seen that after form submission. A thank you (if the form is sent to the site admin correctly). Or an unsuccessful message (for some reason) appears. Although they provide a default messaging system for this. Create Form Brizy gives the right to the admin to change it as they want.

To show a thank you message according to a user. They need to go to the settings bar of the Brizy and then click on the chain option.

Now, put a custom message there for both conditions. If your form is submitted successfully by visitors. Or if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

How do you modify the background, borderline, and text colour of the form?

Every user tries hard to make a good website. To do so, you have to take care of many things, and making an eye-catching form is one of them.

Brizy allows you to make some changes to the background or text color. Follow this process to do it.

First, click on the form page to navigate the settings menu.

Now, you can see the color tab there.

Launch the color picker.

To change the background color, click on the BG sub-tab option shown here.

If you want to set the borderline of the form, then you can see the Border sub-tab option showing there. Choose the color option available there. It applies to both hover and normal states.

To alter the text’s typography

If you want to change the typography of the text fields. Then you should navigate to the setting bar by clicking on the form.

Now, go to the Text tab available here, and you will find the font family in the left-hand corner. On the right-hand side, you can set the height, font size, the margin between letters, and many more.

Border radius and size of fields

Well, we know these things matter to field size, width, and height.

If you want to set the height of the fields. Navigate to the setting by clicking on the form and going to the Form tab from there.

There is an option showing the Background sub-tab. Choose it and find the size that you are looking to set. Now, you will find the border-radius option side by side. Make any changes you want to the border radius.

Make the Action Button more appealing

You can open the settings bar by clicking the action button to customize it. Select the button size, fill style, and border radius (corner). And border thickness from the index pointer icon. If you want to change the icon’s size, position, and size, do it from here.

It is a text tab on the settings bar that can use to change the font of the button text. You can highlight the existing text (or delete it) and replace it with your new text to change the default text.

If you want to change the text button, border radius, for background color of the Brizy form.

Follow the process we have mentioned below.

First of all, go to the setting bar to Create Form Brizy, where you can see the colors tab and open it.

To set the background color of the button, choose the BG sub-tab.

Using the Text sub-tab, you can change the color of the text.

And you can change the border color from the Border sub-tab.

So, this is an easy but impactable change. By doing this, you can engage more customers to know about your business and service. And the visitors can put more queries on your website. It will lead to grow your online business.