Video Search Engines {Updated}

It was a time when people loved to read books. Because there were not so many options available on the internet to watch videos online. Things have changed. Now, you can easily play videos or even video search online for them according to your choice. Because there are many video search engines available today.

Video Search Engine
video search engine

What is a Video Search Engine?

Nearly, every individual who uses the web has an idea about YouTube. And other significant video sharing sites. Yet, one thing they don’t know is that there is a term called “Video Search Engine.”

Video Search Engine is essentially an internet-based search engine. That allows you to search for video content (via keyword phrases). And then retrieve that data from their database. And return results in SERPs based on your search terms.

10 Video Search Engine
10 Best video search engines

Google Video

Google Video Search Engine

Google videos do not need any popularity because 7 out of 10 people use this search engine to get answers. Video search Google provides a video search option also. Just below the search box. You can see the “Video” option there.

If, you are looking for something. You should type those words in the given search box. Navigate to the video name option and manage or sort those results according to yourself. Open the tool section and filter the results as per your choice. And you can also do a reverse video search.

What is the maximum length of a video?

The duration of videos can be longer or shorter both. If you want to see any documentary on a particular topic. You can find all types of content here. It is available there.

How old videos can be you see there?

There is no time limit on videos. You can watch it whenever. If it is not deleted, you can also apply filters to this, such as how recent the video is. Like, recent, 24 hours, weeks, months, and years.

If you did not find any relevant videos, you should use the advanced settings.

What is the source of the videos?

Well, Google fetched videos from all websites (those in the Google database). Because YouTube is the leader in video search engines, you can watch most of your videos there.



Let’s start with some interesting facts about YouTube. This is unquestionably the King of video as video search engines. Did you know that YouTube has more than 2 billion users?

More than 45 million people have subscribed to YouTube Premium and music. And one in every four people visits this video search engine at least once a month to listen to music or watch videos.

YouTube is visited by half of all internet users. Every minute, nearly 450 hours of videos are posted to YouTube. Users spend more than 3 billion hours there.

Now, come to YouTube’s history. In the year 2005, it had founded, and since then, YouTube has never fallen back. Later, Google acquired it now YouTube rules the world.

If we talk about YouTube now, so many features have been added. Its home page recommends videos based on your interests, search history, and subscriptions.

You must check the tending section of YouTube. Here you will see the most viewed videos that have recently have published. You can check your subscribed channel’s latest content in the subscriptions section.

Now talk about the library section of YouTube. You can check your history, save videos to watch later, create playlists, and like videos.

If you want to find something of your choice. You can go to the search box above the page and put your desired keyword there.

Quick Link – How Create A YouTube Channel

What Kind of Videos do You Watch Here?

There is five class of content you can see here: videos, movies, playlists, films, and shows.

Let’s see the characteristics:

  • You can do a live stream.
  • It can play videos in 4K, HD, and HDR (depending on the video quality);
  • Having difficulties with subtitles;
  • For your content, you should use a Creative Commons license.
  • Videos in 360 degrees must try (it makes it possible to see video from all angles, like circle shape).
  • Videos in three dimensions;
  • VR180 (video with amplified authenticity);
  • Videos that show the location if you allow (videos that show a particular city or country);
  • Purchased Videos (you can rent or buy videos/movies here).

Now, take a look at the apps which are presented by YouTube –

  • Join your favorite channels here on YouTube TV. It is worth a shot.
  • Creator Academy—it is a training section.
  • For Artists: Artists can promote their creativity here.
  • Kids: It is a special section designed for children.

You can also do a voice search. If you are using YouTube on your mobile phone, you can download it to watch it offline.

Bing Videos

Bing video search

Bing Videos search (formerly known as MSN Videos) came to be on September 26th, 2007. But later renamed on June 1st, 2008, as Bing. Its parent company is none other than Microsoft. Most probably, you are using the Microsoft operating system as well. Most important, video plays on the Bing site without going somewhere.

Take a look at some of the notable features of the Bing Search Engine:

Bing has a smart preview property. You need to stay awhile on the video, and the video will play without clicking on it. Most video platforms around the globe use this feature, and people do love it. It helps them learn about videos without having to hit them. YouTube is also making use of this feature to increase the visibility of its channel.

After you search for your desired keyword. The search engine suggests some of the best videos in the same category.

You can use a filter for your videos. And you can use it to make your lists filtered based on relevancy, date, and video duration also.

You can make your result list or grid view, depending on your wishes.

The Most Important Reason to Use It

Advanced Search Result Page: We will understand it with a simple example. If you want to know the benefits of Apple. Then the Bing videos search engine will provide both advantages and disadvantages for both kinds of videos. It happened because of its AI algorithm.

Bing Works on Quality Video Searches: Bing always provides to-the-point videos to their users. This means the videos are best for your query.

