WordPress BackUp Plugins: 10 Best Options

Have you ever wondered why you need to take a backup of your website? Consider you have a high-value website with good earnings. And suddenly, things go wrong with your domain name, what can you do now? If you don’t have a recent backup of it, perhaps nothing, excluding regretting yourself. Now you can understand the importance of WordPress Backup Plugins.

Backup acts as a shield for you, which means that if you make a mistake or something unusual happens. In that case, you have a fresh backup to fix things.

We found that web hosting providers have started providing backup facilities to their customers. But it is costly, and you cannot trust it blindly. Because they take a backup once a day, you have some changes after the scheduled time. They will miss it. So, you must have an independent website backup. It makes you mentally free from fear to make a good website

WordPress backup plugins
WordPress backup plugins

What is WordPress Backup Plugin?

WordPress backup plugins are handy for taking a backup of a website by simply installing WordPress plugins. It means you can reserve one copy of the website at your local storage always. But, make sure it is recent.

Top 10 WordPress backup Plugins

So, let us check the top 10 list of WordPress Backup Plugins


UpdraftPlus is one of the most famous and handy for WordPress users. More than 2 million customers are using it across the world. It provides many features by which we are less worried about backup. You can create a backup of your WordPress website and store it wherever you want.

For example, if you want to store it at Dropbox, choose it from the menu. Other options include Google Drive, Email, FTP, and many others available for users.

They confirm that no security threat occurs during the process, and the user’s website has no issues.


What are the reasons for choosing UpdraftPlus?

There are several reasons behind choosing UpdraftPlus as your WordPress Backup Plugin. Let’s see them –

  • It provides scheduled automatic backup options to its customers. That means you only need to set the timing. The rest will be managed by it.
  • You can integrate with available cloud services to make it smooth.
  • Users can migrate their websites easily without glitches.
  • They offer an independent dashboard for customizing things according to customer convenience.
  • A customer can choose files manually. That means they can get completely or partially backed up.
  • The restoration process is easy, like a cup of tea. It means a click restoration.
  • Available with a multi-site support option.
  • A fast and reliable support team is available to assist.
  • You can lock your file with a strong password.
  • You can migrate your website to different locations swiftly. And this plugin is woo-commerce friendly.

So, when are you switching to UpdraftPlus?

SolidWP (Former Backupbuddy)

With more than half a million active users. Solid Backups is a useful WordPress backup plugin option available for WordPress users. Using Solid Backups offers us many features and ease of backup or restore. Solid Backups, like Updraft Plus, provides cloud storage services. Such as Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash (own cloud service), Dropbox, Amazon S3, and email to customers.

The best part of using Solid Backups stash service is that you can make a real-time backup of your website. Remember, there are a few plugins that have those features. And, since it is not a subscription-based service, it means you do not need to pay month-to-month. The same subscription plan can be used for many websites. So, it could be beneficial for your pocket.


Take a look at the Solid Backups Plugin features.

There are several features of the plugin. Let’s start it one by one.

  • Users can make scheduled backups. An hourly backup facility is available for you.
  • The SolidBackups team builds a customer-friendly dashboard.
  • Customers can access premium support via the forum, or phone call. They are available all the time.
  • It provides 1 GB of SolidBackups stash storage.
  • SolidBackups provides 10 WordPress websites on one dashboard.
  • You can easily use this plugin for backup, restore, and migration. You can restore it with one single click.
  • Make partial and full website backups.
  • Users can integrate it with cloud services.

Jetpack Backups

Jetpack Backup is powered by Automattic and was previously known as VaultPress. And belongs to that precious group of plugins. That has a beautiful dashboard with security information, performance, and backup options. Its backup facility is super good. It means the plugin makes a backup of the website itself to provide the best services to its customers.

One more point to add: you can restore your website from your mobile phone as well. This means Jetpack has a mobile app to do this. And if you do not like the updates, you can revert them as well. If something unusual happens on your website, then you can track who is responsible for that.

Jetpack Backup
Jetpack Backup

What are the reasons behind choosing it as your backup plugin?

