Best Blogging Platform for Everyone

Are you planning to start online blogging? Then you need the best blogging platform to publish your content. In this blog, we will talk about some popular websites. You can use it to create your online blog without doing any coding at all. It is SEO-friendly, which means you can optimize it for search engines.

Blogging is the best way to express your thoughts or feelings and help find solutions to some topics. 

There are many benefits to having your blog. You can customize it as you want. If you like to change any image, video, or anything, you can do it.

Best Blogging Platform
Best Blogging Platform

What is a Blogging Platform?

Blogging sites are such types of services that we use to publish and manage blogs or articles. It is a pre-made website, and you need to choose the themes and layout that as like. And make it live by following some instructions. It is necessary to have coding and design knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for Your Blog?

Before running behind anything, ask yourself what you are looking for. Let’s check your requirements in our 2-stage–

Here is our first stage. Kindly go through with it.

It’s Simple to Set Up and Manage.

Are you looking for the best platform for blogging where you can pay a minimal amount of money to manage everything? Another possible scenario is that you are not technically knowledgeable about coding and designing. So, you are looking for easy and friendly.

Earning with a Purpose

If you are looking to make a good website or blog you can choose blog niches that make money. You have to take care of many things. You can, for example, optimize your page or not. There should not be any security issues or so on.

E-commerce Storefront on the Internet

Creating an online e-commerce store needs special features. Many platforms’ basic versions do not provide enough features to run an e-commerce store.

Now, you have clarity on your requirements for now. So, let’s check our 2nd stage –

Templates and Themes

Almost every user gives priority to the look and feel of their website and blog. And if you are specifically looking for these things, then there are some options, which have plenty of options to choose from. How many of them are free to use? Do they free our hands to make changes according to our requirements?

It is one of the basic requirements, and people look for themes that can be customized easily. And you can manage posts and pages there. So select best blogging platform to make money.

SEO-Friendly Tools

No doubt, SEO is the prime factor that pops up in your mind when looking for a website. 9 out of 10 customers take the SEO service for their website.

Having SEO for your website leads to many positive things. You can take your business global by optimizing pages in SERPs.

For example, if you are selling printed t-shirts offline and planning to go online. Then spend a little more, and you can get online orders for printed shirts, which is a great deal for you.

It is Easy to Integrate and Use Other Tools

Let me clarify one thing here. No single platform can provide all the features. Every blogger has their interests and wants to make changes as they like.

So, make sure your platform can work with other tools easily because it is one of the most vital things for all. There are many services that you would like to integrate with it.

Suppose you are using a platform and want to integrate a tool to make it better, and they respond to you that is not supportable.

It is frustrating for anyone. So, before starting it, read the features and services carefully. Otherwise, you will pay for that later.

The Best Blogging Platforms for Professional Bloggers


If you are a beginner or experienced, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms to start blogging on WordPress. According to a report, 40% of the total websites are running on WordPress services. So, it is famous among people.

There are many reasons behind its popularity. WordPress is an open source content management system and very flexible and user-friendly. The Users have the option to use page builders to create web pages. Like, which sections should be where, and use the drag and drop feature to move things. It is a dream come true for non-technical people. Because coding is not easy in and of itself, WordPress makes it seem like a video game. So, it looks easy because of WordPress and its team.

More than 60,000 free plugins are available for use on WordPress. If you want to make a backup, then download the best backup plugins and store the backup on the cloud or local storage. Completely your choice.

So, you can use these plugins to customize your website effectively.

One of the main reasons behind using WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly. Practicing SEO on a WordPress-based website gives us an edge. There are many plugins to handle ON-page SEO and technical SEO.


Let Us Check other Features of

  • Users get complete control of their website, which means they can make changes.
  • WordPress websites are SEO-friendly and make it easy to optimize your website.
  • There are many free and paid plugins that customers can use to make it superior to others.
  • You can integrate tools such as Bing Webmaster, Google Webmaster, and Google Analytics.
  • The WordPress community is so fast and supportive. You can find solutions to your problems.

Let us Check Some of the Disadvantages of Using WordPress.

  • WordPress is not for beginners, although you must have some technical knowledge to perform some activities.
  • Many experts have said that WordPress is not very secure, and you have to make backups frequently to avoid any bad things.

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Blogger is the best blogging hosting sites and not a new player in the market. It is best to learn for new bloggers (who do not have much experience). If you are looking for a hobby-based, lifestyle, or simple blogging platform, should be at the top of your chart.

Blogger is a free blog platforms that was first introduced in the year 1999 and later acquired by Google. You can make a website easily by following some simple steps.

All in all, you need to create a Gmail account and then go to and press on “Create a Free Blog,” where you will type in the site name and site address, create some necessary pages, and then make it live. Unless you want to edit some sections yourself, no coding is required.

So, it is simple to make a website here, and it is popular among bloggers.


There are Many Specific Features That We Should Know about Blogger.

  • Blogger provider free hosting website (Web Hosting) means you are free of server-related issues and can devote your time to other projects.
  • You can use your domain name or a subdomain like
  • By using attractive and responsive themes, you can give a unique look to your website.
  • If you have planned for Google AdSense, can help you with its featured ads option by monetizing it.
  • Use Google tools to track traffic and other SEO-related things.
  • You can keep your media files on one of the safest websites, Google.

