SiteGround vs. Liquid Web – Which One to Choose?

If you are a budget-conscious hosting shopper and looking for cheap, shared hosting, SiteGround is your choice. There are many similarities between the SiteGround vs Liquid Web. But the differences give Liquid Web the edge. It includes Windows hosting, dedicated servers, off-server email hosting, and more partner programs. Lucky for you, we have done comparing of their services to help and choose. Let’s read SiteGround Vs Liquid web.

SiteGround vs. Liquid Web


SiteGround started its service with shared hosting. But many people do not want to share their web hosting space with anybody. But they have to pay extra for it. whereas shared hosting is a perfect option for those users who want to go live but also check their pockets.

How much you are paying does matter a lot. If you have started your business website or new blogger. They like to save their hard-earned money. In those circumstances, you may compromise with other specifications of the hosting service. Like connection speed and response time. But SiteGround is a good option for them.

SiteGround has WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services as specialties. Although it is a kind of WordPress hosting for e-commerce stores. You cannot distinguish it. In terms of specs, features, and pricing, The WordPress or WooCommerce plans are the same. And their price for standard shared hosting is also the same.


Nobody can deny that using SiteGround has its benefits.

  • SiteGround provides 100% uptime to their users.
  • Its hosting service is so fast and can load a webpage in a least time.
  • One of the finest support teams available is at your fingertips. You need to contact them at the provided contact details.
  • SiteGround has specially designed its service for WordPress users to start blogging on WordPress. These services are based on their requirements.
  • They provide a content delivery system without paying any extra pennies.
  • Backups are handled by SiteGround. They make sure that per day backups are taken by them. (In case of an emergency).
  • One of the cheapest hosting service providers. You can use their hosting at a least price compared to similar benefits from other service providers.
  • If a user does not like the hosting service of SiteGround, they can ask for a refund in 30 days.
  • They provide a free domain name with their hosting service. (Kindly cross-check once at the time of purchase).
  • There are many service providers those charge for website transfers. But SiteGround does not ask for money. They provide website transfer services free of charge.
  • If you have an e-commerce store, you can use SiteGround services for the same price.
  • They provide email hosting service at an affordable monthly fee.

What are the disadvantages of using SiteGround?

  • If you want a big hosting space. It can be troublesome because SiteGround offers limited storage with its shared hosting services.
  • Its renewal costs are higher.

SiteGround suitable for

  • Drupal Sites
  • Web Hosting Managed
  • Bloggers
  • WordPress sites (e-commerce also)
  • Joomla Sites

Liquid web

The liquid web offers VPS hosting and customizable dedicated server options. Unlike Siteground, Liquid Web does not provide shared hosting. They have fully managed Linux servers, control panel options, Plesk Web Pro. Or cPanel with their new tiered pricing structure.

Liquid Web’s Cloud Dedicated Servers are responsible for providing the middle ground between Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hosting services. These are both the best service categories in the world.

Like SiteGround, Liquid Web also provides WordPress and managed WooCommerce web services under the brand name Nexcess.

Liquid Web has designed these services as a solution for the challenges of managing WordPress. The plans offer many options from which to choose and are created to perform the best of all.

Liquid web
Liquid web

What are the advantages of using Liquid Web?

  • Liquid Web has big names as its clients, like Home Depot, Porsche, and National Geographic. These things do matter in a portfolio.
  • Liquid Web provides the next level of security to its customers. They make sure that users do not bother with online fraud or spam.
  • They have one of the best uptime compared to similar service providers in the same range.
  • They offer fully managed WordPress hosting services, VPS, Dedicated Servers, and WooCommerce.
  • Liquid Web takes website backups themselves, so customers should focus on other work.
  • They provide free SSL service to their customers; there is no extra charge.
  • You can enjoy CDN services at no cost.
  • DDoS protection and white glove site migration service are included with the package.
  • Many premium website tools are free of charge, and you can use them.
  • Their service team has been available round the clock over the years to provide the best customer service experience to their users.
  • You can request a refund in 30 days if you do not find its service useful to you.
  • They offer SSD services installed on all their servers to perform it smoothly.

What are the disadvantages of Liquid Web?

  • Liquid Web has all its data centers either in the United States of America or the European continent.
  • Liquid Web is not cheap compared to other service providers. And they do not offer a shared hosting service.
  • If you want to use an email service, you will have to pay extra for it. Because email is included in their service package.


SiteGround and Liquid Web are both designed to keep customer requirements in mind. And they are full of many specifications, which might be costly. If you purchase them from another place. So, check your requirements and note them down. Make a good website by doing a proper comparison of SiteGround vs Liquid Web. And then select the best service for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which kind of hosting provider is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a good-value hosting provider. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality hosting services.

Who is the owner of the liquid web?

Madison Dearborn Partners, a Chicago-based private company. That is the owner of the liquid web hosting service.

Does Liquid web offer site migration?

You can migrate your website and blog for free with Liquid Web.

Does SiteGround provide site migration and CDN services for free?

Yes. If you are a SiteGround web hosting user, then you can use CDN and site migration services without paying money to the service provider.

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