Best Alternative to Blogging

Blogging is a great way to attract an audience, discuss a product, and increase brand popularity. There are a considerable number of platforms and social networks as alternative to blogging that will help with this. Also, you can make a blog on the store or company’s website, so visitors can get to know you better.

Today there are a considerable number of blogs on all topics. Because of this, people are over-saturated with beautiful texts and pictures. And you have to look for new marketing tactics to grow your online audience. And increase the platform’s coverage.

Alternative options are ideal for those who do not see themselves as bloggers. Not everyone succeeds in creating beautiful text that will arouse interest in a product or company. However, you need to somehow attract people.

With the help of alternative options. You can attract the audience’s attention and interact with it. It is a great move to increase traffic to your site without blogging.

Alternative to Blogging
Alternative to Blogging

Several Blogging Alternatives

In fact, not only with the help of a blog. But you can also attract the audience’s attention. Several other options will help you increase conversions to the website.

Use Video

Video is one of the options for marketing tools. It seems that this is a rather complex and lengthy process. But actually, it is not. There are a massive number of services and platforms. And applications that will help you create a beautiful video. It is unnecessary to use professional cameras, and lighting, or rent a studio. And hire a team of specialists. Even with a minimal budget, you can make a good video.

As practice shows, users prefer video content more. It allows you to visualize the product and provide more information quickly.

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Expert Research

Featured articles are a great alternative to blogging. Research perfectly reflects the company’s expertise and helps the client solve his problem. For example, the ICOholder blog helps investors increase profits. And tells site visitors about news and technologies.

Case studies help you get closer to potential customers. Articles help to make the right decision and show that the company cares about its customers. It is a great chance to show how the product helps solve specific problems. And motivated to place an order.


For those who don’t want to blog, create expert research, and make videos, podcasts are a great solution. The main advantage of this option is that it requires a minimum of equipment to create it. Plus, podcasts can be turned into full-fledged blogs in voice format.

A podcast is quite a flexible tool. You can go on air alone and create a duet with colleagues and experts. Separately, it is worth noting that podcast releases do not take much time. A voice blog only takes a couple of issues a month to go viral and attract visitors’ attention.

You can listen to the podcast anywhere: driving, in line, on the road, or at the gym. No need to be distracted by text or pictures. These are the main advantages of this format.

To draw attention to the podcast, it is worth adding abstract descriptions. It is not necessary to prescribe the entire text in detail. Briefly describing what you will talk about in the podcast will help attract visitors.

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More Infographics

Infographics are another option for engaging people. With its help, you can simply and easily visualize any information. Infographics can be in the form of tables, images, or diagrams.

Visual images get more attention and are much easier to post and create. The main thing is to show the company’s name, so visitors can find you.

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Fill your blog with pictures if you don’t want to write posts. Visualization will help you get closer to customers and site visitors. These can be photos of goods and work processes. The graphic elements must be relevant and exciting.

It is not necessary to use real photos. Photoshop and graphic editors allow you to create unique thematic pictures. Making a beautiful visualization is not very difficult. But you should be prepared for the fact that at first, you have to spend enough time. However, this is an excellent alternative to the classic blog.

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How are You Doing with Social Networks?

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can bring you a sufficient number of visitors to the site. It is the same blog. But its maintenance requires much less effort and time.

You can also blog on social networks. It is a great way to introduce viewers to the company and its products. You can post company information and discuss the product and services. Also, through social networks. You can discuss all the offers and promotions to increase the number of orders placed on the site.

Integration with social networks is a great option to increase traffic to the site. You can easily find potential customers and attract them to your site. It is essential to choose the right strategy for maintaining the page and filling it with quality content.

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A forum can also be an excellent alternative to a blog. You need to answer other people’s questions and get them to visit your site. It is essential to use themed blogs that align with your company’s direction.

It might take a little longer. But this approach will attract a decent number of visits to your site. If you have to monitor updates, this is an exceptional opportunity to find your target audience.

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If you still have the idea of blogging on the company’s website, transfer this business to a specialist. This most straightforward approach guarantees regular site visitors and fills the page with good articles. At the same time, you do not have to think about what to write, how, and when to write it.

If the company’s budget does not allow for hiring a professional, distribute tasks among employees. One of them likely has experience or desire to blog. Delegation is an excellent alternative to blogging for those who can’t do it alone.


Blogging is not the only way to attract an audience to a website. There are alternative options that work just as well. Multiple tools can be selected to increase coverage and combine reporting options. Sticking to a single design style and posting new content regularly is essential.