What is the Cost of Developing a WordPress Website?

WordPress was initially just a simple blogging application. It has now developed into a website creation framework. And a full-featured Content Management System (CMS). WordPress powers over 40% of all websites globally. That makes it possible to hire a WordPress developer to make a good website. And that is from a straightforward blog to a sizable online store. And many professional freelancers start blogging on WordPress to get paid.

When choosing a CMS, cost is among the most important considerations. Thousands of users use WordPress to build elegant. And professional websites with various features and designs. Due to this, estimating the precise cost of developing a WordPress website could be challenging. The cost of developing a WordPress website depends on the budget and objectives. Even if the base WordPress software is free.

Be aware that the price of a website may vary depending on its size and features. More complex WordPress websites, including online stores or streaming services. And can be more expensive than simple WordPress websites and blogs.

What is the Cost of Developing a WordPress Website
What is the Cost of Developing a WordPress Website?

What are the Essential Costs of WordPress Development?

An individual or business can consult a WordPress development company to discuss the cost of developing a WordPress website. The following analysis highlights them. 

Domain Name

A custom domain is required to use WordPress.org to create a website. This domain name must serve as the address for the intended website. To make the domain name simpler for users to remember. Choose a phrase that defines the business.

More popular domain name extensions, including .com, .org, and .net, cost more than generic ones. The generic can include .live and .online, and they cost much less. Accordingly, these range from around $1 to $15 per year. Another group of domain name extensions designates several countries. They can range from about $6 to $25 per year. 

Web Hosting

To build a self-hosted WordPress. Users must pay for a web hosting package to keep the website online. Developing a completely working WordPress website requires both web hosting and domain names. 

A domain name acts as the website’s address. Whereas web hosting services offer the necessary server access and resources. Whenever a visitor enters a domain name, a hosting service retrieves its content and shows it to them. Various hosting types exist. Such as WordPress hosting, shared hosting, and cloud server hosting. Depending on the type, a web hosting plan’s price varies. Web hosting can range from around $2 to $75 per month based on the type and the hosting service provider. But select a web hosting solution for your clients.


A wide range of themes is available to all WordPress users. Many free themes and many premium themes are costing between $2 and $200 per license. Furthermore, it is a one-time fee, and once users have a theme, they can use it forever.

Free WordPress themes are great for newbies. But frequently lack the capabilities to build a complete WordPress website. Choosing a paid theme is the most excellent option in these circumstances. After installing WordPress, users can access the admin panel to locate a free WordPress theme. And also, they can install a WordPress plugin, and WordPress page builders.


Adding functionality to a theme is possible with plugins. Many paid plugins have free, stripped-down versions, and there are a ton of both. When one needs something more involved, the prices start to rise. One could get away with little to no costs for a straightforward personal website like a blog.

Some popular plugins include Yoast SEO and Mailchimp. Freemium and premium plugins typically cost somewhere between $5 and $1,000. They have different prices, from one-time charges to yearly memberships.


Security is another free aspect, as WordPress already has strong security features. Regular updates are required for the plugins, themes, and the base WordPress program. Users must install updates as soon as they are released. The site is more susceptible to viruses and hackers when using outdated software. 

A secure website must have an SSL certificate. Often called a “Secure Sockets Layer” certificate. The ‘s’ in ‘HTTPS’ is the industry-standard technique for maintaining the security of internet connections. Also, it adds that crucial padlock to the search bar on the website. The developer should include an SSL certificate which may start at around $50 per year.

Development Strategy

 According to Urjashee Shaw, web developer at Simpalm, a web development company in Chicago, “Finally, one might hire a WordPress developer to create a WordPress website. It can be due to a lack of confidence in the process or a need for advanced custom development. Due to its extreme dependence on requirements. It is challenging to estimate this cost precisely. It might cost $100 to $200 to hire a WordPress developer to set up a simple website. Spending more than $1,000 is entirely possible if users need anything sophisticated. In either case, it should be a one-time cost.”


Several factors, including the size and capabilities of the WordPress site. As well as the maintenance plan and marketing strategy, also affect how much it may cost of developing a WordPress website. As a result, the actual spending may differ from these estimates.

Starting simple and utilizing as many free components as possible. While creating a website is strongly advised. One might consider including premium features and themes on the site. After it has a large audience and traffic.

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