5 Best Blog Name Generator

Finding the best name for your blog website leads is not an easy job. It must be catchy and easy to remember. But, you cannot do this on your own. You will need help from someone, or you can use online blog name generator tools to do it for you.

It is a tool that helps you find a better name for your website. And that will help you to make a good website. Luckily, there are so many uses for it. Indeed, it makes blog name selection easy. You can generate a name as well as check if the domain name is available to buy or not.

Now, let’s go through some questions and answers related to the blog name generator tool.

Blog Name Generator
Blog Name Generator

Why Do You Need a Blog Name Generator?

Your domain name is your online identity. And it is one of the fundamental ways to recognize your business online. Many times, a blog name attracts readers to it. So, having a unique, relevant, and catchy website and blog name means a lot to anyone or maybe for search engines.

If you know the importance of blogging, you do not need an example of it. Because per day you encounter so many websites. And you can learn the names of some websites because of their classy names.

So, if you want to be a professional blogger, you must do research and then book a domain. We have elaborated on it in the upper section and delivered some reasons behind it here. You can read.

  • If it is easy to speak your domain name. Then visitors can learn it at once.
  • A blog can offer more than one benefit, depending on the user.
  • If you have a better blog name, it can sound good after reaching a milestone.

Let’s Read about those Famous Blog Name Generators

In this section, we will read about some popular blog name generators.



Have you ever heard of Nameboy? It might be yes or no, but here we will know about it.

It is one of the big players in the blog name generator game. You can search for tons of blog names with the help of Nameboy, and believe us. It will not let you down.

You do not need to make much effort to know the names of blogs. And you need to put one or two keywords. And its algorithm will automatically suggest you so many domain names. You can pick any one among them that seems best for your website.

Apart from a blog name generator. Nameboy can help to find a name for your business or e-commerce store to grow your online business.

For example, if you are searching for a food blog name and want to use the Cook word in your domain name. Then Nameboy will suggest all domain names containing the cooking keyword in their domain name. And it is the perfect combination for people searching for a specific name-based blog name for their website.

One extra advantage of using Nameboy. It is linked with WHOIS lookup means you can check instantly. If any domain has already been purchased.



Wordoid is known as one of the best blog name generator tools. Because it suggests naming ideas from different categories. It generates classy blog names, made-up titles that are easy to say, and brand names. They may sound like legitimate words, but not sure you will find them in the dictionary. 

The most luxurious part of the Wordoid. You can use five international languages to get the best name for your site. These languages are English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. You can set which kind of name you are looking for on your website. Wordoid provides three different categories – high, medium, and low.

If you have chosen a high level, then Wordoid suggests natural blog names. It is exciting, and you should check it once.

You can play with words and do as you want. They offer up to 15 words to put in the search bar to make things easier. It helps Wordoid to know your requirements and fulfill them as soon as they get them.

Apart from these, you can unlock so many items with it. So, go to wordoid.com and get the best name for your blogging site.

Domain wheel

Domain wheel
Domain wheel

It is a free of cost blog name generator tool. Users can have it to get the desired name for their blogging or business sites.

It is easy to start using Domain Wheel because the developer has built it reliably. You can type your words in the search box shown there. Hit the search icon. Now, you can see the domain names of the sites listed on the page.

For example, if you are a travel blogger and want to see travel sites’ names there. Then search for travel blog keywords, and you will receive a complete list.

During all this, if you find any domain name interesting. You can register it by clicking on the “view” button given there. Otherwise, scroll down to find a more suitable option for your website name.

The Domain wheel also suggests other names for your keywords, and they can rhyme, and sound like them.

FREE Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator
FREE Business Name Generator

Another ultimate website to generate blog names is free of charge. FREE Business Name Generator is one of the well-known websites to get a site name.

It is an artificial intelligence-based system that generates names for your website. You need to enter a keyword only, and the tool will suggest hundreds of names for you.

If you want to know if a domain name is available or not. Then click on the showing name, and the tool will provide all the details.

If you want to refine query results by character limit and sector-wise, then you can do it. You can also select if the phrases appear before or after the produced text. This means it depends on where you want to place them. As well as whether the name should be one or two words long. The generator can also come up with names that rhyme. So, you will love this tool.

It allows you to save your favorite names. So, you can check it whenever you want.



Another name on the list is Panabee. Its user interface is beautiful. This blog name generator comes up with names by combining keywords and removing or doubling letters. And switching similar words. It means they provide varieties.

Go to the search box if you wish to use Panabee. Put your domain name in the box and then click the search icon. Use multiple keywords if you want to see anything different (it is a trick you can try).

To know if a domain name is available or not. Kindly check the blue heart shown next to the domain name. If somebody has purchased it. Then you can try for alternative website names. Or approaches to buy as premium domains.


How to decide on my website name?

You must check the category and then the topic of your website. It will act as a filter, and you can rectify it. Do some research on your competitor. Thesaurus entries are also considered good choices for blog names. In the end, use any tool to get some new ideas.

Can I name my site after my name?

If you are naming your website after yourself is not a bad idea. If you want to grow your name as a brand, then do not hesitate to do so. It will help you to reach customers as well as brand recognition in the market.

How long should a blog name be?

Well, you must be sure that your website name should not be more than 15 characters. Because it is considered a long blog name, it is not easy to remember. Social media account names look good if your website is under 15 characters long.

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