Best WordPress Themes for Business

When it comes to choosing a WordPress themes for business, you can do so in many different ways. If you want a more sophisticated design. You should consider purchasing a business theme. Many of these business directory WordPress themes include advanced features. That can help you increase your business’s online presence.

For example, a business website needs to have a functional design and be user-friendly. This is essential for the success of a new business, as it is often the first place customers find you. Customers will quickly lose interest if the site is unattractive or not easy to use. They will also not feel comfortable visiting your website if it looks outdated. Therefore, WordPress business themes are ideal for websites in this category.

WordPress Themes for Business
WordPress Themes for Business

Divi Business Theme

If you are looking for powerful WordPress themes for business, then Divi could be a good option for you. It is also a flexible website builder, and customers can use it without much worry.

You can use the Divi Business theme to get your site online in a matter of time. Even a non-technical person can make a good website with little knowledge.

A user can enjoy more than 100 professional layouts and themes.

Divi Business Theme
Divi Business Theme

Let’s read about the features of the Divi Business Theme.

  • It has one of the most powerful and easy-to-drag and drop tools.
  • A person can use this theme for multiple purposes.
  • Its developers always try to keep themes updated so that users get the best experience.
  • Users can transfer elements from one site to another or from one page to another.
  • It is a fantastic WordPress theme for business to customize. Users have control over many sections.
  • A user can edit without knowing how to code. Use the graphical interface to edit.
  • Wonderful community and they are ready to support you anytime.

What are the disadvantages of using the Divi Business theme?

  • Although the Divi business theme is one of the best for users. It also has some drawbacks, and users should be aware of them.
  • If you stop using Divi for some reason, then it will not be easy to transfer content to other places.
  • Make sure you are in touch with an expert. If you are having issues,
  • It is not fully editable, and some sections are blocked.
  • If you have no coding knowledge, make sure you are not using shortcodes because they can harm you.

What is the cost of a Divi Business Theme?

There are two kinds of packs with Divi. First, you can pay early. Second, it is for a lifetime free. Yearly can charge you $89 per year, and you will pay $249 to use it for a lifetime. So, choose your pack and make lucrative websites.

Ultra Theme

If you are looking for the best theme for a large business, the Ultra theme could be that theme. It is one of the WordPress themes that users can find on the internet. And Ultra has many ready-to-use templates to make it easier for users.

Themify, which created this theme. This is one of the service finder WordPress theme and is famous for its services. And they provide a reliable, responsive, and beautiful look and feel. If you have not used this theme before and are looking to change it. Then Ultra could be the best option for you.

Ultra Theme
Ultra Theme

Let’s check those features for which you can choose the Ultra theme.

  • The Ultra theme comes with pre-made demo templates and design sections.
  • Single-click import of demo sites (everything will be included).
  • Ultra offers 12 bonus builders. Which are free of charge if you purchase a premium theme.
  • They provide more than 60 pre-designed layouts to the users for a better website design.
  • The user can choose a header and page style because Ultra has more than 15.
  • They have a mega menu option for the customers. So, you can customize it to your requirements.
  • You can use the image filters that they provide.
  • You can set up your online e-commerce store.

Some disadvantages to using the Ultra theme.

  • The customer support team is not as responsive as it should be, but they are working to provide their best.
  • If you want to customize a website to your needs, you must have good coding skills. Otherwise, things can be difficult for you.

What is the price of the Ultra theme?

This theme comes in three packs.

Single theme: For $59 per year, you can create one website and blog provide to one year of updates and support to your customers.

The Master Club –With this pack, users can enjoy 11 WordPress plugins, 42 themes, Photoshop files, 5 PTB add-ons, and 25 builder add-ons. The rest of the services are the same as for a single theme pack.

Lifetime Club: As the name suggests, all of the benefits of the master club are available to you, but for an unlimited time. It entails making a one-time payment and using Ultra indefinitely.


Avada is not as famous as others, but it has more than 4.5 stars in the store. Almost 8,00,000 customers have purchased it. Avada is a 100% customizable, clean, and responsive theme for business people. You can make a portfolio, blog, e-commerce, or magazine. And other category-based websites apart from business. So, you can make the best use of it later.

If you are looking for a WordPress one page theme for your business. Then Avada offers a one-page feature to its users. And it has an advanced version of the admin panel to control and manage all the elements. As we have mentioned, Avada is 100% e-commerce-supported.


What are the features of the Avada themes?

