Blog Niches That Make Money

Do you want to know blog niches that make money? Nowadays, more people are learning blogging to make money from the internet. Of course, you can do that!

After starting blogging, bloggers start monetizing ads, affiliate links, or sponsor links to earn money. People are always looking for information. Such as Health, Fashion, Cooking, etc.

There are hundreds of other niches for blogging that are seeing an upsurge in interest. And these all are high traffic blogs. It’s simple to start a blog, optimize your blog for SEO, and earn money. And some blogging niches take a little bit more work to do, but the rewards are well worth it. And these are the main techniques from which bloggers get paid.

Blog Niches that make money
Blog Niches that make money

How to Start Blog with Perfect Niche?

Before choosing Niche first know about blogging and how to write SEO-friendly content. What it is and how to start blogging. And then choose blog niches that make money. Here are given complete details step by step to make a good website. And also, how to index websites on Google.

What is a blog?

A blog is a collection of informative web pages that are seen in search engine results pages of search engines. Or any other source through the internet. It can include text, video, images, infographic images, animated GIFs, and other elements. “Blogger” is the name of the person who runs the blog. “Blogging” is the practice of posting meaningful SEO content on a website.

There are many different sorts of blogs, and some of them are included here.

  • Personal blogs are those that a single person owns.
  • Collaborative blogs are those that a group of individuals runs.
  • Employer blogs are those that represent the company.
  • We can also divide blogs based on devices and genres.

How to Make a Blog?

To make a blog, you can choose the best blogging platform like Blogger, and WordPress. But if you want to start blogging on WordPress in the long term. Then our advice is to go for paid ones.

  1. Buy a domain name and web hosting from websites like Blue Host, GoDaddy, and Hostinger.
  2. Choose a good content management system (CMS) like WordPress, blogger, HubSpot, etc.
  3. And then you can make blogs or websites without any hassle of coding or technical knowledge.

How to make money from Blogging?

To earn money from blogging. First, you have to increase organic traffic to your blog. It can be done in many ways. For example, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media optimization, and guest blogging websites.

And then bloggers can start earning money through the following ways.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Ads Network (Such as AdSense, Info links)
  3. Sponsor posts/ Links
  4. Sell products/ Services of blog-related niche.
  5. Sponsor Banner ads
  6. Write a product review for affiliate marketing

High Paying Blog Niches That Make Money

These given niches and micro niche blog ideas are good for generating income from blogs. That means there’s always space for another income stream to emerge. It can be “canceled,” and another opportunity will emerge for a similar idea.

Health & Fitness

The most profitable blog niche that makes money is health and fitness niches. People are always looking for information. Such as how to look better, stay healthier, and achieve good health. That’s why these niches are always high paying. And find readers who are interested in honest opinions.

It’s now one of the most visited websites on the web. The reason for its success is that it attracts a crowd that is interested in fitness. There are many affiliate marketing tips for products associated with the niche. And there are also many people blogging such as (cycling, sports, Gym, Exercise).

For example, weight loss, diet, and fitness. And people are willing to sell products associated with them. For example, someone may sell related products. And how to lose weight or promote certain diet products. A similar trend is occurring with affiliate marketing.


Blogging about Lifestyle niche is a good way to get extra income in comparison to other niches. Create content that is specific about lifestyle and people can enjoy reading or following. This type of niche is evergreen & high traffic. And that will yield a good stream of recurring income.

This niche is also important because this covers almost all topics about life. And there are many sub-niches in it.

The lifestyle niche has a good possibility for affiliate marketing and sponsored ads. For example, if a blog is about how to decorate a home, then bloggers can sponsor ads related to it.

Money Making

Another popular niche is money making through tips and pieces of advice. These blogs have high traffic because many people love to know about trending topics and how to make money online. And everyone else thinks of a particular case. So, they tend to know about the survey in every blog post or through many blogs.

One of the most profitable blog niches out there is blogging about money. This can be accomplished in several ways. You can buy advertising space on a popular blogging site. There are several websites dedicated to providing free advice.

And resources for making money from blogging. If you’ve got a product that can help someone, make money, this might be a good niche to target.


The finance niche is one of the highest-paying niches on the internet. Bloggers make a blog about the stock market, personal finance, and house loans. And earn a good amount of money from these.

This has a good scope of earning. Because in today’s world whenever people need knowledge or advice about finances. Then people would like to go on google.

In Finance Niche there is very tough competition on it. And new bloggers should not try this niche.


Fashion is an evergreen niche on the web. And if bloggers have a good understanding of fashion. For example, how to look cool, Hairstyle, how to choose clothes for a good look, and many more.

These are trending topics and most searched on Google or alternative search engines. It has always had good scope for affiliate marketing and CPC (cost per click).

Tour & Travel

Tour and travel Niche is the most famous and searched niche on the web. People always like to go on vacation. And this is the most searched on Google for holiday timing.

There are many famous websites for tours and travel. For example, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Trip Advisor. And by referring to these websites for affiliate marketing bloggers can earn good commission. There are also sub-niches in it like hotel booking, flight tickets, bus tickets, etc.


For those of you wanting to start small and build your business from home. A hobby with high demand and a low competition level makes a great choice. That’s why so many people today are creating income from their hobbies and passions.

When combined with a good knowledge of quality content. And creating blogs can lead to a long and profitable relationship with your readers. And leading to a long-term and rewarding career.

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