Because of its artificial intelligence, it provides one step ahead. For example, if there is any match going on, it will show the possibilities of a winning team. One thing to notice here is that if videos are available on their database, they will show them to you.

Most people are unaware of it or do not take it seriously. Bing offers its reward point system to its users. If you are using the Edge browser and taking part in an online puzzle, they reward you with points. You can redeem at Amazon, Starbucks, etc. But, kindly check whether the feature is available in your country or not.

Yahoo video Search

It was a time Yahoo video search led the search engine, but then Google came along. We all know what the current scenario is.

Like Google, you can search for your desired keyword or topic. Enter those words in the search bar, and hit the search icon given there. There you will find your relevant answer.

Like other search engines, you can have filters. Choose them accordingly.

What is the source of videos?

There are so many websites and platforms from which Yahoo fetches those videos for you. Some of them are here: Daily Motion, YouTube, Meta Cafe, CBS, Fox, and others.

Duration wise – from minimum to maximum time, whatever you are looking for.
Date of upload – from the previous 24 hours to the start date
Resolutions include – 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4k.

Why Should You Use Yahoo Videos?

Like Bing, you do not need to visit the source of the videos; click on the videos. And the search engine video player will play the video for you.

Yahoo has nearly 3.6 billion monthly visitors who spend an average of more than 7 minutes on the site. With more than half of that traffic coming from the United States of America.

Daily Motion 


Dailymotion is the number one independent website platform for video sharing. This Paris-based video-sharing website came into existence in 2005 on March 15th. Dailymotion is available in 18 languages.

More than 3 billion monthly viewers come to this site. With 250 million unique monthly visitors here and more than 300 million users.

Because Daily Motion does not allow users to upload videos longer than 60 minutes or files larger than 4 GB. Users have not been permitted to post videos longer than 60 minutes or files larger than 4 GB.

It provides three filters for its viewers: viewers and novelty, date of uploading, and duration of videos.

Aol Video Search

AOL Video is one of the top five web search engines on the planet. And AOL has more than 250 million active visitors. Traffic generally comes from the United States of America. To search for any videos, you need to navigate the same way as the mentioned search engines.

There are limited filters available for users. You can choose based on their length. So, they provide a safe search for minors and the age should be under 18.

AOL has its video player, so it does not redirect us to the source platform and does not favor YouTube very much. So, you can have so much here.



The best part about DuckDuckGo is that they keep your things private. They do not collect customers’ private data and understand the privacy of their customers. It has been almost 14 years since DuckDuckGo started their services. People are attracted to it because of its data protection policy.

The best part of its video search engine is that it asks users where they want to see videos. Either they stay at DuckDuckGo or visit the source.

If we talk about filters, then duration, resolution, time, safe search, and license. These are filters provided by them.

Almost 100 million queries are provided to their customers by it.

After Google, DuckDuckGo is the most used mobile search engine in the USA.

Yandex Search Video

Yandex video search

Yandex video search is the famous search engine in Russia. Consider it as the Google of Russia. This video search engine is mostly used in countries like Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Duration, quality, and recent videos are the filter options available with this video search engine.

Although this search engine is not as good as others. If you are looking for Russian videos, trust us, it is a perfect platform for you.

Yandex has almost 42 million monthly users, with 20 million daily. It is a good number for European search engines because it is one of the best search engines in Europe and leads in Russia. Almost 58% of the Russian search engine processes over 5 million searches per day, with 70 million people reaching paid mode.



One thing to clear, Dogpile video search engine is not as large as others. But one thing is certain: it is the best alternative to platforms such as Google, YouTube, Bing, and others. Dogpile has just 0.01% of the population.

This search engine has released in the year 1996.



Another USA-based video hosting website It is true that Vimeo does not have a billion users like YouTube. But it still has more than 170 million active users around the globe. More than 55 million creators are connected to Vimeo. Most of them are filmmakers, animators, artists, musicians, and other professions.

Most of the viewers are from the United States of America. It is available in 150 countries. Vimeo has a premium creation tool that has more than 1.5 million users. You can realize how tough it is for any website to compete with YouTube.

Vimeo is an ad-free website. Yes, you have read it correctly. This platform has good-quality videos. Few people know that Vimeo is older than YouTube.


Veoh was a video-sharing platform that allowed users to upload, share, and watch videos. It was launched in 2005 and gained popularity as an alternative to YouTube. Veoh has a diverse collection of videos.

One of the distinctive features of Veoh was its emphasis on longer-form content. Making it a platform favored by creators. Who wanted to share full-length movies, TV episodes, and other extended videos. It aimed to provide a more comprehensive and immersive video viewing experience.


We all know that the consumption of videos is increasing day by day, so the number of viewers is. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Video, Bing, Yahoo. And other video search engines are growing day by day.

People love to see online video content because graphs represent that truth. But, a learning point is, do you get relevant videos or not.

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