There are so many features of Avada, and some of them you can realize by using it. However, we have listed a few of them below; please take a look –

  • They provide the latest technology to their customers by constantly updating their theme.
  • You can use the placeholder technique to import content.
  • Help to enhance the design and styling of the website.
  • They offer tools to create unique and attractive pop-ups or sliding bars for your website.
  • You can install the Avada theme with a simple single click.
  • Use Avada Studio to customize your website.
  • If you realize some sections are not as you expected, prevent them.
  • Make use of your CSS and JS.
  • Compatibility with the most recent WordPress versions as well as third-party apps.
  • Avada is a better place to set up an online e-commerce store by using woo-commerce plugins.
  • They are offering a 100% mobile-friendly Plugin & theme.
  • Users can make custom headers, footers, and content layouts.
  • More than 120 layouts and designs await your purpose.
  • You have the option to choose an icon.
  • They have more than 85 pre-made website modules. You need to select one of them to make your website live.
  • Easy to use, customize, and launch. “It means it will reduce your work time.
  • For the past seven years. It has consistently been the best-selling corporate WordPress theme.
  • SEO-friendly WordPress themes for business.

What are the disadvantages of using the Avada theme?

  • Avada does not offer a website builder to its subscribers.
  • Support is not so good, but they are upgrading it.
  • It has a limited license, which means it can be used for one website.
  • They do not have product builders.
  • A beginner cannot use it. You must have good knowledge of website development.
  • Another reason could be its pricing and services.

What is the cost of the Avada?

You can purchase the Avada theme for $60, but they offer support for only six months. And you have to upgrade it for $18 to use its support for the next six months. But once you purchase it, you will feel like it is worth it.


It is one of the most beautiful, responsive, adaptable, and best WordPress themes for small business. The Jupiter theme came in 2013, and since then, more than 1,60,000 customers have used it, giving it a 4.8-star rating. So, Jupiter has a good impact on the users, and it tries to cover every aspect of the website.

You will love its features because it makes the website-making process so easy. They are always thinking about visitors. That is why the theme is designed with responsiveness and mobile friendliness in mind. As a result, a non-technical person can easily customize a website. Apart from business sites, you can choose it for WooCommerce setup because of its check-out option.


Some basic features of the Jupiter Theme. Kindly check them once.

  • The theme can be managed from one location. It is beneficial for the users.
  • You can show different layouts for different websites. And make attractive check-out options.
  • It has a live editor for creating product pages, catalogs, and cart pages. It is available for both mobile and tablet devices.
  • They have advanced product filters to provide the best results.
  • They provide more than 250 elements and widgets to modify anything on a website.
  • There is no need to write code to build dynamic websites.
  • You have the choice to choose from more than 450 options.
  • One click to install the feature.
  • You can create an attractive pop-up using the pop-up-making tool.
  • You can use any page builders with this theme.
  • Several plugins are free of charge if a user purchases a premium theme.
  • RTL & Translation Ready
  • They offer free updates, which means you can enjoy lifetime updates.
  • Personalized 1-click upsell, downsell, and order bump.
  • Jupiter has a 100% visual page and layout builder.
  • Header and footer builders
  • Blog, portfolio, magazine, and form builder.
  • The theme has better, clean, and hassle-free codes.
  • It is lightweight and developer-friendly.
  • If you are supposed to do search engine optimization, this theme is helpful.

Apart from these, you can find a bundle of features on the website. Which you can know by using it.

What are the disadvantages of using the Jupiter theme?

  • It can sometimes create problems because of its bulky nature.
  • You have to use Elementor to take advantage of most of its features.
  • The price could be tricky for the users because there is only 1 license per domain Name. So, more websites mean more expenses.
  • The customer support team needs to work to provide the best service to the users.

What is the cost of the Jupiter theme?

You can purchase this theme for $59 and get six months of support. To extend customer support duration, you have to pay $6.38 extra. That means $65.38 for the first year. One license for one website, and if you want to use it for multiple websites, spend more.

Cyberchimps Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme by Cyberchimps is lightweight and loads under 100 KB. It loads your website quickly and ensures that visitors on your website have a good experience.

With over 30k websites actively using it, Responsive is free and provides all the customizability features needed to create stunning websites. Best part is Responsive theme has a free affiliate marketing template, in Elementor and Gutenberg variant, made to help you create affiliate marketing websites superfast.

Cyberchimps Responsive Theme
Cyberchimps Responsive Theme

Let’s read about the features of the Cyberchimps Responsive Business Theme.

