How to Increase Organic Traffic – Top 12 Strategy

If you have a business, then you want to make it big. But there is one question: how will you do it? Many people think it is easy to get traffic, but they are wrong. If you want traffic to your website, you must have patience. And make sure you use ethical methods to promote your domain name. Here we will know how to increase organic traffic.

How To Increase Organic Traffic
How To Increase Organic Traffic

What is Organic Traffic?

There is a process by which a search engine decides the ranking process of a website without paying any money. (Because if you pay, then it is known as Pay per Click). It is considered one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. Although it is time-consuming, you need to hold your nerves and make sure things are going as planned.

Why does Organic Traffic Matter to Your Website?

When a person searches for an answer, service, or product, they land on your website and blog. It can be possible that your sales will increase and grow your online business.

If visitors are satisfied with your service, product, or answer. They will keep coming to your website again. Search engines like Google, and Bing. And other alternative search engines are always thinking about their visitors. If their visitors are satisfied. That will keep providing a better position for your website in search engine results pages.

So, we have seen that having a decent ranking in search engines is a healthy thing for you. It helps to boost your business.

Let’s take an example from which we can understand the things mentioned.

Imagine you have a watch store, and recently you started selling watches online. But, if no customers come to your website, how will your business expand? Think about it.

If you want to run a paid campaign, it is a different topic, but if you are looking to increase traffic. You must be sure that you promote your website to sell more watches.

So, we are expecting visitors have clearance about the importance of organic traffic.

There are many ways to attract users to your website. In this blog, we will discuss some vital factors to optimize your blog for SEO to gain organic traffic.

What are the best ways to increase organic traffic?

  1. Keep an eye on using long-tail keywords.
  2. Make a strong on-page SEO.
  3. Keep promoting your SEO content or products on social media.
  4. If you have good knowledge of your domain. Answer problems on various online channels like Quora.
  5. Make a Blog Section on your site.
  6. Check, find, and replace duplicate content.
  7. Always focus on guest blogging.
  8. To attract more visitors. Produce video content for YouTube.

Making Use of Long Tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords is one of the fundamentals of SEO. Still, many people avoid it. On the off chance, you want to get good results. Then do not miss this trick.

When you do keyword research, there is a term known as “keyword difficulty.” If your selected keyword has a high keyword difficulty level. It means you need a good strategy to rank in the top 10.

It is not easy to improve website ranking for competitive keywords. Here, long-tail keywords come into play.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Assume you have an online t-shirt store and want to expand. And advertise your business online for free. You must do keyword research. And choose the best SEO keywords to optimize your website to get traffic sooner.

You try to get some low-competition keywords. Although they have a low volume, they are one of the best for early promotion. There are several keyword research tools. And you can use them to know which keywords are profitable for your business. And which ones you should avoid.

You will get the list of keywords. You can work on them to increase the organic traffic of the website. Before doing different types of SEO on your website. Make sure you have touched this section and invest energy in the right direction. You can also use LSI keywords.

Create a Strong On-Page SEO Strategy

On-page SEO does matter a lot. If you have mind-blowing quality content and you have not done on-page SEO in a better way. Then it can hurt you a lot. It is a waste of content. That’s why having better on-page SEO can make a lot of difference.

Let’s check the terms of on-page SEO checklist


The title is the most important thing on the page. It is compulsory for both search engines and visitors because when we search for any terms on Google. The title is the first thing that attracts us to visit the website. If your landing page title is the same as the query. Then the click-through rate of your website will be conventional. So, professionals know what to do with it, and they make an eye-catching title for the landing page. Make sure your targeted keyword is in the title.

Meta Description

As soon as a user writes a better title, they start thinking about the Meta description. Meta Description is a kind of data that tells a search engine more about your page. You should cover it well to make your website relatable.

Site Content

Every website has content, but what unique thing can you do with it? Do not just write content; make sure your content’s quality is not compromised.

Content is king. We often read this quote, and it is famous among SEO professionals. But be sure to write SEO-friendly content that makes sense. People put garbage content on their websites. And they expect a better ranking on Google. It is not easy because Google has updated its ranking system. And working on artificial intelligence.

Make sure keywords are included with your content but not forcefully. If you are trying to do stuffing, then Google will catch it and consider it an unethical way to get a ranking. That will hurt your website. So, do not use that technique to build good character in the view of Google.

Which type of content is Considered better for SEO?

Make an effort to avoid writing promotional content for content marketing. According to the new rules of Google. If any website owner is writing content for ranking purposes only. Then Google will not consider it a perfect way. So, make sure your content is informational and add keywords if needed. And within the lines that allow you to do it.

Although these are small things, they have an impact on the ranking. So, you must follow this tactic to index websites on Google.

Adhere to the Heading Hierarchy

According to John Muller, there is no restriction on using H1 on a landing page. But to make things clear for search engine bots, we use one H1 on a page.

H2 can vary according to the page content. So, you can use multiple h2 on a single page, and the search engines will like it, but make sure it is legit.

After h1 and h2, you can use up to h6, but make sure you need these. There are so many things to take care of, like the pixel of the heading and many other things.

Try to use keywords or synonyms in the heading tag, if necessary, but do not force it. It can be harmful to your landing page.

