Social Bookmarking Sites List (51+ Unique Websites)

What is social Bookmarking sites? 

Social Bookmarking sites list is the most common for OFF-PAGE SEO. It is a process to arrange, share & bookmarks websites on other websites. It’s the advanced form of visualizing links socially so that everybody can take a look at your websites. you may share them to generate it fully social. For SERPs, social bookmarking service is often an exceptionally positive way designed for accessing web links. Together with the web links, contents related to websites are also associated with it.

Social Bookmarking website
Social Bookmarking website

Free Social bookmarking is a very powerful process to promote the website wisely. The internet websites which have a good reputation have the highest possibility of specific and loyal website visitors- eventual customers. Building hyperlinks on a variety of free social bookmarking sites list has proven a successful method for search engine optimization.

Top 7 tips for quality social bookmarking websites.

1Submit your bookmark to high PR social bookmarking sites because of search engine adds more SEO benefit to this type of high quality social bookmarking sites.

2Write a proper description: Descriptions should be relevant, short, and contain alternative keywords or keyword phrases from the content to add more SEO benefit to backlinks.

3Trying to use your main 1-3 keywords so that your bookmark story can accept and SEO benefits can increase. Avoid adding more than five keywords but if you want then alternative change your keywords on every post. Insert the main keywords as tags: Social bookmarking tags are extremely short compare to directory submission & article submission’s keywords.

4Build your reputation through social bookmarking: Your profile matters a lot in establishing your web page reputation. Select your content words carefully, and build your reputation through your posts and links.

5. Write a short & relevant title: While bookmarking the sites you will have to provide a title on the web pages that you bookmark. These titles need to be short, relevant, and unique so that people take notice of your product/service which you offer.

6. Choose the most relevant category: Every day a lot of bookmarks are saved at various social bookmarking sites. These bookmarks are organized into categories.

7. Choose manual social bookmarking: Only manually submit your link to bookmarking sites because automated submission is not 100% perfect or result-oriented.

Social Bookmarking Websites URL list

Social Bookmarking sites ListPADASS
social Bookmarking websites

Benefits of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

To make web page rank for your site, in the profile area of each social bookmarking website, generate at minimum a single link, maybe more depending on the site. We will need to target on Social Bookmarking sites with a page rank of three or bigger to get “high quality links”. Rank is important when you think that a web-site with a page rank of eight could be value ten one way links as in contrast to a site with a web page rank of only. When you register for social bookmarking site, then you are generating backlinks.


We have provided websites for Bookmarking is most reputable and trusty websites list. So you can submit your website links with contents to increase website traffic and backlinks. DA, PA & SS is given here according to MozBar.

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