Facebook Alternatives to Know

Facebook is a leading star as a social network in the world. And it was one of the first networking sites to impact its users and customers significantly. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, with 2.89 billion active users.

This huge number makes it the biggest social networking site globally. But, with such immense power and capacity comes the factor of exploitation. It is no secret how Facebook has been exploiting its users. And selling their data to huge companies and firms.

Facebook uses the personal data of its customers to show ads without prior knowledge of users. After many times of violation and breaching of data. Many users leave it because feeling violated of their basic privacy rights. And started looking for alternatives to Facebook or Alternative social media platforms to take benefits of social media. Let us discuss a few Facebook alternatives that you can adopt.

Facebook Alternatives
Facebook Alternatives
Table of Contents
  1. Yubo
  2. EyeEm
  3. MeWe Facebook alternative
  4. Friendica
  5. SocialX
  6. Vero
  7. Reddit : alternative to Facebook groups
  8. Minds
  9. Parler
  10. Telegram : alternatives to Facebook messenger


This social networking site has succeeded for its age-restricted policy and privacy concerns. When you do not want to be followed by your parents on social media, then use this. Yubo has an age policy that allows users only from the age of 13 to 25.

In fact, in order o protect younger users, it even separates the age group 0f 13 to 18 and 18 o 25 in different communities. This is done to ensure the naive younger users’ safety and protect them from exploitation.


Pros :

  • Easy-to-understand privacy policies
  • No advertisement
  • Transparent platform
  • The protection provided to a younger crowd
  • Live sessions with upto 10 members allowed.
  • Free
  • Easy to sign-up
  • Hide Location.
  • Permission is required for data collection.

Cons :

  • Parent’s consent under the age of 18 is required.
  • Attracts more immature users.


EyeEm is a popular alternative to Facebook for photographers. The site has a huge database of more than 100 million images. And is often used by advertising agencies and branding companies. As a apps similar to facebook, Eyeem is a great choice because it offers a low number of advertisements.

And provides a complete selection of activities. The site’s privacy policy is transparent. And its privacy policy is simple and understandable. As such, it is an excellent choice for those who want a socially-oriented alternative to Facebook.

One of the main features of EyeEm is its search engine. Which enables users to find photos related to a particular subject. The site also highlights the most popular and random photographs. And good for sharing with followers. But, this method does not necessarily lead to sales.


For those who want to take photos for commercial use, EyeEm is an excellent option. The site’s interface makes it easy for users to edit their profiles and manage their accounts.

Pros :

  • A unique platform for binding aspiring photographers to their prospective clients.
  • Usage of artificial intelligence is used for finding the best image.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy interaction
  • Growing popularity among the marketing teams
  • Graceful community features

Cons :

  • Effects are obscure while shooing
  • No option for privacy

MeWe Facebook alternative

MeWe facebook alternative is a incredible platform was launched in 2014 with privacy as its ultimate aim. This platform does not produce advertisements and solely depends on paid services to generate some income. It follows a strict privacy policy against the selling of private data. Except for the optional paid services.

This platform provides free usage control to all users and customers. After signing on this platform, you can follow people, create a post, and be followed back. Your feed will only show the content of your followers and no advertisement. And this is best conservative alternative to Facebook.


Pros :

  • Strict privacy guidelines
  • No advertisement policy
  • Option for secret chat
  • Caters to business and collaborations too
  • You control what you see.
  • No filtration of your feed

Cons :

  • Pay policy for extra features
  • No suggestion for friends available


friendica is a decentralized platform that aims at providing users with more freedom. This can be quite complex for non-technical users. But, the makers are trying to make it more user friendly with new ventures and features. For users interested in technology, this platform is a haven.

This is an open-source platform for which you will have to create your server. And then use it to connect with other Friendica servers. Being an open-source platform, you can even share content from other social sites besides facebook as well.


Pros :

  • A haven for technical users
  • Liberty of creating your server
  • Integration from other platforms allowed.
  • Open-source platform
  • More freedom available

Cons :

  • Complex nature
  • Difficult for users with no technical background


SocialX provides robust privacy features that protect its users from malicious practices of data collection and privacy breaches. This platform is based on blockchain technology and is a decentralized platform. And it is so privacy oriented because it becomes difficult for hackers to access data.


Pros :

  • Block-chain technology 
  • Protection from hackers
  • Strict privacy concerns
  • Strict security

Cons :

  • It can become intimidating for non-technical users.


Vero is a beautiful and algorithm-free social network. It redefines the social network experience to its users in control. And focuses on connection, not addiction. The app is free to use for a limited time, but the Founding Members receive a lifetime subscription for free. Vero can be a best alternative to Facebook. You can download the app for free and see if it meets your needs before deciding if it’s for you.


