5 Tips to grow your online business

Tips to grow your online business to improve its visibility, audience, and conversions are important. A potential customer should find you easily. Then, once on your site, its navigation must be optimized for this prospect to take action. And buy and make contact. Finally, he must want to come back.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy adapted to your needs. And your objectives (generating qualified contacts, increasing your turnover, etc.).

How to have a better return on investment (ROI) with your website?

An effective website rests on several bases. Here are our five essential tips to optimize your website and make it efficient:

Tip 1: Optimize ergonomics

The web design and ergonomics of your website must respond to a real strategy. They must allow an Internet user to quickly and intuitively find the information he is looking for. This corresponds to the architecture of your pages, the location of the elements, the graphics, etc.

It is by optimizing the ergonomics of your website that you will trigger the most conversions. And develop your business on the internet: phone calls, submitted forms, sales. An expert in ergonomics will be able to optimize effective conversion. So, according to your objectives to guide a visitor. And transform him into a qualified contact or customer.

Tip 2: Work on SEO

SEO is the set of lexical and technical optimizations that will make up your site in the results of search engines. And this, of course, on requests related to your activity.

Natural referencing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An SEO strategy will allow, thanks to a combination of technical optimizations of your site. And be in the first place on keywords strategic for your business.

Being first on Google with your brand name is good. But you’re missing out on all the potential customers who don’t know you. Being first on Google with the keyword related to your activity. and what your targets are looking for is better! It is the role of an SEO service to define the list of these keywords. And do necessary optimizations to get the position of your website well in SERPs.

Tip 3: Produce popular, quality content

About content and lexical technique: each profession has its jargon. But Internet users do not master their vocabulary. The content of your website must take this dimension into account. At the same time, it is important to show your expertise and have a good approach. You must also be within reach of the client and work on a broader semantic field.

Many sites now offer a “News” section or a blog. This approach is good for building customer loyalty. And informing them of innovations, new products, or events related to your brand. And bringing new clients to your site from Content marketing. Which is an excellent approach to optimize its referencing. Also, think about quality content intended to convert. And inform your Internet users: white papers, e-books, thematic files, etc.

Tip 4: Develop all your media in responsive design

More than 51% of internet searches in the world are carried out on a smartphone. At the same time, purchases made on mobile are becoming more. And now represent 38% of online transactions. This trend will be confirmed and even accelerated. That is to say, a site that adapts to the size of the mobile screen if necessary and whose navigation is simplified. And that’s not all: your landing page, your email, everything must be thought of as “responsive design.”

Tip 5: Drive conversion and measure your actions

Tips to grow your online business website that promotes conversion is a guaranteed return on investment. In a physical point of sale, there are areas for impulse buying. It is the same for your website. CTA (Call to Action): buttons encouraging the click to buy, give contacts, or submit a form. Their design, their formulation, but also their location is strategic.

Forms, present at the heart of your web pages, in your headers. And your landing pages are also essential conversion tools. They allow you to retrieve the contact details of your visitors and to identify them. Ex: a contact form, registration for personal space, newsletter registration, etc.

Finally, the essential lever linked to conversion and your website is web analysis. The web offers the undeniable advantage of measurement. To measure your actions, you must collect. And analyze the right data: conversion rate, audience, call intentions, click to visit a particular URL. Our web analytics experts are effective for analytics plans.

These are the five essential elements that allow an effective digital transformation. So these are tips to grow your online business and good return on investment for your website.

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