Podcast Submission Sites List (20 Unique websites)

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of podcasting and how to make a podcast submission sites to increase your podcast exposure. What exactly is a Podcast Submission Service? How to promote your podcast. Podcast Submission sites have become a widely transmitted item to promote business while you entertain your potential customers or clients. The more entertaining, the more memorable you will be. Normally, listeners need to only subscribe once and automatically receive new content as it is available.

Podcast Submission Sites
Podcast Submission Sites

Benefits of using Podcast Submission Services?

An advantage of free podcast submission sites is that It helps get the number of listeners you want. You can submit your shows, music, movies, and programs to get a link posted back to your site from every podcast submission. Some podcasters use their suggestions, but it can increase your visibility if you submit to the top podcasters. Every time a listener clicks on one of your links, you receive visitors.

When you submit your podcast to the top podcast submission sites, you are gaining an additional audience. The listeners of your show will appreciate the link and give you another avenue to reach an ever-increasing audience. Podcasts are top-rated, and listeners willing to provide you with a hand by clicking on a link to your podcast will gain more fans. If you already have a large audience, you can even use this different audience for marketing other items you have on your website or in various formats. You may have a blog or a product that would benefit from podcasting.

The most significant disadvantage is that giving up control over the distribution of your podcasts. When you submit to the top podcast submission sites, they gain access to the podcast feed for any podcast submission site they choose. It means that if you choose to limit podcast distribution, you will be determining the exposure of your podcast to potential listening audiences.

What are your podcasting goals? 

Do you want to build a large podcast audience, attract sponsors, or build a social media following? The best way to do these goals is to find the right podcast platforms. If you have no clear podcast goals, you will not get the most out of the podcasting community. Instead of wasting time and money with programs that won’t benefit you, focus on finding the right platforms for your podcasting.

Podcast Submission sites List is given:

There are free podcasting submission websites available here, which will allow new users to start producing and broadcasting their podcasts. Each podcast offers different options for recording episodes and uploading them to their site. It makes it easy for newbies to get started and create their first successful podcast.

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Now, with the progression of technology in cell phones, It is almost like bringing back the classic radio shows with the different new Podcast Submission sites. You can find comedy, drama, action, family-friendly, and many other types of podcasts. The podcast submission trend is growing fast.

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