6 Vlogging Platforms to Consider

Nowadays, vlogging platforms are one of the best ways to present your content. There are many platforms where you can display your talent and establish your brand.

You can accomplish two things when you link a variety of vlogging platforms to your vlogging channel. Reaching a new audience that favors their platform over YouTube is the first step. The second is to share your vlogs in a different format. Whether in terms of duration, subject matter, or another metric.

It is not easy to choose which audience will best suit your needs. Once you’ve made the decision to broaden your audience. And introduce your vlog to new one’s Vlog Platforms. The various vlog websites are thoroughly examined in the sections. And that follows along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Vlogging Platforms
Vlogging Platforms

Facebook and Facebook Live

You must have heard about Facebook. It has been traditional for people to create and make friends on Facebook. According to the latest data, almost 2.9 billion people are using Facebook around the globe. Although Facebook is a social media, it has started vlogging. Many people do not get Facebook as a vlogging platform. But if you are supposed to start your vlogging, then do not ignore Facebook.

Technically, Facebook started in 2017. And today it is one of the biggest competitors to YouTube.

Facebook and Facebook Live
Facebook and Facebook Live

Have a Look at the Advantages of the Facebook Watch

  • Facebook Watch has no restrictions on the integration available to its users.
  • It is one of the strongest video hosting platforms.
  • Users can save live streams to their permanent video library.
  • You can have a conversation with the viewers in real time.
  • It has one of the biggest live audiences. And you have nice viewers on your post’s video according to the best time to post on Facebook.
  • Facebook Watch provides freedom to its users.
  • It has an eye-catching design and layout.
  • Capacity for viral branded content.
  • The advantage of the first mover.
  • Users can find new pages and personalities on the Facebook live map.
  • It is cost-effective to advertise business online for free (if you have a business to promote).

Disadvantages of Using Facebook Watch

  • Several issues occur blurry videos, warped sounds, or slowness. Due to this, you may lose your viewers.
  • Sometimes censorship issues come to light.
  • You are not sure you will get the target audience that you expected.
  • It is not easy to get a ranking. It means SEO on these could not be easy.
  • You must collaborate with other pages for better conversion. And there are also many Facebook alternatives available to use to use as vlogging tools.


YouTube is the king of the video platform. And YouTube has earned this position because they have made watching online videos easy. Simply go to YouTube.com and put your keywords or query in the search box. YouTube is the most popular video search engine and number-one platform for vlogging. But to start, you must know how to vlog on YouTube.

There are more than 2.6 billion active users on YouTube. YouTube Music and Premium (a feature of YouTube) has more than 50 million subscribers worldwide. You will be surprised to know that every fourth human on earth is an active user of YouTube. And it is the finest landmark for any platform.

Quick Link – How Create A YouTube Channel


What are the Categories of the Channels on YouTube?

  • Comedy channels
  • Educational channels
  • Makeup/ styling channel
  • Dance, music, and acting
  • Vlogging channels
  • Gaming channels
  • Reviews channel
  • Cooking channel
  • Kids videos channel
  • Photography channels
  • Fitness channels
  • Tech channels
  • Political or news channel

Many types of videos or channels are uploaded. We have mentioned some of them below. Read it once.

YouTube is the reason behind vlogging. And it started its AdSense program to set a beneficial example for users.

There are Many Advantages to Using YouTube. Have a Look at Them.

  • Most of the services are free of charge. It means you can use it without paying any fees. But YouTube music and premium are paid services.
  • It gives its users the chance to earn money. There are some basic policies to start earning from YouTube.
  • It is the perfect place to share and gain knowledge.
  • It is user-friendly and always keeps upgrading to make its platform better for its users.
  • It can help you boost your keywords in SEO.
  • YouTube has many video qualities, like 360p, 720p, 4k, and many more.
  • If you have a channel, then after some approval, you can use its community to poll or share information.
  • People can create short reels to keep in touch with their users. And they can engage more customers.

What are the Disadvantages of Using YouTube?

  • It is not required to create an account to see videos. Anyone can see videos.
  • Anybody can upload a video, and it causes a copyright violation.
  • There are lots of rules and policies for using its AdSense program.
  • If you violate any one of them, then disapproval is guaranteed.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of advertisements that can appear on your videos. You cannot control it.
  • Anyone can defame and bully.
  • Keeping the focus on one particular topic is not easy.
  • Users can be distracted by the tones of videos.

