What is Web Hosting?

If you are planning to start a website, then never right time will come, and you have to start it at once. People do research when they are supposed to buy or do that thing. If you do not have web hosting, you cannot go online. It means it is a fundamental thing to make a good website on the internet.

In this article, we will read, compare, and discuss all aspects of web hosting. So let’s start with this blog now.

what is web hosting
what is web hosting

Web Hosting: Everything You Should Know About It.

Web hosting is not a very complex thing to understand. It is space that we rent or purchase to keep website files to make our site live so users can access them. Let it view with a simple example.

Imagine you have moved to a new city and have everything essential to live happily, but you have no house there. What will you do? And is it worth all those things that you have? Not. Same things a web host does for a website and blog. We are expecting that you get it now.

Many big companies are providing hosting services.

What is the Work Process of a Web Host?

We all know the importance of web hosting (because we have mentioned it above). In that respect, web hosting is responsible for making your website live, and adding a database. And taking enough security steps to secure your website domain and store files. Every web hosting company delivers these features to its customers.

Types of Web Hosting

Customers have several options to pick from, but you must first choose what you need and how much you can spend. If you are looking for a powerful web hosting server, you will have to pay a handsome amount for a powerful server. So, you should stay with us, and we will explain every kind of website hosting service. To make it an easy pick for customers.

Shared Hosting

When so many websites are hosted on a single hosting server, that server is known as a “shared hosting server.” It is known as one of the cheapest website hosting platforms, and users can save a reasonable amount. Let them understand it readily.

Assume there are more than two persons living in the same room. The expenses are split evenly between them. If a single person lives there, then the person pays all the money single-handedly.

Shared hosting is best for beginner bloggers or if you want to have a website. It has nothing to do with it.

There have been several concerns in recent years. Such as one website has excessive traffic. Other websites hosted there would automatically slow down. But things have changed, and hosting providers have worked on it to provide a better service for their customers.

Now, shared hosting is running smoothly. And it does not affect how much traffic your neighbouring websites have. Or if those sites experience any technical glitches.

So, you can purchase shared hosting with no issues. There are so many companies where you can buy it.

Take a look at these eye-catching shared hosting features –

  • If you are new to the domain and hosting world, you can purchase shared hosting services.
  • Easy to set up means you need to change your name server and wait for some time to fetch it. Boom, you see your website live.
  • It works well. Do not get it twisted: cheap means inefficient.
  • You can use it as you want.
  • It is not required to be an expert in server knowledge.
  • Security is not so good, but it is still better at this price. You can make some security patterns to save yourself.

What are the disadvantages of shared web hosting services?

  • One thing you will realize, in shared web hosting, you do not have so many options. It means limited resources.
  • There are many websites hosted on the same IP. It means no dedicated IP address for every website.
  • There is no dedicated secure socket layer for the customers.
  • Customer service is a little low. This means you could be in serious trouble if the customer support team does not respond.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress has changed the perspective of website development. More than 40% of the total websites are running on the WordPress platform. Maybe you are one of them or will soon shift to WordPress. And the website where you are reading this content is built proudly on WordPress.

As a result, service providers realize one thing. Why not create a hosting service specifically designed to support WordPress-powered websites? It means users can save a lot of time configuring the technical traps of the hosting. And let them provide a new platform where they can do a simple setup and start blogging on WordPress.

As a result, WordPress hosting is only available for WordPress websites. And cannot be used for other content management systems (CMS) or best Blogging Platforms such as.net or PHP.

So, before purchasing a WordPress hosting service, make sure you are supposed to use it for longer.

There are numerous benefits to getting WordPress hosting; let us go over them.

  • There are many complaints about security issues with WordPress. But Manage WordPress hosting is the best hosting place for them because it is reliable.
  • Even though it is only for WordPress hosting sites. As a result, its speed and performance are prime things by the creators.
  • WordPress hosting can update itself. But you have to enable its automatic update feature. It will notify users to upgrade WordPress plugins whenever a new version is available.
  • There is no extra burden on the users. It means you can use WordPress hosting in a few steps. One-click installation features are available.
  • Almost every WordPress hosting service provider offers a backup option to keep customers tension free. And sometimes it also offers the best WordPress themes.
  • You will get Instant technical support to fix glitches.

What are the disadvantages of using WordPress hosting?

  • It is costly compared to shared web hosting. For example, the WP engine costs 2 USD per thousand visitors.
  • You have to handle your email account from somewhere because managed WordPress hosting does not provide it.
  • It is not easy to switch to other web hosts if you choose WordPress web hosting once.
  • It may be possible that you are not able to use some plugins.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is the long form of a VPS, and it is like a virtual server on the client end. If you are from a technical background or know these things. Then only purchase it because you must know how to configure server software. There is one thing we would like to clarify. It is not mandatory to have good knowledge. Maybe you can hire someone to handle VPS hosting for you. In the end, make sure you can run it from your end without much difficulty.

If you are using a VPS. It means you are sharing your hosting. It is not like shared hosting. Because in the context of VPS hosting, it is sharing physically.

Most small organizations and websites use VPS because It is less expensive than dedicated servers. But it can use as a dedicated server.

We like to add one more point related to VPS. Nowadays, major hosting providers offer business hosting services. It is a kind of VPS service, but the good thing is that they provide support from their end. In other words, you can utilize a VPS even if you do not know much about hosting.

So, take a look at the prime features of the Virtual Private Server—

  • A VPS has its operating system, and you can reboot independently. Users can use additional apps to run it effectively.
  • Consistently, you can use VPS services in stable mode.
  • It has more freedom compared to shared web hosting and others.
  • This is secure and separate from others, even if they have the same physical server.
  • It has several powerful features in comparison to shared hosting.

