Best WordPress Popup Plugin (2022)

When we see a pop-up on a website, our first reaction is “oh no, that should not be”. Although many of us do not like pop-up plugins, these WordPress Popup Plugin are indeed helpful to grow business online. It is a beneficial method to get more subscribers and increase your sales.

What is a popup?

A popup is a small window that appears when we visit any webpage. It is not compulsory for any website, but people can use it according to their preferences.

With this post, we will discuss some famous WordPress popup plugins. Which are widely used by people and it is suitable for your business without damaging your website.

Before reading about popup plugins, we must know about their uses.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins
Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Why should you use the Pop-up plugin?

Using WordPress plugins for popups on your website allows you to reach a larger audience and act as a trigger. Other features, like how easily you can use them, support (if needed), customizability, price, and many other things that matter.

So, let’s start our list of the best WordPress popup plugins

Table of Contents
  1. Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus
  2. Popup Maker – Popup for opt-ins, lead gen, & more
  3. Popup Plugin for WordPress – Ninja Popups
  4. WordPress Popup Builder Plugin |
  5. Sumo

Brainstorm Force created the Convert plus Popup plugin. It has numerous features that can be useful to users. They provide more than a hundred pre-built templates for popups with attractive designs.

Popup Plugin For WordPress - ConvertPlus
Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus

What kind of popup can you create with it?

Users can use the Convert Plus popup plugin to create promotions, social Media integrations, email lists, and many other kinds.

What is the targeting and triggering options provided by Convert Plus?

It is a noticeable sector for any user because if you can make an initial impact on a customer, then conversion chances are high.

  • Scrolling depth
  • Navigating
  • User inactivity
  • Time spent after the content
  • In terms of landing pages, targeting
  • Device
  • Cookies

These are many features for which this plugin can work.

The World’s Easiest Popup Plugin

How to create a popup?

As we have said, there are pre-built 100+ templates available for you to choose from them. After that, you can make some changes as needed.

One of the most used popup plugins available because its rating and reviews are mind-blowing on Although, a free version of Popup Maker provides the minimum things to a user. But, the premium version has tones of features for their customers, especially for developers.

You can target your audience using a popup maker by –

  • Specific post or page.
  • User
  • Device-based
  • A recommendation or referral
  • After doing all this, you can run your condition by using PHP or JavaScript.

Popup Construction Process –

You can use the TinyMCE editor to make a popup, and it provides a few dedicated shortcodes to the user to prevent any errors. Trigger, Close popup button, and subscription form: three simple steps to follow.

And in Meta Box, users can do things like

  • Prompts
  • Aiming rules
  • Style, size, animation
  • Close functionality

You can also use this plugin to create Woo Commerce-based popups. To unbox all features, you must choose the premium version of it.

Popup Maker
Popup Maker

The sound of Pop-up is like a warrior, and the performance of this WordPress Popup plugin is smooth. It can integrate many email services, so you do not have to stick with one email service provider. By using this, you can build simple popup forms.

The top reason to use this popup plugin for your WordPress site:

  • It has a good user interface, which means you can use the drop and drag builder to customize forms.
  • It provides dozens of animations to make it attractive. As we know, customers love creativity and something unique.
  • This plugin is on a mobile device without any errors. Which means it is WordPress mobile friendly plugin.
  • The team always provides the best possible service to their customers by updating the plugin regularly. So, you can use it with no worries.

One thing for your goodwill: there is no free version of this plugin; you have to pay for it.

Popup Plugin for WordPress - Ninja Popups
Popup Plugin for WordPress – Ninja Popups

WordPress Popup Builder Plugin |

This popup plugin does not need any introduction because it is the most used on the platform. It provides multiple options to its customers, how they want to use it or which combination they would like. A beginner can use this plugin for sure because of its easy-to-use properties.

WordPress Popup Builder Plugin |
WordPress Popup Builder Plugin |

Let’s see those famous features of the plugin, which are the reason behind its popularity —

  • First of all, it has lots of design options. So, you can choose one of them.
  • Easy to use means you do not have expertise in developing or designing to use this plugin.
  • It has many ready-to-use popup templates to make your work easy.
  • You can choose the size, position, and behavior as per your requirements.
  • You can utilize it for email marketing.

Apart from that, several features will be available when you start using Elementor Pro plugin on your website.


If you are looking for a popup plugin, that helps you with social sharing and analytics, Sumo is the best option. Users can easily track their traffic source or different triggers.

Sumo For WordPress

In the free version, the user can access a template only. But the premium option is better.

Here are the top features of this plugin. Have a look –

  • If you have its premium version, use the popup according to your goal.
  • Easy to track customer behavior, which means you can monitor how they are approaching your website.
  • Simple to customize things as per requirements.
  • Users can schedule email lists to communicate with their subscribers.
  • Track the return on investment from every subscriber and conversion you have.

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