There are a lot of features that can attract people to it. So, let us see one by one of them.

  • Real-time backup of your website in a single click. No more worry.
  • Provide strong spam protection for both from and comments.
  • They keep scanning the website for any issues.
  • You can track down the activity log on the website. What changes have been made by whom on which day?
  • They make it possible to create a same-time backup feature.
  • You can integrate it with cloud services to keep backup files there.
  • It is user-friendly, which means a non-technical person can use it by following the recommended steps.
  • Without paying a single penny, the auto-social media post sharing option
  • Free global CDN to make your website’s content super-fast.
  • Assist visitors with an instant site search option.
  • Get a full website backup with incremental technology.
  • You can restore your website (no matter if it’s online or offline).

WP Time Capsule

Are you looking for plugins that can back up only your recent files, not a complete website? The WP time capsule is the best available option for you. Like other backup plugins, you can store your website backup on cloud services. Like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and many others.

It must have minimum elements from your server. Because it does not compress backup zip files. So, that is one of the remarkable properties of using the WP Time Capsule plugin.

It is an easy process to use this. First of all, install it on your WordPress site and make an account. Now, you need to connect it to cloud services to store your backup there. So, people find it user-friendly as well.

WP Time Capsule
WP Time Capsule

What Are the Main Features of This Plugin?

Let’s take a look at them

  • It keeps a backup of your website whenever you make changes, which means you can have a real-time backup.
  • Once you set it, there is no need to check it. Because it has been programmed to do so.
  • A single click to restore your website.
  • Check out the live changes!
  • A separate but attractive dashboard
  • Can integrate with cloud services.
  • Users can see a calendar view of backups.


BackWPup helps to back up websites from scratch. It is a popular WordPress backup plugin across the platform. Having good reviews makes it trustable, like other backup plugins. You can connect it with cloud services like Dropbox, S3, FTP and so many more. Half a million active users on WordPress with an almost 5-star rating tell its story.

It may be possible that the free version of the plugin may not be as good as its premium version. But the plugin is available in 18 international languages. They have used PHP version 5.6 or higher, which means their team has better technical knowledge. And provides the best service to update plugins with new technologies.

BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin
BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

There are so many features to the plugins, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • It takes a database backup also (needs MySQL).
  • A user can easily make a file containing installed plugins.
  • You can help to improve the database.
  • If something unusual happens, then check and repair the database.
  • Make simple backups of your files.
  • It takes backups in zipping, tar, and tar.gz format (needs gz, ZipArchive).
  • Store backup to the directory.
  • Store backup to an FTP server (needs FTP), Dropbox, S3 Services, Microsoft Azure, RackSpaceCloud, SugarSync, Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, One Dive, Hi Drive
  • Keep records of logs and backups and send them by email.
  • Multi-site support can be handled by network administrators.
  • Support is available with its Pro version.
  • Customers can restore their website backups in a few clicks from the WordPress backend.
  • Also available as a standalone app.
  • You can encrypt backup archives and restore them.


Are you looking for a reliable WordPress backup plugin? BlogVault could be the best and most effective backup plugin for you. It provides all the necessary things a person needs. It means a lot.

Once you sign up for this plugin, you get access to a self-handling dashboard to handle. And users can pick a time for backup, restore it, and the users can check the uptime of the website.

So, it provides all the necessary things to the customers.


So, let’s see the famous and usable features of the BlogVault backup plugins for WordPress websites

  • People can set a specific time to create a backup of the site. And the plugin will do it for them.
  • The customer can check its uptime.
  • With a single click, you can have access to free staging.
  • You can make a backup of your woo-commerce website. 
  • It collects backups 365 days a year.
  • It also supports multi-site, which means you need to set up websites once.
  • Offsite storage is available on the website.
  • It can used to migrate sites without much difficulty.
  • There is not any kind of additional load on-site.
  • Make Real-time backups. Indeed, useful plugins.


Do you know that Duplicator has over 25 million downloads and over a million active users? It is a significant number for any backup plugin. Duplicator is used for website backup and migration. According to reviews, this plugin has almost zero downtime migrations.