What are the disadvantages of using a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • It might be possible that users could have limited RAM (random access memory).
  • Limited central processing time
  • You have to buy extra server disc space.
  • If the webmaster fails to manage the application, the users may be in a bad situation.
  • It can be costly. But less than a dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated Hosting

Do you understand? Dedicated means all yours, and you can do whatever you want. You have your own space on the internet, and it is not shared with anyone. To understand it easily, assume you have rented a penthouse, and it depends on how you want to use it.

You must have good knowledge of the server, how to manage servers and do the setup. Otherwise, you cannot handle dedicated servers. So, make sure you are technically better. Otherwise, you have the tenet to do this.

Many large-sized businesses or websites need these kinds of services. Because they have several things that should be online. They must be safe because a simple mistake can cost them a lot of space on the internet. These are some conditions that a customer must meet to obtain dedicated server hosting.

In the following section, we will go over the noteworthy features of the dedicated hosting server—

  • Dedicated hosting servers are known for their consistent performance.
  • Users have complete freedom to do whatever they want to do. So, It is all your responsibility.
  • You can get root access to the server.
  • A committed support team is available to deliver the best technical support to the users.
  • As we know, security is the prime concern for any server. But you can see privacy with a dedicated hosting server.

Disadvantages of using dedicated hosting –

  • The biggest concern about using dedicated server hosting is that It is so expensive. And small and medium-sized businesses do not want to bear that burden. So, yes, it is costly.
  • You must have good technical knowledge to use dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting

If you are not new to the IT world, then you are familiar with this world, and at least you have thought about this word. Cloud hosting is the most updated server technology. And people are attracted to it very fast because, in a minimum time. Most companies have adopted this technology. They have started using it at an extreme level.

It is a group of several interconnected servers that deliver the best. Most affordable, trustworthy, and consistent services to its customers. You must know the cloud hosting working mechanism. If your website automatically gets traffic. Then it can be possible that your server goes down due to high traffic. But, cloud hosting plays a vital role here. It is to disperse your website traffic to other channels. Or supply additional assets to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

It is the future, and once you understand cloud hosting, it will make your life easier.

Prices for cloud hosting may vary. Before purchasing it, kindly check your requirements and then buy it. And make sure that in the future. If you want to add more features or services, they will add them or not. It could be beneficial to the users. They would not need to purchase the service again.

Many big e-commerce brands use cloud hosting systems to avoid any technical glitches.

So, let’s check out the cloud hosting famous features which make it valuable –

  • It will offer the best services in server downtime or hardware issues.
  • It has a feature to handle traffic to your website. If you have more than expected visitors, all of a sudden,
  • No more your website is dependent on a single server, Because cloud hosting provides interconnected servers to tackle issues.
  • You can put things in place.
  • Cloud hosting is easy to access, which means you can.

What are the disadvantages of using cloud hosting?

  • Users can face bandwidth issues with cloud hosting. Because cloud hosting needs an active and good internet connection,
  • The service providers managed all things from their end. So, as a user, you can realize the limitations.
  • By chance, you do not have a good firewall. Then keep several security levels up. Because privacy is the main thing to be concerned about in cloud hosting.
  • We all know the internet is not so safe. Cyber attackers can steal your data. Be aware.

What are the Things to Double-Check Before Purchasing any Web Hosting?

There are so many things that you should check before purchasing a web hosting service. You must take that step carefully because one wrong step can make things harder for you.

You might have seen that many web hosting service providers are using technical features in their promotion lines. It could be related to security, money, or anything.

When you are supposed to purchase a web hosting service, cross-check these features.

Speed —

In the world of the internet, speed does matter a lot. A visitor can switch from your site if it is taking more time to load. So, if your website takes less time to load, that is a good thing. A server plays a crucial role in enhancing speed. So, make sure the website speed is consistently better.

Bandwidth –

Many people expected the Xyz web hosting service to have a large storage capacity. Let’s purchase it. If you are not sure how much bandwidth the server has, take a moment to find out.

Bandwidth is a prime characteristic of the server. If you have more than a thousand visitors daily, you have enough Bandwidth to hold them.

Domain Name Registration:

Nowadays, many websites provide domain name registration and web hosting services jointly. So, you can purchase both of them from one place to make things easier.

If you have any technical problems with your products. You can contact a single merchant for assistance.

Although it is not mandatory, you can buy a domain and host it separately.


Remember, a good web hosting service provider never compromises on its uptime. It will be better for your website if your host has good uptime and as much as possible it can close to 100 percent.

Email Accounts –

Generally, beginners do not understand its importance. But when you plan to buy a hosting server, make sure the provider has an accessible, reliable email server. It makes the website more professional, and the customer shows faith.

Capacity for Storage –

What type of website is it? When purchasing time, you have to be sure that the space provided by companies is sufficient for you. Otherwise, you have to pay them extra, which can be costly. So, initially, make sure you purchase the best pack for your website.

Customer Service —

Maybe it is the most important thing. Because at any moment you can need technical help or advice. So, kindly read reviews and ask the experts which web hosting service is better for you. Hopefully, they will help you with their best advice.


In conclusion, web hosting is a fundamental component of the online presence that enables websites accessible on the internet. It serves as the digital foundation, providing the necessary infrastructure and resources to store and manage. And deliver website content to users worldwide. The diverse range of web hosting options caters to different needs. From shared hosting for beginners to dedicated hosting for high-performance requirements. The world of web hosting adapts and innovates, offering improved security, speed, and reliability.

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