5 WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugins

Having a responsive website means the page will load quickly. More customers will come to your domain name. And the probability of conversion is high. But it will not happen on its own. So, either you will do it or hire someone to make it for you. Otherwise, if you are using WordPress technology for your website. In that case, WordPress mobile friendly plugins are available for customers to use. And make their website and blog more responsive and mobile friendly.

WordPress mobile friendly plugin
WordPress mobile friendly plugin

What is the WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugin?

WordPress is a widely used platform to develop and design websites. Plugins are an easy way to make things suitable for you. We’ll find out with regards to those fabulous and trustable WordPress plugins. And make mobile friendly websites or start blogging on WordPress.

When we build any website, it opens on different devices. So, in that case, making the website responsive is our responsibility. Which can be loaded on any device, any time worldwide. In WordPress, a mobile-friendly plugin comes into play. And makes your website suitable for all devices. So, please read it all the way through —

Use WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugin for the Following Reasons.

There are many reasons to use WordPress mobile friendly plugins to make a good website. Some of them are given below:

  1. When you use these plugins, your website shows up in the visitor’s screen resolution. Due to plugins, if a visitor uses a mobile or tablet, the website will adjust.
  2. It will improve website ranking in SERPs because visitors will find your website beneficial. And search engines always work for their customers to provide better results.
  3. Practically, if your website is responsive and fast-loading, then most probably. Customers will visit your website more often, and that could mean more profit for you.

Top WordPress Plugins for Making Your Website More Mobile Friendly


You can download the free or paid version of the WPTouch mobile plugin. In the premium version, you can access all the features of the plugin. But the free version has restrictions. It is the most common plugin to make a website mobile friendly with no restrictions on themes. So, this plugin will be beneficial for you.


It’s an ideal opportunity to know the reason why you should install this WordPress plugin on your site

  • They make sure that the mobile version of your website has a good score of the mobile friendliness.
  • As it is fast loaded, it increases organic traffic in search engines for users.
  • If you have some problems, customers can get full support from qualified technicians.
  • WPTouch is Friendly with every WordPress theme.
  • You can easily choose fonts with the help of this WordPress theme.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

If you want to activate one theme for mobile and the other for desktop. Which means different themes for different devices. Then any mobile theme switcher is the perfect option for you. Because this plugin provides a solution for those themes that are not mobile-friendly. But users do not want to change them. You can choose another theme for mobile resolution without breaking. Or destroying the desktop theme.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher
Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Now we must examine the legitimate reasons for using these WordPress plugins.

Now we must examine the legitimate reasons for using these WordPress plugins.

  • It provides balance for both devices, and you can have separate views on separate devices.
  • Users will not face any compatibility issues with the plugin. Because its makers have taken care of all possible aspects.
  • As a customer, you should not be worried about security issues.
  • It works with all mobile browsers.
  • Are there any mobile theme switcher plugins compatible with W3 Total Cache?

There are many more features to it. You can buy it from its official website.


Member press is the best plugin if you have planned for an online shop for your courses, membership sites, digital downloads to sell, affiliate marketing, and many more. You can set a payment method with it. MemberPress integrates with Authorize.net (AIM & ARB), PayPal Standard, Stripe, and PayPal Express Checkout.


Let’s take a look at those features for which you will use MemberPress.

  • MemberPress is well-suited with every WordPress theme. In this way, you should not think about it.
  • Customers are not limited to some email providers and have options. Kindly check the official website to see the complete list of emails.
  • They help users to set up all things.
  • It is easy to get paid because they provide enough security.


One of the most loved WordPress mobile friendly plugins. Because more than 5 million installations and a mind-blowing rating prove its worth. It is simple to use and has the best form builder. It has a library, and you need to choose things as per your needs.


Have a look at other features of the plugin.

  • It is mobile-friendly as well as perfect from an SEO view.
  • You can integrate email marketing to send a newsletter and mail instantly.
  • As we have discussed speed, WP forms do not compromise. And always help their customer make the website faster.

There are lots of features available with the WPFORMS premium plugin.

All-In-One SEO

All in One SEO is the perfect package for WordPress users. Because it provides almost everything related to SEO to optimize your complete website. Although, if you are using a WooCommerce-based online store. Still, this plugin will cover all things about on-page SEO.

All-In-One SEO
All-In-One SEO

There are other features of All in One SEO that you should know about:

  • It generates Meta tags for your website itself, so it depends on you whether you want to change it or not.
  • The importance of Schema markup is not hidden from anyone. They provide the schema from their side, which you need to select as per your requirements.
  • Using trustworthy SEO plugins means they will take care of the XML sitemaps of your website. All-in-one SEO plugins do the same for you.
  • You can add more keyword phrases to your post.


In conclusion, a WordPress mobile friendly plugin is a great way to make your site more user-friendly on smartphones and tablets. By adding the above plugin. You can easily create custom pages with easy to understand content. And make your site more appealing to mobile users.

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