Blog Commenting Sites List (20+ websites High DA & PA)

Blog Commenting Sites are best to generate backlinks for off-page SEO, whereas anyone can write a comment. The blog commenting helps in a lot of ways like building brand awareness, developing a method for visitors’ traffic, and building no-follow or do-follow incoming links for search engine optimizations.

A good way to proper blog commenting is likely to take their views more seriously than the ones that simply remark as guests. Even though some guest comments can be meaningful to the discussion, irrelevant replies are more likely to be posted by guests since it is very easy to comment on a post and you can be totally anonymous.

Blog Commenting Sites
Blog commenting sites

Benefits of Blog Commenting

  • Best Do follow blog commenting sites. You can use the websites URL to get these Best Do follow blog commenting sites to post comments on your fitness blogs or finance blogs. These Best Do follow blog commenting sites will allow you to set your links up as an ad to show up on various blogs around the world. It will give you instant exposure and hopefully free advertising as well.
  • Niche Blog Commenting Sites. Every niche has blogs in every niche! The best part about niche that you can create a comment post that targets a specific category or subcategory and then target that specific category to each post. Whenever someone posts a comment on that particular post.
  • Post valuable comments. This is the key to getting the most out of your blog commenting career. You want to make sure that it is a valuable comment when you post a valuable comment on someone else’s blog. Many people will simply click through to some other forum or blog where they will be able to pick up a dozen more useful comments, which is not always the case. It is important that when you post valuable comments, you give a link back to the original post so that the other person can also benefit from the additional content you provided.
  • Build backlinks from other webmasters in your niche. To truly take advantage of the benefits blog commenting sites offer, you need to build quality backlinks from other webmasters in your particular niche. Many times webmasters will allow links from their websites to be posted on their blog commenting sites, which can help generate traffic for both you and them. So before you simply spam comment on everyone you see, take the time to build relationships and gain the respect of other webmasters in your niche.

Websites URL for Blog commenting is given Here:

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Blog Commenting Sites URL


 Once you have found lots of blog posts that pertain to a niche, you are going to want to separate them out. And prefer to divide according to niche, so you can work on blogs. Start slow. Many people get started on blog commenting sites with little or no experience. The great thing is that once you build up a decent following, which is highly probable, it is easy to start posting regularly and giving helpful and valuable opinions to your followers and subscribers. Don’t expect to make a million dollars off of one or two posts every week. However, suppose you do manage to consistently post insightful and useful thoughts to your followers. In that case, it can lead to increased popularity and page rank, leading to an increase in earnings.

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