How Do Bloggers Get Paid

If you are curious know how do bloggers get paid. Then, there are several ways to get paid online, and blogging is one of them. Many of them work as full-time bloggers. And they are earning good money from it. After Learning from several bloggers, fresh writers are influenced by them. And they are trying to maintain the gap with those big bloggers. Some of them are doing great, but according to the latest data, only 13% of bloggers earn enough. Although the income is not fixed and goes up and down. Because of lots of problems, competition, and updates coming out day by day.

As a blogger, you must be strong mentally and physically to face any situation. Because at one time you may face the bottom line of your work and feel like quitting blogging, hold your nerve. And keep working in the right direction, which will help you hit the target.

Most bloggers indeed think they must do advertising on their blogs before applying for monetization. But your blog does not inevitably depend on advertising alone. In reality, there are many ways to monetize a website or blog. If you have something to sell, you can set up your online store and sell online. Or you can use an affiliation product or join any affiliate program of affiliate marketing sites. This is the perfect way to make good money. So, there is no limitation, and you have several methods. Like Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing. And several AdSense programs from many platforms to bloggers get paid.

So, with this blog, we will learn how do bloggers get paid for online blogging.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid
How Do Bloggers Get Paid

Monetization Program

When we think of website monetization, we think of Google AdSense. But several other best ad networks for bloggers offer monetization services. Such as, Adsterra, and many more. According to the latest data, 58,658,380 websites are showing Google-powered ads on their website. And Google is paying them. The United Kingdom and the United States lead the chart with 2,093,159 and 1,721,339, respectively.

You could be next by making a good website with lots of content and sensible graphics.

Freelance Writers

Do you love writing blogs and articles? If you are someone who enjoys sharing their opinions on social, relationship, technical, automobile, or other topics. You can make good money without having your own website. There are many online freelance working websites where you can make your profile and bid for the work. 

Firstly, you should create your profile, and fill it out with all the details. And show your work portfolio to the clients. If you are a freelance writer, you don’t need to work from an office; you can work from more than one office at home. Yes, you can earn good money from it. So, if you want to get money without much tension, becoming a freelance writer is the ideal profession for you.

Make a YouTube Channel

There are more than 14 billion visits to YouTube each month in the world. And the USA and India are at the top of the chart with 467 million and 246 million visits, respectively. Sounds interesting. YouTube is a great opportunity for all content creators. For example, if you have a food recipe or are a travel blogger. YouTube welcomes you all. There are some thresholds on the platform, and the rest depends on you. People can earn money from monetization and affiliation as well.

According to a report, people in 2021 generated $28.8 billion, which is more than 45% of the figure for 2020. You can imagine how important YouTube is for bloggers. For now, nobody can ignore YouTube earnings. They will at least try their luck. So, it is with you. YouTube payment policies indeed vary from country to country and category to category. But if you are good in your field, you can have many sources once you get a good start. So, create a YouTube channel now.

Selling Online Course

Many people want to learn or who want to improve their knowledge in search of growth. So, they join any online class or purchase an online course. You can sell those online courses. Yes, it’s true. If you are good at any subject, several websites provide a platform for educators to sell their courses online. You need to record your videos and explain every topic briefly.

For example

If you have expertise in Internet marketing and, digital marketing and can teach it. Then you can create an account on websites like Udemy or Teachable. Which helps learners sharpen their skills and pay a good amount to educators. Although the price you charge may vary, once people start liking your course. You make a good amount from it.

Start A Membership Site

Well, it does not apply to all bloggers to get paid if your website has not received reasonable traffic. Then only a few people may be interested. Or, you have to make your content and prospects so clear and transparent that users take an interest in them. So, these are the critical moments and steps mandatory with a membership site.

A membership-type website offers more in-depth knowledge of the data available on a public website. They teach their subscribers how to make email lists for email marketing, and communities. And a model of prosperity for a new website apart from income.

To make a membership site, you must have the information or preparation to establish it. So, first of all, get some knowledge from online sources, and create a free website. And learn how to eliminate difficulties. Find a solution that will allow you to fix your real issues if your website faces them.

Make an online Product Store 

When it comes to a blogger’s income. Most people believe that the person who writes or shoots videos is their sole source of income. But this is only half true. You can earn money selling products in three ways: physically, digitally, and through affiliate marketing. Many giant e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay use this concept. And many people join their network to earn good amounts.

To make it useful for your website. You must know content writing in such a way that product descriptions fit the story. Because if you forcefully try to add a product, it will look ugly. Share your blogs on several social media platforms. Like Facebook and Instagram, and do not forget Pinterest. It will be helpful to you.

Write Product Review 

You can earn money to write a product review for affiliate marketing. It is calculated, and you can make money easily. Because most businesses require impactful content. This means you must list the product’s drawbacks to promote it. It is one of the simplest and least stressful jobs: write a review and get paid right away. To do this job, you have to follow many brands on LinkedIn or other social media channels.


The Internet is full of opportunities and offers several modes of earning for writers or bloggers. They can diversify their source of income through multiple channels. They can make their website and drive traffic to it. Write product reviews for several product-based websites, and work as a freelancer. And start teaching others how to write customer-friendly articles and blogs. So, find your way and start doing good by knowing how do bloggers get paid.

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