Keep posting or sharing content on the website’s social media channels

Many people forget that social media is a better place to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook is a good source of traffic. As we have seen our many clients have good traffic from Facebook to their sites. And they are happy about it.

Make a strategy to keep major social media sites. Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and so many others in your mind. There are healthy places, and clicks from different IPs are positive for a website.

To attract more customers to your channel, you must update content regularly.

For example, if you are posting one or two pieces of content in a week, it is a concerning point. You have to make sure these numbers are increasing. Visitors like an active page and do not promote your content only because, at one time, people get bored of seeing the same things on a page or account. So, you have to keep entertaining them by posting lots of interesting content related to your industry.

Let it be understood by an example.

Imagine if you have a travel company. And you are posting only booking or package-related posts. Possibly followers do not show interest in your post after some time. Because if they want to buy those packages, they will go to your website. Otherwise, they will swipe to the next.

How will you engage them and force them to spend some time on your post?

Correct, try something new. Ask your content team to make a post on city travel guides, travel hacks, and other industry news. These posts do not sell their product. But they do attract customers to their website, which could be a good deal for them in the future.

That’s why we should do future planning with our current strategy. It will help you a lot and make things easier in the future.

So, keep engaging customers with other industry-related news.

Answers to the Question-Answering Sites

There are many question-answering sites to ask or answer.

In reality, they are better placed to enjoy genuine traffic. And, if possible, the number of sales will increase. Quora is one of the most popular websites in recent years. We have used Quora for our clients too, and it is helpful.

When we write an answer, so many visitors land on that page in seek of an answer. If they like your answer, then it is better for you.

If you are not doing this activity, list it in your chart. As time passes, it will be beneficial for you.

Get Rid of Non-Performing Content:

You knew about it but did not follow it. You must analyze yourself and take the necessary steps to fix this issue.

First of all, identify those pages that are not doing well and make a list. Start this process with a page audit.

There are many kinds of page audits an SEO professional can do. If they have a good experience, they will cover every point of the page. And content is an integral part of it.

Check all the points on the landing page. You have to check the content of every section to make your page rock solid. Read it carefully, and if you realize that any section of content should not be there. Remove or replace it immediately.

Search engines do not like unnecessary content on pages. If you do so, then bots consider it non-performing content, and possibly. you are trying to manipulate the search engine.

Now you can ask a question. There are plenty of pages ranking in the top 10 with great content. What about them?

First of all, locate your competitor and read their content. You will find their content in a proper way. There are a few flaws in the content; it is neither difficult to read nor plagiarism.

If they are not following it, it is good news for you because you have a golden chance to grab their positions.

One thing we’d like to emphasize is the importance of good content writing. But removing non-performing content from web pages is necessary. Because at one point in time, the growth of the landing page will stop, and you will be disturbed.

Guest Posting

Every SEO professional is aware of this term. If your website has relevant and good backlinks, then the chance of keyword rank is increased. That’s why people do follow it.

If you want to increase the organic traffic of your website. Then you should focus on guest blogging and article submission for Off-page SEO. These are great ways to get stable and relevant backlinks. And get quality backlinks leads to better results in the search engine.

But people have a general concern over guest blogging. They raise the question that they do not have the benefits of doing it. Let us discuss it.

If you are doing guest blogging in different categories. Google will consider it spam because Google says not to take bunches of backlinks. Work on limited, relevant, and stable link building.

If you want to enjoy the real advantages of free guest post sites. Then make sure you are doing it on a relevant website. It helps a lot because Google takes it positively and suggests to customers that you are providing better services.

However, they are several points behind the ranking of any website. So, do proper guest blogging to receive better results.

Make Video Content

Everybody likes to see videos. We have seen the number of viewers on YouTube and how it has climbed the stairs to success. So, if your service or product allows you to make videos then do not drop this idea. It can be possible that you will see great growth in your channel and website as well.

There are many things related to the product or services, people like to know in short videos. You need to create those and post them on your website or YouTube. (It depends on you because posting on your site or video hosting sites has a different scenario).

People will know about your business easily and can compare it with your competitors.

It must be healthy and better tricks to increase organic traffic to your website. If you desperately want to make more customers adopt this trick.

Create a Blog Section for Your Website

There are several advantages to using a blog section on your website. It is one of the best ways to attract more customers to your website.

If you have a website section on your website. You can add more information about your business or services. Many visitors have general queries related to your product or services.

Let it be understood by an example:

If you have pest control services and your website has a blog section. Then your blog section can rank for multiple keywords.

Although it can make more business for you, we are not sure, if it will increase organic traffic to your website. And if you are good at utilizing that traffic, then it is a golden deal for you.

You can ask what I should add to my blog section. So, you have multiple choices to make. You can tell them about the types of pest control services, the benefits of doing pest control, precautions to take during pest control, and many more. These are related questions or queries a customer can ask. And consider that if you rank for those keywords, it is not a waste of energy. It is part of the strategy.


These are the best practices you can use to increase organic traffic on your site. Apart from these, you must check the technical SEO of the website. But remember, these things do not increase traffic overnight. It must take its time, and you have to wait for it. So, implement these tactics and enjoy the growth of the website.

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