32+ X Alternatives {Former Twitter}

It is no secret that X (Former Twitter) is considered the largest micro-blogging website with approximately 397 million users. However, users have slammed Twitter for blocking their chain of thoughts. Users have slammed Twitter for interfering with their thought process. And still not providing them with enough word count to express and support their cause freely on Twitter alternatives.

With such limits to word counts, the message you are trying to send across might feel incomplete. And that may give rise to incompetence and misinterpretation. They have slammed Twitter to fuel anxiety and depression and become a source of addiction. Experts suggest that Twitter must be enjoyed in moderation. And otherwise, it starts taking a toll on your mental health. Almost every individual present on Twitter is a troll that radiates absolute negativity and pessimism.

Twitter Alternatives
Twitter Alternatives

Yet, there could be various reasons you want to quit Twitter and choose alternatives to Twitter or other microblogging sites. With such immense power and audience comes the ease of exploitation techniques. And Twitter has been exploiting its users for ages now. Active users who have been a part of Twitter for quite a while now have been vocal about their trolling nightmares. And political spammers who will try to mold your mindset at every stage. So, know what to use instead of Twitter.

Let’s Discuss What are Twitter Alternatives That You Can Try:

Here are the top sites like twitter / Twitter alternatives.


A Twitter alternative app, Koo has a character limit of 400 characters but does most of the same functions. Users can post videos, pictures, and audio and use hashtags, while others can add a link to YouTube or a web page. There is no mention of ‘banned’ content, so those rules do not restrict users. But the most significant difference between Koo and Twitter is that you can only post one link at a time.

The most obvious difference between Koo and Twitter is that it offers more character limits. And is geared towards unbiased views. Unlike Twitter, this platform supports more Indian languages than the Hindi-speaking crowd. The languages it supports are Bangla, Punjabi, Oriya, Malayalam, and Assamese.


Koo is a conservative Twitter alternative that has received the most attention. This is likely because actively seek the popularity of the country.

Pros :

  • More Character Limit than twitter
  • Not biased for their contents
  • More reliable for regional languages
  • Less advertisements

Cons :

  • Less popular in comparison to twitter
  • Less Global users


Plurk is a free micro-blogging platform that claims to be a haven for weirdos. And attracts mostly teenagers and young adults. It is an advanced version of Twitter and provides features that Twitter cannot. Like any other social media sites.


You can follow people, share posts, and upload photos and videos. You can customize your profile and invite people for private chats too. There are various options for people looking for some social interaction.

Pros :

  • Easy user-interface
  • Extra features
  • More word limits are allowed.
  • Anonymous posts
  • More popular

Cons :

  • Less active responsive team
  • No filtration on posts


Users love this platform for the number of tokens that users get every time they show some activity. The concept of cryptocurrency has helped Minds to attract more users. And they can earn and spend their cryptocurrency coins.


All in all, Minds is a micro-blogging website that provides various incentives to its users and customers. This platform’s revenue-sharing and monetization aspects help customers get money and crypto.

Pros :

  • Attractive incentives like crypto
  • Opens source code
  • Frequent updation

Cons :

  • Fewer features available
  • Limited users


Amino apps give you the liberty to form groups with people who share the same opinion as you. It enables users to create communities and groups around some specific central topic. People with the same viewpoint can come together and join various screening rooms.


And voice chats where they can be vocal about their opinions and thought processes. The platform supports anonymity. And users can join different voice rooms with different names.

Pros :

  • Safe space for the younger crowd
  • Strict community guidelines
  • Easy chat options
  • Supports simultaneous videos watching
  • Supports anonymity.

Cons :

  • Crowded app interface
  • Conversations are less moderated.


Micro.blog could be the perfect place for users looking for a more robust micro-blogging platform for you. You just have to pay a minimal monthly fee for your extension. And then you are ready to start your blogging journey. This platform is excellent for users looking to diversify their reach.


The best part about this website is that it allows integration of cross-posting. That enables you to cross-post your content on platforms like Tumblr or Facebook alternatives.

Pros :

  • No advertisement
  • Not sponsored content
  • No sneaky algorithms
  • Not fees to read existing blogs.

Cons :

  • Requires fees to unlock features
  • Not supported by Android officially.
  • More used by professional bloggers.

Peeks Social

If you are a user thrilled about making videos, peeks is the perfect site for you. It even allows its users to contribute to its favorite content creators. This is why most of this website’s population is mostly supported by gamers. Also, If you are a gaming enthusiast, then Peeks Social is a haven for you.


If you create good content, you even get rewarded for it. This can be an excellent opportunity for good innovation. And content creators to generate revenue and get rewarded for their content.

Pros :

  • Age restrictions available
  • A haven for gamers
  • Offers income generation opportunities

Cons :

  • Adult-themed content 
  • No space for public chats

X Alternatives Websites and App

S.NOTwitter Alternatives Websites / AppType
Latest Twitter Alternatives


There are many advantages to using Twitter alternatives as a substitute. One of the main drawbacks of Twitter is that it’s difficult to distinguish between unbiased and commercial interests. Second, the character limit is too small for complex discussions. such as caveats and limitations of studies.

It enables users to share their talents and ideas freely without the fear of being censored. Furthermore, these allow an increasing variety of information sources. This feature is an ideal choice for anyone who uses Twitter for their work.

Aside from being an excellent venue for sharing your thoughts. Twitter alternatives help you to display your creativity without fear of censorship.

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