How to Add Google Analytics to Elementor

Everyone wants to keep track of their website visitors’ activities. And Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. Although it offers a tracking feature without costing a single penny to the customers. It is one of the most famous analytics tools on the market. Few people know that Google Analytics uses JavaScript tracking … Read more

What is the Cost of Developing a WordPress Website?

WordPress was initially just a simple blogging application. It has now developed into a website creation framework. And a full-featured Content Management System (CMS). WordPress powers over 40% of all websites globally. That makes it possible to hire WordPress developer to make a website. And that is from a straightforward blog to a sizable online … Read more

WordPress vs Blogger (In-Depth Comparison)

One of the biggest questions that come to mind when a blogger kicks out their blogging. What do they choose: Blogger or WordPress? And before choosing want to compare WordPress vs Blogger. Where they should choose WordPress or stick with Blogger. Well, it is not a one-line answer, and you cannot select any of them … Read more vs – An Elaborate Comparison

The above statistics clearly state how popular WordPress is. The website-building engine is known for its ease of use, and flexibility. An extensive plugin ecosystem, which allows users to add a wide range of functionality to their websites. However, when you search for the word ‘WordPress’ in Google, things can get confusing. Let’s give a … Read more