When you use it for backup, it creates a simple zip file named “package”. Which contains the WordPress themes, plugins, database, and content. And all necessary files to make the website live properly. You can use it to migrate websites to the same server or different ones and the choice will be yours.

Notice: if you are a beginner or have no technical knowledge, kindly avoid using it.


Let’s read the main reason for switching to this plugin

  • Transferring websites from one host to another is easy.
  • No need to worry about SQL scripts because Duplicator handles it all.
  • Cloud services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, One Drive, and more are available.
  • Capability to clone pre-configured sites.
  • Manual and automatic backup services are available.
  • Choose backup files according to your needs.
  • Notify me via email if there is a problem.
  • Set backup limits to avoid storage issues.

Total Upkeep

Total Upkeep, a well-known backup plugin, offers more than just a backup plugin. Let’s create a situation to understand its importance.

You are doing all the right things. But still facing some serious issues, what can you do now?

Remember, in that case, the user needs more than a backup plugin. Total Upkeep can fix things before the worst happens to your website.

Total Upkeep
Total Upkeep

Now, we will read about the features of the WordPress backup plugins. Total Upkeep

  • A customer can make a clone of a website with a single click.
  • They verify that the web server has an archive backup facility to protect your website.
  • Create a backup update to confirm things work swiftly.
  • If something goes wrong with the website, use the Site Check feature to keep an eye on them.
  • Users can choose to back up manually or automatically.
  • You can use the cloud service offered by them.
  • One license for many websites.
  • Fix crashed websites.

WP Database Backup

Possibly, WP Database Backup is one of the best free backup plugins. And it offers its customers the best support and facilities for backing up their website databases only, not the entire website.

If you want to buy the premium version, search for WP All Backup. It will cost you around $22 for a year, and a complete backup facility is available with it.

Well, if you are looking for a database backup, then the WP Database Backup plugin could be the best choice for you. This plugin can be added to your website in a matter of minutes and requires only a single backup to function.

This plugin, like others, allows you to connect to your cloud services. Such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Email.

WP Database Backup
WP Database Backup

What are the best reasons to choose it?

  • A user can configure it easily.
  • If you want to store the backup at any remote location, WP Database Backup can do it.
  • Its free version is the best backup plugin for database backup only.
  • Make a schedule for backups.
  • Fast backup facility

So, you can choose it smartly for partial and complete website backups.


If you are doing a backup of the website and have some unused images. WpVivid has a unique feature that other backup plugins might not have. The WPVivid plugin will remove all unnecessary images that are not in use.

It means the backup file will be smaller as compared to other plugins, which makes it lighter and faster. It has almost a five-star rating in the store and more than 2 million downloads.

WPVivid Backup Plugin
WPVivid Backup Plugin

So, let’s check out those features that can be beneficial to you

  • It provides customizable backups for your website. That means you can choose what to backup.
  • Partial and complete backup facilities
  • It encrypts the database backup. To make sure that your website is in safe hands.
  • Push to live feature is available.
  • White labeling.
  • Fast service
  • If you have multiple websites, the plugin will handle them.
  • A non-technical person can use it.
  • A scheduling facility is available with it.
  • Store backups on cloud services.
  • Incremental backups
  • Clean up unused images on the website.
  • Multi-site WordPress Backup Feature
  • Change the role of the user’s authority.
  • Support is available to assist you 24*7.


In conclusion, WordPress backup plugins can help keep your site back up. And running while you’re away. Whether working on any web hosting or using managed WordPress hosting. These plugins are a great place to start if you’re looking for an easier way to back up your WordPress site.


When do they do a backup of my website?

It is up to you. When you want to make a backup or set the time at your convenience. Make sure you do a manual backup once every few weeks to avoid any doubts.

How many site backups should I keep?

We should keep more than two backups of our website. In case, we miss any of them. We have options to choose others. So, choose it smartly.

Do all backups work the same way?

Every backup plugin contains some specific features, but they don’t need to work in the same way. So before using any of them, kindly read about it.

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