15+ Twitter Alternatives {Websites & App}

It is no secret that Twitter is considered the largest micro-blogging website with approximately 397 million users. However, users have slammed Twitter for blocking their chain of thoughts. Users have slammed Twitter for interfering with their thought process. And still not providing them with enough word count to express and support their cause freely on … Read more

18+ Alternative Social Media Platforms {Updated}

No doubt the alternative social media platforms have been doing as much good. They have been able to solve a series of problems and troubleshoot them. One problem still lies with the popular how to use social media platforms. And everyone knows about them. The problem with these dominant lies in attracting crowds, friends, and … Read more

Benefits Of Social Media for Business

The benefits of social media are numerous. In a world where more than 3.5 billion people have a social media account. You can easily reach half of the world’s population for free. You can also use it to promote your brand, create giveaways, and launch mobile applications. With the rise of technology and advancements in … Read more