Pros :

  • social media alternatives to facebook, Vero is free to use, making it a viable alternative to the popular social network.
  • It offers similar features as Facebook but offers some unique selling points. Users can send messages to anyone, regardless of their age or gender.
  • Also, an algorithm does not pre-filtered messages. And contacts can be divided into four categories. This allows users to select the right audience for a post.

Cons :

  • Many critics have been critical of the platform’s founder. Ayman Hariri, for his controversial personal life. These controversies have made some people for using Vero as a Facebook alternatives.
  • And many are worried about how the app might compromise their privacy. Still, Vero’s mission statement makes it a viable alternative for Facebook users.
  • It hasn’t taken off yet. And hopes to distinguish itself from the problematic Facebook in the process.

Reddit : alternative to Facebook groups

One of the main advantages of using Reddit as a alternative to facebook groups. This is important if you are worried about your privacy on Facebook. It’s possible to use as a Facebook group. Besides, you can easily share links with other users. The website is open to everyone, including strangers.


Pros :

  • The site allows users to discuss all kinds of topics and subreddits. It also has millions of users and a plethora of subreddits for different interests.
  • While some people have a hard time making friends on Reddit. it is still a great option for social networking.
  • While you can easily find friends who have similar interests. it’s easy to stay connected with new people.

Cons :

  • The biggest downside of using Reddit is the lack of privacy. Because its community is so diverse, you must be careful to follow the social norms in the subreddits. While you can search for topics without an account.
  • And you’ll have to read the comments carefully to avoid being banned from a subreddit altogether.
  • Another drawback is that the website doesn’t allow you to have private conversations with people you don’t know.


Minds is a social networking site that offers many of the same features as Facebook. For example, group chat, messaging, comments, and a chronological newsfeed. The interface is easy to use, making it ideal for new users. In addition, you can import your Facebook settings, which makes it easier for you to start chatting and posting right away.


The best thing about Minds is that it doesn’t serve third-party ads. So you won’t have to worry about the invasive ads that adblockers can display. You can also boost posts and content, which is a feature that Facebook lacks.

Pros :

  • Minds’ algorithm promises to be de-mystified, allowing you to post as much as you want and still get a high reach.
  • In addition to being able to select which posts appear in your newsfeed. Minds also allow you to choose exactly how you want your posts to be displayed.
  • This is particularly helpful if you aren’t a fan of the algorithms used by Facebook.

Cons :

  • Although many people are skeptical of Minds. And some users are happy with its de-mystified algorithm is a great idea. At the same time, Facebook has been changing its algorithms recently.
  • This one gives you more reach by giving you more posts. Then, you can choose which posts you’d like to display.
  • Unlike most other social networks, you can select the content you’d like to share. And you can control the way others see your posts.


Facebook alternative parler is a social networking and microblogging site. Its management was forced to resign after a month of lawsuits from Facebook and Twitter over the controversial platform.

The app’s founders eventually won the case. But the tech giants distanced themselves from the platform. And citing concerns over how the website could promote violence.


Pros :

  • As of July 2020, Parler was used by more than two million people. The number of new users grew to 636,000 on November 8 and 119,000 on June 8.
  • Current growth rate of this site similar to Facebook. And there are no racial or political differences in its user base. In addition, users can share their work with the whole world.
  • Its founders also plan to expand its platform to include conservatives.

Cons :

  • Despite the retraction of Facebook, Parler users are still active on Twitter and Facebook. That’s why the platform requires the support of these social media sites to reach new users.
  • Unlike a popular social network like Twitter, Parler also has rules limiting what you can post.
  • Some users have been banned from the site because they violated these rules.

Telegram : alternatives to Facebook messenger

While most social media sites allow people to communicate with others. Telegram is particularly unique because it focuses on encrypted communication, like WhatsApp.

While this can make it an attractive option for those, who want to keep their conversations private. While Telegram has more than 200 million users, there is still a huge potential.


Telegram is best as a Facebook messenger alternatives. Facebook Messenger has over 400 million users, and Telegram has the same interface.

Pros :

  • It also offers group chats with as many as 200,000 members.
  • There is no limit to the size of a message or media file, which makes it a good choice for sharing files and photos. There are also many privacy settings.
  • And users can also choose whether they want to receive or send private messages.

Cons :

  • There are many differences between Facebook messenger and Telegram in terms of its policy.
  • While the telegram is less popular than the fb messenger, it still shares some problems. For example, Telegram don’t allow group voice chat.
  • And the privacy settings on Telegram are less restrictive. The app is free for personal use, but you won’t have as much privacy as other social networks.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, users may be looking for Facebook alternatives. But, the downside of using Facebook is that it can restrict your freedom of speech.

Most users are worried about privacy and security. and the way the company manages data is very questionable. And above given Facebook alternatives are much less intrusive. and still offer an excellent experience. Here are some options to consider.

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