What Makes a Good Website? (13 Tips)

A good website generates traffic and provides a positive user experience by providing visitors with the information they came to view. However, there are some things you can carry out to be sure it does.

Here are easy ways to improve your design, optimize your content, and improve your sites’ general structure, which has a big impact.

In other words, best website builder is required to be visually aesthetic as well as functional. The goal of the website should be clearly stated. It needs to be appealing to the eye and easily accessible also.

What makes a good website
What makes a good website

It has to cater to a wide range of visitors and at the same time be safe & sound. Engaging, functional, and informative websites are the benchmarks of good website design.

Sometimes, your website is the only aspect your customers look out for to see if you are legit or not. So you need it to be attractive, and backlinks, case studies, and drive in customers.

What Are the Factors of a Good Website?

Okay, so this is a large topic to take on. Web design is the subject of thousands of books and courses. So, before you revamp or launch your website. So remember, these are a few essential elements of what makes a good website.


A good design begins with a goal in mind. “What am I trying to achieve with this page?” ask yourself. Then, consider removing any pages that don’t have a clear purpose.

It’s should appealing to the eye

I’ll go over this in more detail in the first part on visual design, but your site must look excellent. It’s time to change your website if it looks like it was developed in the 1990s.

Content that is both relevant and unique

Your website should provide original information that is relevant to your target demographic. Plagiarism is against the policy, and Google will sue you if there is plagiarism. Furthermore, it is preferable to be a first-rate version of yourself rather than a second-rate of someone else.

The site’s navigation should be simple

In section two, I’ll discuss this in more detail about technical concerns, but keep in mind that navigation is important. The site navigation should be easy and simple.

Any page on your website should get accessed within three clicks from any other webpage. And this is beneficial to both Google and your visitors in terms of navigation.

Usability of an F-Shaped Pattern

The F-based pattern is the most used strategy for website users to scan material. Some eye tracking studies suggest that usually individuals look at the top & left corners of the screen.

The F’ shaped layout is modelled after our natural-looking Western pattern (left to right and top to bottom). A well thought out website will follow the natural layout of a reader going through a webpage.

Hierarchy of the Visual

Finding a focus point, which displays visitors where essential information. The element’s order is based on its relevance in the visual hierarchy. Size, colour, images, and style are the components used to gain this. And the important things to look out for in the visual hierarchy.


Great design and SEO friendly content go hand in hand with an efficient web design. Functional content can draw and engage visitors. And convert them into potential customers by using captivating language. And always keep in mind for content writing that duplicate content is threat to your marketing efforts for content marketing.

Layout based on Grid

Grids help in structuring the design and providing an organizing space for your information. It is a series of ailments to keep things organized. This layout helps organize content neatly with a structure set in it. And that would ultimately be visually aesthetic and provide a design aspect to the space.


The visitors would leave instantly if the site were taking too long to load. Usually, half of the web users do not wait for more than 2 seconds or even less than that and abandon the site immediately. You can make the size of your images bigger as it makes the site is loading quickly.

Friendly to mobile devices

Nowadays, people are using their mobile devices to access the internet instantly. Therefore, it is essential to contemplate designing the site with a user enriching layout that can adjust to various screen sizes..

Set up Google Analytics

Finally, remember that creating a visually appealing, well-optimized website isn’t enough. You must also maintain it. Website upkeep is an important aspect of having a decent website. Ensure that you repair your bottlenecks daily and host A/B testing.

Check on the website, and take care of aspects to check where you can improve. Collaborate with Google Analytics with your site to see which pages draw your audience’s attention. And what needs to be rechecked to enrich the user’s experience. Then you can make aware judgements and upgrade your sites regularly.

Make sure that your website is safe and secure

Hacking is becoming a big problem for organizations of all kinds. And with so many websites handling sensitive information. You might have the misconception that small businesses hardly attract attackers. Yet, if you handle any personal information or financial information.

A small mistake can cost a lot to your business; it can come in thousands of dollars, and also, with it, the trust of the customer. You should take cybersecurity very seriously.

Other security precautions, such as WordPress plugins. And should be used as an SSL certificate (standard for your website). Some security steps that you can take consist of Security and Jetpack.

Make Your website search engines friendly

For years, search engines figure out a page’s content for search engine results pages. They require that text matches the query of the search for whomsoever offers the best solutions. It turns out that genuinely comprehending something on a page is or implies, especially for robots, is more difficult than it appears.

Search engines need some help in finding the true importance of elements on a site. Fill up the blanks in a Schema format.

For search engines, Schema acts as a translator. It identifies items on a page, allowing search engines to know if a review is a review or a recipe. As a result of Google’s confidence in the material, marking up these aspects can lead to more detailed results in the search results pages.

Please pay attention to structured data because it is one of the areas where search engines are investing a lot of effort these days.

When it comes to thinking about what a good website is, several factors to consider like link building to get quality backlinks for search engine optimization. Overall, a strong website not only captures your target audience’s interest but also converts them into consumers. Hence, you are required to give your users an enriching experience. That will make them revisit the site repeatedly.

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