The Drawbacks of Using Blogger

  • Blogger does not offer plugin offers. You cannot extend its functionality.
  • It is not possible to create portfolio pages or other pages.
  • Limited Features
  • Blogger does not update this frequently.

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Weebly has more than 250 million unique visitors who visit Weebly every month, and almost 30 million websites are running this platform.

This is one of the most powerful blogging platforms and is the best choice for designers and artists. However, you can use it for many other purposes, so do not stick with it.

Everyone wants a reliable partner to host and build a website for their site. Weebly could be the best available option for you. So, you must know its advantages and disadvantages.


Benefits of using Weebly

  • Every template on Weebly is mobile-friendly, which means you can choose themes freely (because you know it is mobile responsive).
  • You can use the drag and drop option for pages and posts in both kinds of formats. So, enjoy editing with Weebly.
  • They provide storage to store images, which means you can make a gallery there.
  • Users can share their content easily on social media sites.
  • All websites are eligible for search engine optimization.

Let Us See the Disadvantages of Using Weebly

  • More functionality, affects Weebly’s flexibility compared to other blogging websites.
  • Customers get confused sometimes. Because of the initial process after purchasing from Square (before it was smooth).
  • The user does not have access to the source code.
  • Customers do not have many external service integration choices.


The best part of using WIX is that coding knowledge is not mandatory. WIX is an Israel-based company that provides website builders to its customers.

You can create an online free hosted subdomain with it. Or purchase a domain. If you are making a website on WIX, most of its design will be attractive because WIX is known for its design features.

A user can choose from more than 800 themes to make a website. It means you have plenty of options to select. Its functionality is simple; you can make a page or post by using its website builder.

If you want to make a blog here, follow some basic rules and choose a theme that suits you. Make some necessary changes and click on publish to make it live.

(Although make the necessary pages and use images to make it attractive.)


Let’s See Some Important Features of WIX

  • Users have a variety to choose a blog customizable theme to give an eye-catching look.
  • The themes and templates are mobile responsive.
  • A website using WIX services is SEO-friendly, which means you can promote it easily.
  • They provide the freedom to make changes by using drag and drop properties.
  • Integration with 3rd party apps is easy and does not require coding skills.

What are the Disadvantages of Using WIX?

  • The content management system is not better as compared to other blogging websites. They should approve it.
  • Post Editor does not work on the drag and drops feature. It can hurt bloggers.


Maybe you are surprised to see Tumblr in this list, but Tumblr is a prime player in the best blogging platform match.

Tumblr is an American-based microblogging and social networking site. It is popular among youngsters because of its look and feel. Many celebrities are using this platform to share their content.

Tumblr is best blogging platform free and famous for sharing short content and multimedia (photos, videos, GIF files, and many more). So, many long-format content writers or bloggers do not approach Tumblr for blogging.

Tumblr has a beautiful layout and helps its customers use tools to decorate their pages. And this is known for popular personal blog sites. If you have made up your mind about visual content, then Tumblr could be the best place for you.


Now, Let’s Check those Features that You Should Know Before Using Tumblr.

  • It provides a custom name for your domain (which should not be more than 64 characters).
  • You can use a personal passcode to protect your page. The page only is accessed with a password.
  • Tumblr offers Customizable themes. To make your site Eye-catching.
  • You can modify the layout as needed. (If you are a technical person, then make changes only.)
  • You can easily share your content on other social media platforms.

There are Some Disadvantages of Using the Tumblr Website.

  • Tumblr is not a suitable place for blogging with long content formats.
  • They restrict some portions of the website, which is upsetting to users.
  • You can make 50 posts in a day (it is limited).
  • A user cannot upload more than a 100 MB video file.
  • The video should be in MP4 format.
  • If you do not follow their rules. They will suspend your site, unfortunately.

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Medium is another USA-based online blogging platform. It is known as a vital social publishing platform for bloggers. You can read the article and share your thoughts with the world here.

You can play an individual contributor role here. As a blogger, provides you with a stage to reach significant readers for your content and it is best blogging platform for writers. Indeed, you cannot promote your content at an extreme level on

If you are new to Medium and are planning to create an account on to post blogs, first of all, you need to make an account (you can use your Google account to sign up), fill in the necessary information in your account, and then publish your SEO content. You can use the “tag” option to expand your reach.


Let’s Look at the Medium Characteristics.

  • It is easy to use. It means no setup is required for posting a blog.
  • Medium has mind-blowing tools to record and learn how to engage more readers.
  •  You need to take care of your writing. The rest will be managed by the website (like design and all).
  • Medium is one of the best ways to earn online money from blogging.

Now Consider the Drawbacks of Using

  • It does not provide its place as WordPress and Blogger provide.
  • You cannot customize the design according to your taste.
  • If you want affiliate marketing, then is not the best place for you because they do not allow it.
  • If they find anything that violates their content privacy, your post will be removed immediately.

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In conclusion, selecting the best blogging platform depends on various factors. Such as your specific needs, technical proficiency, and long-term goals. Each platform comes with its unique features, strengths, and limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does anyone need website to write blog?

Well, is it not compulsory because there are many websites like, that accept content? So, it all depends on you.

Which Free blogging is best?

WIX could be the best free platform for you. But all things depend on your requirements.

How bloggers earn from website?

Bloggers earn money from monetizing ads from an ad networks like AdSense or selling ad space. And also earn money from affiliate marketing by promoting products or services.

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