Twitch IRL

In the past, Twitch is famous for gamers. And they have used this platform to Livestream their campaigns in many online games. But this is quickly altering. The Twitch IRL platform is now being utilized by a large number of vloggers and influencers across all genres. And they have good views on their videos. Twitch’s distinctive feature is that it focuses primarily on live content. Therefore, even though you can save videos and post them. And this is simply not the platform’s purpose. This US-based streaming video platform has understood the modern blueprint.

Twitch IRL
Twitch IRL

What is the Advantage of Twitch IRL?

  • It is one of the best vlogging platforms for interaction with subscribers.
  • They have a strong search function.
  • It has huge viewers who are dedicated to the live vlog format.
  • Easy to use.

What is the Disadvantage of Twitch IRL?

  • It has limited promotion options. So, it might be possible that you have to find one more place for advertising.
  • It is not an ideal place for storing a large collection of vlog content.
  • Still, you can find many gamers only.


DailyMotion is a platform that aggregates video content. Although the site’s appearance and functionality are similar to YouTube. The main distinction between the two video sharing websites is that Dailymotion provides a greater number of high-quality videos. Whereas YouTube primarily features amateur productions. For vloggers with more expensive equipment, that might be the best option. Other than that, there are only a few limitations on content in terms of genre and other factors. This platform gives its influencers and channels the freedom to pursue their projects. Which are not appropriate for other vlogging platforms, such as YouTube.


How can DailyMotion be Advantageous for Users?

  • DailyMotion has a Strong recommendation feature for its viewers.
  • It has a large user base, which is beneficial to its channels and influencers.
  • It has one of the unique monetization options from YouTube and others.
  • DailyMotion has less genre competition compared to others.
  • It has a customized player.
  • You can do live streaming.
  • Real-time analytic data. But you can use Google Analytics to monitor.

What are the Disadvantages of the DailyMotion Platform?

  • It has High expectations from users
  • They do allow a 20-minute video limit to its users. You cannot upload more than it.
  • It has a limitation on storage, and you can upload more than 150 MB storage capacity per video.


Are you familiar with Pinterest? If so, Vimeo is known as the video platform websites. This is all about being creative. Because there are so few amateur videos on the website, Vimeo is a step above DailyMotion. While some vloggers might be put off by this, it shouldn’t. It can be a great place to start if you want to improve the caliber and content of your vlogs. For both the platform itself and your other channels. And Vimeo has tutorials for making better videos.

You can take ideas from Vimeo to make them eye-catching for other vlogging platforms. Like YouTube, Facebook Watch, and many more.


Let’s Read about the Benefits of Using Vimeo.

  • Vimeo does not allow outside ads network to its content.
  • It has Friendlier viewers.
  • Vimeo does not put rustication to its video’s length and size. You can make it as you’re convenient.
  • It has advanced privacy settings compared to others.
  • You can keep password protection to a video.
  • It allows users to create portfolios with their accounts.
  • It has reputation for better and unique quality.
  • You can use your logo and colors to make the channel impressive.
  • It has analytics to track the channel.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Vimeo?

  • It has no visibility compared to YouTube.
  • It has less audience compared to other major platforms.
  • Not good rank in search engine results pages of search engine.
  • Vimeo does not allow users to accept sponsored videos as others do.
  • Vimeo put a limitation on the total amount of storage used.
  • It is not perfect for all genres.


Instagram does not require an introduction given its recent expansion in popularity. There are currently more than 1.3 billion users on Instagram. And announced in June 2018 that it had reached a milestone of 1 billion users. While we are used to thinking of Instagram as a platform for pictures, there is also a clear place for quick videos. However, the brand-new Instagram Live, Stories, and IGTV are all very different from one another. And each offers a special way to share vlogs with your audience. And this is the top choice to start vlogging for beginners.


What are the Benefits of Using Instagram?

  • It has a large audience. This means you can reach as many as you want if you post your video according to the best time to post on Instagram.
  • Instagram has strong advertising options which are benefices for business owners to grow your online Business.
  • It is user-friendly, and also you can use the search button to find it.
  • If you focus and follow some protocol. You can be featured in its Search area.
  • Easy to share and become Influencer on Instagram.

The Disadvantage of Using Instagram.

  • You can save its live videos and stories.
  • You can be addicted to its short videos.
  • Content theft issues are normal things.


Choosing the best video platform for vlogging is not an easy task. There are so many vlogging platforms; every one has its own features and quality. You must choose as per your requirements. Because almost every video blog website has a monetization policy. Some are good, and some have quality. So, first of all, check your needs, read about the vlog sites then compare them. Now, you can decide which one is better for you.

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