Social media optimization tips and techniques

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Social media optimization is the employment of multiple social media networks and communities to create publicity for an event, product or brand. It is a way to engage an audience and market a brand through the mediums most relevant to the target audience. While some businesses have successfully use the power of social media to generate interest in their products or services, many others have failed because they did not understand the benefits of this marketing approach. Many people do not know what social media optimization is and what it means to their business.

Social media optimization is not the same as search engine optimization (SEO). It focuses on keywords and how they will help your target audience to find your business. At the same time, social media marketing considers what your target audience wants to know about your brand, what they are looking for and how they can find it.

Also, if you try it, that makes you used to get a lot of traffic to your website, but nowadays, all social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn the change their algorithm the increasing more you to go for a paid. So my recommendation is instant, starting with a free go for the paid one initially if you can pay to attract some 10,000 followers. 

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Social media optimization strategy?

If you want to do social media optimizations, you have to do many things, but important things are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest YouTube. So these accounts are very good. There are many other social media also available, but these sites are famous worldwide. Learn eighty by twenty rule push and pull strategies over here. For this reason, only let’s talk about one by one and one more thing, guys. Whenever you do optimizations, it depends on the platform you have to market Facebook; Twitter is another social media.

Now you have 10,000 followers who are waiting for your content. It’s that free of cost, but initially, you start with a free one, it doesn’t work, so they change their algorithm in such a way, so based o their algorithm, we have to learn it. Still, instead of that form, if you want to go for the same old techniques, it doesn’t work, so we’re observing for the past eight to nine years, we’re working how the algorithm was how will increasing the followers. Once they have a good number of followers, how to contact them, get a brand awareness way products how to get more conversions free of cost.


Facebook audience like students will be there on this platform, and working professionals will be their painter electricians all types of the audience will be available. So you don’t have a specific audience, only entrepreneurs like that no everybody uses Facebook. So it’s a vast one, so whenever you were promoting your product, you can target the particular audience in this interest to get some conversions. Still, most of the time, they might be irrelevant, and the Facebook audience like more image videos this kind of entertainment people have for entertainment over Facebook.

Right now, it’s good to deeper into these accounts what all the options available if you want to add a friend on Facebook. You will be sending a friend request over there, and like option comment, option and share option is available. Apart from that, by creating the page, you can create a page you can join in groups can make events you can run contests on Facebook.

Facebook marketplace offer buy and sell anything seem like a quicker and OLX they created, and Facebook also has Facebook watch see left-hand side Facebook if you see if the messenger is there and watches there. so create your post according to 2021 Best time to post on Facebook.


Whereas Twitter is different, your Twitter people like text-oriented, so you will see very few images and videos these days it’s coming. In the past, people are limited, and professional people will be there on Twitter. It can be working professionals.

It can be entrepreneurs more of celebrities in be there in their Twitter you might have seen that hero, and all the stars will be Twitter, and people will be following them whatever they tweet the make they’ll be combating this is about Twitter.


LinkedIn is good for working professionals looking for a job through the community joining the groups asking the questions LinkedIn, so its income is good for b2b business to business. You are selling some software services. Hence, any b2b these kind of things are very good on LinkedIn. If you want to promote business, then it is the best option. Every one of you might know a LinkedIn account. People only use it every 12 months. Once they want to change their job, go for LinkedIn. So it understands the platform and market rate. 


Instagram, you can say 18 to 35 year old most youngsters are spending time on Instagram. Many people have quit Facebook, and I observe that people cannot have a Facebook account doing this. Still, they have an Instagram account on average, and people are spending 1 to 2 hours a day on Instagram.

It’s an image-sharing platform, and Kevin Systrom founds it. And Facebook has acquired it. We checked when we are promoting our product through Facebook, and Instagram is giving more business than the Facebook business because it has a specific target audience. And choose the best time to post on instagram.


Pinterest is about more of our image-based search engine instead of searching on Google these days. People want to look for resorts, hotels, or other shopping websites searching on Pinterest these days. Pinterest is also attracting very good traffic in India. As of now, women are using more in the event. Still, in western countries, almost all using YouTube is a powerful platform to get brand awareness simultaneously. 7% of my traffic is from my youtube channel, which is also a part of social media.

Best timing to Post on Social Media

Here understand one thing when to post what to post. It is very important when to post. We know Facebook and Instagram what time people are more active what I feel is morning 9:00 to 11:00 is a good time, and after that, people will be busy. Still, in the evening time tonight at 2 o’clock also people are very active, so these times are very good so try to post your creatives on that.

You can post or schedule on time next to post again, depending on a Facebook image video. The gif is good if the Twitter text is very good, so it depends on the social media platform.

Push and Pull strategy for social Media

Push and pull strategy means I’m talking about engagement. So what it mean by engagement? Whatever you post, the people like comment share that is called engagement. When you posted something, people have commented over there. So here, engagement if your creativity is really good, people engaged. Still, if you’re talking about your business, it’s not great. You understand that it’s a creative promoting the product. It starts engaging to the audience like them comment them share them then people start engaging to them.

Whether you like it or not, keep like others so that they want you back. Keep on enjoying others, then see what happened next. Now know people push something like it whenever people want it now. People check their likes or how many people like and comment on their post and coming back definitely. Its human psychology.

So for promoting myself. First, you like others, so they started liking you back, called a push and pull strategy push and strategy. 80 by 20 you are very good so one motto from in social media I’ll tell you only one thing people coming back to social media for entertainment purpose, so give them more entertainment less of marketing. Still, if you do more marketing, they will unsubscribe your social media profile.

How to choose name and Image for social Media

There is a website called you can check your Brand name before choosing that is already used by someone else or not. Click on that and type your brand name whatever you want to do. It takes the brand name. you use a name and will be asking you for a profile picker and cover pic. There are some measurements you can add to any image.

It will take anywhere but generally profile pic should be 180 by 180px, and the cover pic should be 851 by 315px, writing here 180 by 180px. Cover pic should be 851 by 315px then how to get this size go to can WA the prepared sizes are there if you go to the balance tank also in the same the extent you can make it anyway nowhere it’s not showing here. Still, here user names, the option will be there.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) examples

SMO in digital marketing about business, mine is about digital marketing, but if every time I’m talking about digital marketing digital multimedia bull, so always use eighty by twenty rule means 80% don’t talk about your business 20% only speak about your business. You can take an example of KFC. It means they should talk about chicken. Still, they post about the holidays, work from home, informational videos, motivational Quotes, some funny videos trending videos. so if you do this, your engagement ratio will be good.

Let us take one example to assume that you’re working for the bank. You have 5 million followers on Facebook. And people love banking, and then you started posting about banking every day. It doesn’t mean people always like banking. And people like to dance and sing they want to see different stuff also, so entertain your audience. And it doesn’t make them bore. There is a possibility they will also unsubscribe. Hence, the 80 by 20 rule is very good.


Drive traffic from social media to your websites free of cost. And increase your followers is the primary goal of the optimization technique is to bring traffic to your website or app after that conversion free of cost. And how to get traffic to your website.

It is perfect, as free of cost. If you try it, that makes you used to get a lot of traffic to your website, but nowadays, all social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn change their algorithm to go for a paid one. So how to optimize social media from zero followers to 1000 followers. So initially, learn about social media optimization. Once you have a good number of followers, then approach brand awareness.

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