  • Pre-designed template for easy website creation
  • Customizable to reflect your business’s unique identity
  • Clean and modern design with ample white space for a professional look
  • User-friendly navigation for an easy browsing experience
  • Multiple page templates for showcasing various aspects of your business
  • Engaging sections like the homepage, about us, services, and portfolio

What are the disadvantages of using the Cyberchimps Responsive theme?

  • It has a limited license, which means it can be used for one website.
  • Less layout settings, but they are improving it.

What is the cost of Cyberchimps Responsive Business Theme?

Responsive Theme is freely available on WordPress theme repositories. Their premium plan starts at just $23.50 which is the lowest price as compared to other popular themes.


Another clean and better theme that can make your work so much easier. Enfold seems like an ideal theme for shops, business websites, and other kinds of websites. And website owners can proudly use it to make their websites attractive. You have several theme options to choose from them. They take care of every aspect of the user. That’s why a user receives the best service from them.

Talk about its performance and feedback. Then, more than 2 lakh people using it have a 4.8-star rating. So, it could be a good option for you. Enfold has all the fundamentals to make a website attractive, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly.


Let’s take a look at those vital features of the Enfold.

  • It is a super flexible theme to use.
  • It has a unique drag and drops feature to customize almost any section of your site.
  • To get instant results, users can use the Ajax Instant WordPress Search Plugins.
  • Users can use Woo-commerce plugins to set up an online store. So, you can start selling your products at any time.
  • The theme is so responsive that you can easily open it on any device. You can deactivate it with one-simple click given there.
  • If you want to do email marketing, you can integrate the Mailchimp app with the theme.
  • You can use video from any video sharing platform.
  • Users have several color options to make the website beautiful.
  • The translation is ready and available in more than 20 languages.
  • If you are buying this theme. They will offer a free lifetime update and access to their support forum to fix any issues anytime.
  • It is one of the best WordPress themes for business to use for SEO. And the only legit code to make a website better for optimization.
  • You can make a contact form to get in touch with customers.
  • It has one of the best support teams to fix technical issues.

What are the disadvantages of using Enfold?

  • They do not have much and most likely fewer than other website templates.
  • A user cannot use a live editor with this theme.
  • Its design is not the most trendy, although an experienced person can make it attractive.
  • Although it has a drag and drop feature. You want to make a good website. Make sure you have good knowledge of coding.

How much does the Enfold theme cost?

You have to pay $59 to use this theme and get six months of support. And if you want to increase the support time, then an extra $17.63 should be paid.


Another famous WordPress business theme is available on And you can start with a single click. It has more than 2.5 million users and a 4.8-star rating. It is more than a WordPress theme, and users can unlock limitless features of Betheme.

You can use Betheme for several categories, like car rental, Event Company, SEO agency, electric, veterinarian, loan agency, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health magazine, and other service-based websites. So, Betheme opens doors for many possibilities. And people from different backgrounds can enjoy its services.


There are several features that a user should know about before using Betheme.

  • If you want to choose menus according to your choice, then Betheme can do it better.
  • Users can make a one-page website with a soft and smooth scroll effect.
  • The one-click skin generator function
  • You can set up your e-commerce store with the help of WooCommerce plugins.
  • You can use WordPress multilingual feature.
  • Because Betheme is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will load faster.
  • You have the option to choose “Drag and Drop Muffin Builder” to make your website easy and fast. They have four “drag and drop” builders.
  • There are many pre-built pages with the theme.
  • If you have a premium theme. You can enjoy many premium plugins free of charge.
  • More than 600 pre-built website templates are ready to use.
  • They offer free lifetime updates to their premium users. And their updates are released on time.
  • Coding is not mandatory to make a website. Betheme is the best place for beginners to start a website.
  • Flexible positioning with responsive editing.
  • They offer vector images and icons.
  • They have hundreds of pre-made sections to provide the fastest service to the users.
  • The customer support team is ready to fix technical glitches.

What are the disadvantages of using Betheme?

  • If you have a limited budget and want to make many websites. You must purchase one license per domain.
  • It has no blog layout option, and that can hurt a user.
  • It is not easy to learn; you need to have the fundamental knowledge to use it.

How much did Betheme cost?

To purchase Betheme, you have to pay $59, and it comes with one website license and six months of customer support. If you want to extend your support, an additional $17.63 has to be paid.

To use the same theme for multiple websites. You must purchase more than one license.


WordPress themes for business can be a great way to increase your website’s accessibility. And improve your user experience. By using the above WordPress themes for business. You can make your website look more professional. while also improving its usability and features.

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