Digital Marketing Facts

Do you want to learn about digital marketing facts? Take a pause, and we will start it from the very beginning.

So, before we start reading about those heavy words of digital marketing. You must be aware of the basic things of digital marketing. So, let’s check things out in easy steps.

Digital Marketing Facts
Digital Marketing Facts

Let’s dig into the history of digital marketing.

What do you think about the start of digital marketing? And want to know about the history of Digital Marketing?

Are you referring to the last 20 to 25 years? I am sorry, but if you think that digital marketing is only 20 to 25 years old, then you should check the facts.

Do you ever hear about Guglielmo Marconi?

If you know about him, then good; otherwise, let me tell you. He was the inventor of the radio. Yes. That’s correct.

You can now ask how a radio station can participate in digital marketing.

We know that ads are frequently played on the radio channel. That is a kind of digital ad because you are listening to wireless signals. Do not stick with the idea that wireless signals are the main difference between online and offline promotions.

It is true that in recent years, digital marketing has boomed. Because of the increasing number of internet users (phone and computer).

There are four pillars of marketing and we have mentioned them below –

  • Phone marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Television Marketing
  • Radio Marketing

What Do You Understand By “Digital Marketing”?

Digital marketing is a method to increase sales growth. And reach the maximum number of customers with your service. By using many channels like SEO, PPC, and email marketing. Nowadays, if you are using mobile apps, you can see advertisements all over your phone. So, it is a broad way, and it can happen online and offline.

Both these kinds of marketing have their importance. And you can make a strategy according to your needs.

Let it understand by an example.

Do you ever purchase online clothes? Well, almost everyone has purchased an item online. What was the process of buying a shirt online?

You type your query into the search box, click the search icon, and the website you like to buy. Then choose your size and make an online payment, or whatever is accepted by the website.

So, the purpose behind explaining these things is that everyone has little. But reasonable knowledge about digital marketing, and somehow you are conscious of it.

Now we can move to the next portion of this article.

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter a Lot Today?

It is a basic but necessary question because, as we can see. There are lots of websites selling or providing some product or service. And we read in the newspaper or on the Internet that XYZ Company has increased its sales.

For example, if you are a travel agency owner and are focusing on the online promotion of the website. So, you will find your sales increasing day by day to grow your online business. Because digital marketing opens gates for business owners. People around the world can use your service. Or they can buy your product if they find it relevant and friendly.

You must have seen billboards for advertising purposes. Now ask a question yourself if they are valuable these days. It is costly and needs a lot of workers to do it.

The answer will come up with a not very profitable marketing strategy for you. Even a small business owner cannot afford a billboard in a fine place. Because it will cost them money and may cause a budget imbalance. They must be wise and invest money in the best tactics of marketing.

Let’s make some real comparisons.

You must have heard about Google or Facebook. Do you know that these are some of the needed parts of human life? Guess why?

Because they have billions of users, they have a lot of traffic from the internet. It allows business owners to promote their service or product to the right people without wasting money. It means you will spend your money at a reasonable place, and you may earn handsome money.

What are the major online marketing types?

The Seven types of online marketing are:

There are some facts about digital marketing. Read them once

  • More than 90% of internet users start with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more.
  • Every second, more than 77 thousand queries are searched in the Google search engine alone.
  • High-quality content production is seen by 72% of online marketers. It is one of the most effective SEO strategies, and currently, you are reading this article. which falls under the content marketing category.
  • There are more than 300 million emails sent every day.
  • Almost 50 % of email users check their emails on mobile phones.
  • Transactional rates from tailored emails can be up to six times greater than those from non-personalized emails.
  • You will be surprised to know that there are more than 3 billion social media users active per day.
  • Almost 90% of sales representatives practice social selling to complete their quotas.
  • A normal person consumes a minimum of two hours on social media sites.
  • Customers are more likely to refer you to their friends, relatives, or family members. if you provide them with a good social media experience.
  • More than 70% of YouTube viewers use mobile phones to see videos or listen to music.
  • You might be surprised to learn that mobile phones are available to 90% of the world’s population.
  • Mobile phones complete nearly half of all online orders.
  • If ten customers visit your website and have a negative experience with you. Eight of them will avoid visiting you the next time.
  • B2B marketers devote more than 28% of their budgets to content writing.
  • Blogs are more important to consumers’ purchase decisions than newspapers. because they have more than 60% of the Purchasing is done after reading blogs.
  • No other social media platform generates as many referrals as Facebook does.
  • One of the most important elements of the top five B2B marketing strategies is visual content.


The biggest advertising campaigns in the history of the globe were carried out using conventional methods. However, how people consume media led businesses to adapt their priorities. And given how quickly technology is developing. We anticipate things to keep changing. Nowadays, digital marketing tips are just as popular as traditional advertising and marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing

What Qualifications Are Required for Digital Marketing?

What type of position you’re interested in within digital marketing will determine how this works. For analysis like SEO content, a keen mind with an attention to detail. And a working knowledge of data is generally quite helpful. Positions in content, social media, and strategy benefit greatly from creativity and imagination.

What Does It Mean for Digital Marketing Tactics? 

The development of a comprehensive plan to accomplish. And specific objectives for a business constitute a digital marketing strategy. For the best outcomes for your company. it will use cross-channel planning over time. Including PPC, social media, content production, and SEO. If you need to change your plans, they may be adaptable.

What Is the Necessity of Digital Marketing?

What are you waiting for if you haven’t embraced digital marketing yet? Organizations that don’t embrace digital marketing face the possibility of falling behind. Because that’s where their current and potential customers are. A study indicates that 80% of consumers do an online search before purchasing any product.

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