Fastest WordPress Themes: A Comprehensive Comparison

It is a fantastic feeling when you find a landing page open in a few seconds. It turns customers into the most trustworthy and pleasant. So, you must ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible if you want to attract more customers like that.

Have you ever thought about how it will start or the steps to make the fastest-loading WordPress website? There are tons of themes, and you have to choose from them to make it work fine for you. But how will you get the perfect Fastest WordPress themes for you? So, there are many things that you should notice, and fix. Optimize your website or blog to get the fastest results.

Fastest loading WordPress themes
Fastest loading WordPress themes

We at examine and provide the best solution for you.

So don’t stress; we have found the best solution for you. So, you can chill, sit back, and enjoy your time. We take our top WP theme selections to make your website faster and error-free. However, let’s dig out the following information before discussing it. How we tested our themes and shared the results:

How do I increase the speed of my WordPress site?

If you don’t want your performance to suffer while selecting a WP theme. There are several things to count and account for. Your speed is affected by parameters, including the size of the CSS and JS files. The number of resource files, and the content itself.

To ensure everything is good, check the JSS and JavaScript files of your website. We have found that many of our clients have issues with overloaded files. It makes your website slow and causes poor response. Do not put garbage on your website; keep it clean with simple and needful coding and files. The least size and speed of your website are reciprocal. You must keep files down to 100 KB. Remember, if your files are more than that, remove unused and unnecessary codes. (because they are the main reason behind slow websites).

Some other sensible advice is to pick a cleaner template and the best performance of your website. It can be easy to select a theme capable of doing everything. But you should take care that it could eventually wind up becoming completely ineffective.

First, you decide on the theme and category to start blogging on WordPress. It helps you choose the correct and relevant theme for your site. The best theme means includes all the necessary things to make a good website.

Here is the list of the fastest WordPress website themes.

Astra99% A92% A0.910715
Neve99% A93% A0.957.612
Hello Elementor98% A91% A1.825 to 3511
Writee85% A88% A2.0180 16
Sydney95% A93% A2.6637
Ocean WP Theme97% A85% B1.935629
Fastest WordPress themes score


Talking about the fastest WordPress theme and not mentioning Astra is not favorable. It is one of the fastest themes you can use for your website. It is available for free and as a premium service. Technically, Astra Premium has several extra features compared to the free version. You can build a page of 45 KB and eight HTTP requests. It takes 2.9 seconds to load a page. So, you can say. It is super-fast and reliable for your website.

Astra WP
Astra WP

There are other features you should know about the Astra theme –

  • There are more than 700 Google fonts. You can select from the Astra theme.
  • It takes around 2.9 seconds to load a page.
  • You can configure WooCommerce with the Astra theme without harming response time.
  • It shows a 95-plus score at Google PageSpeed Insights.


There are more than 200,000 active users of the Neve theme. It is fast and lightweight, which makes it useful for many purposes. To assist you in getting started quickly, Neve has more than 30 starter templates that are ready to use. There are five world-famous page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi. They make it simple to manage and create the page.


There are other features you should know about the Neve theme –

  • You can create web pages around 30 to 35 KB, which means they are fast and responsive.
  • It takes around two seconds to load a webpage.
  • There are five-page builders and more than 30 pre-made websites in ready-to-use mode.
  • It shows more than a 97 percent score at Google PageSpeed Insights.

Hello Elementor

If you are a WordPress site owner and looking for one of the best page builders, Elementor is a fantastic option. You can configure WooCommerce Shop. And the speed and performance of this WordPress theme. Make it a good choice for creating an effective online store. It is the fastest and most lightweight theme. And completely controlled by the Elementor page builder. There are more than 500,000 active users across the globe.

Hello Elementor
Hello Elementor

There are other features you should know about the Hello Elementor theme –

  • You can create web pages that are around 25 to 35 KB, which means you can make your website so fast.
  • You can make web pages faster and take a second to load web pages.
  • You can use the Elementor page builder with a theme to create web pages effectively.
  • It shows a score of more than 98 at Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • It is free, and anybody can use it.

Cyberchimps Responsive Theme

Cyberchimps Responsive Theme has the same lightweight design and has no jQuery code that adds extra code to your WordPress theme. With more than 250 ready-made starter templates, you can build websites quickly without spending any time designing them from scratch. It is available for free on the WordPress theme repository.

One of the best parts of the Responsive Theme is that it has more features in the free version as compared to other popular themes. The Pro features include a Mega menu, white labeling, integration with WooCommerce and many more that make it a good alternative to premium themes.

You can create different page layouts, sidebar layouts for posts and easily build your website header/footer without having any technical knowledge. Overall, it’s one of the best and fastest themes available if you’re looking to build a WordPress website.

Fast WordPress Theme

Let’s have a look at the remarkable features of the Responsive Theme that you should know –

  • Mega Menu for building extensive links menu
  • Multiple blog layouts for grabbing readers attention
  • 250+ Starter Templates to keepstart your WordPress website
  • WooCommerce features to build product selling websites
  • Support for header/footer code snippets
  • No jQuery


Cyberchimps Responsive Theme is freely available on and has a pro plugin that extends the features of the free theme. The basic plan starts at $23.50 for a single year which is one of the lowest prices among all popular themes.


If you are looking for the fastest blog and magazine theme, Writee is one of the best options. GTMetrix shows its file size is nearly 180 KB, and it sent 16 HTTP requests to the server. After all, web pages take around three seconds to load completely. You also get a ton of layout customization options and options for pagination. The free version comes with nine pre-made templates. And has a unique layout design to make the landing page attractive and different.


There are other features you should know about the Writee theme –

  • There are many pre-made templates with the premium version of the Writee Pro theme ready to use. The free version has nine website templates.
  • It is one of the best themes for blog and magazine websites.
  • There are more than 600 Google font options and many customization options.
  • It shows more than an 85 score in the PageSpeed Insights Tool of Google developers.
  • It comes with a free and paid version. There are additional services added in the premium version.


If you’re looking for the fastest WordPress theme for multipurpose use. Sydney is the finest option for you. Interestingly, its file size is around 300 KB. And it sends more than 18 HTTP requests to the server. But it still takes a maximum of four seconds to load web pages properly.

It might be possible that you face slow performance on mobile devices. But if you do some optimization, it can do better. You can use it in free and paid versions. Which are compatible with WordPress plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce.


There are other features you should know about the Sydney theme –

  • This WordPress theme’s pro edition offers more websites. And page demo preferences, beautiful blog layouts, and a customizable footer section.
  • It is a multipurpose theme, and you can create online e-commerce websites using WooCommerce.
  • There are more than 600 Google font options and many customization options.
  • The PageSpeed Insights tool created by Google developers displays a score of over 85.
  • There are free and paid versions of the Sydney theme. Its paid version has several extra benefits.

Ocean WP Theme

If you are looking for a fast-loading multi-purpose WordPress theme. The Ocean WP theme is a fine choice for you. It is compatible with WooCommerce plugins, and you set up an online store. According to the GTMetrix test results, the loading time is around two seconds. And the overall performance rating is 95%. It has proven that the entire page weighs in at over 200 KB, and the outcome is commendable. With a speed index time of 4.2 seconds and an overall score of 87. Mobile performance is somewhat compromised. And if you do some optimization, you can increase mobile page speed. It is free, and you can download it to use on your website. There are more than 700,000 active Ocean WP Theme users.


There are several advantages to using the Ocean WordPress theme. Have a look at them –

  • The Ocean WP Theme has a WooCommerce integration feature to make an online shop.
  • It is a multi-purpose theme with quick view functionality, and cart pop-ups. And a floating add-to-cart bar that you can customize according to your needs.
  • There are more than 600 Google font options and many customization options.
  • The PageSpeed Insights tool created by Google developers displays an overall score of 87, which is good.


We have discussed various points to choose the fastest WordPress themes. This can make your landing page super-fast and improve your website’s performance in search engines. You have a choice but consider it by selecting a theme. That provides the appropriate functionality and integration for your website. Check out these added WooCommerce plugins if you run an online store.

Additionally, be aware that possessing a fast WordPress theme is not perfectly adequate by itself. Ensure the framework of your webpage is improved, and its files are compressed. You must use a content delivery network to improve page speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to increase the page speed of my website?

It has been proven that if your website takes longer than expected. Many visitors will switch to somewhere else. And a fast Web page means more customers. So, you should work to improve the page speed of your website.

What should I do to improve page speed or reduce the loading time of my webpage?

When we create web pages, many CSS and Java scripting sheets come into use. You must ensure that files are not heavy, and remove unnecessary codes from the sheet. And follow a clean and simple coding path to make them lighter and faster.

What is Google PageSpeed insight?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool of the Google family that helps users increase their page speed and reduce loading time. It suggests users with charts to make your web page faster and more customer friendly.

Can I increase page speed by working on my server?

Sure, server response time is slow, which is the reason behind the slow loading of web pages. So, you can fix some points and optimize them to make them faster.

What are the best ways to improve site speed?

There are many ways to improve page speeds, like compressing files and images. Using a content delivery network, cleaning the cache regularly. Using plugins, and not using unnecessary URL redirects.

What are the benefits of using faster websites?

Many experts say to make your website faster. It is one of the fundamental things to consider when creating a website. If your website is faster and smoother, many visitors will come to your site. They do purchase and use your service. It also helps indirectly with search engine optimization. And the bounce rate of your website will decrease.

What is the best and fastest WordPress theme to use?

Astra, Neve, Ocean WP theme, GeneratePress, Customify, writee, hello, and Twenty Twenty. These are other famous WordPress themes you can use to make your website faster and more user-friendly.

Should I use a free or paid theme for my WordPress website to make it faster?

Paid themes indeed have their advantages, and free WordPress themes are not bad at all. If a free WordPress theme fulfills your requirements, that’s good; otherwise, you can use a paid theme.

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