Backlinks – 26 types

Backlinks are weblinks that point from one web page to another webpage. This is used in search engine optimization to improve websites ranking in SERPs. Search engines like google, Bing, yahoo and Baidu consider these as votes for rankings.

Web pages that have more backlink are considered more by google for ranking. Backlinks are the main reason to increase domain authority and page authority of websites. And of course On-page SEO factors are also responsible.

Do-Follow Backlinks: This type of backlink is considered as a favour to transfer link juice. If you get do follow backlink from other websites, that means that votes for rankings in SERPs. (in simple words, that website is saying that believes on your websites).  

For an excellent off-page seo strategy, you have to create 70% dofollow backlinks. And google algorithm always considers this as a favour. So our recommendation is to create more natural dofollow backlink to rank your blogs or websites.

No-Follow backlinks: No follow backlinks means neither weblinks is considering nor ignoring by search engines. But this is very helpful in increasing the traffic of websites. And that doesn’t vote you for rankings in search engines.

For a natural off-page seo strategy, you have to create 30% nofollow backlinks. Almost every web link on the internet is nofollow. And it is easy to create in comparison to dofollow.

Sponsored Backlinks: This is the ethical method for buying backlinks. This show web links as a sponsored backlink, and search engines ignore these links for rankings.

26 types of backlink
26 types of backlink

Backlinks from educational websites are more powerful in comparison with other backlink. And search engines like google, bing and yahoo give more priority to these backlinks for rankings. So gaining backlink from .edu websites is difficult.

Backlinks from .gov websites (governmental websites) are the most precious for search engine optimization. And these types of links helps to increase the domain authority and page authority of websites. 

.Org links (Links from websites of organizations). And its TLD or ccTLD ends with .org. And creating these types of backlinks is easier in comparison to .edu and .org.

These types of do follow backlink can be generated naturally. So you have to publish quality content on other blogs or websites. Or backlink given by other web pages.

This can be done when you do a press release on news websites, media or press release sites. For this, you have to publish articles about events or announcements. And insert your weblinks in articles for backlink.

List your business on the business listing sites. And submit your website to generate backlinks. So this will benefit you in two ways.

  • Create backlink to improve SEO.
  • This can increase your website traffic.

Create a profile on forum submission sites. And submit your website links. This will help you to create backlink on the same niche. And also get website traffic from same industry people.

Create your blog profiles on social media sites and microblogging sites to generate backlink instantly. But almost every social media gives no follow the link. And lastly, this will be good for traffic and rankings.

Do guest blogging in guest blogging websites to generate backlink. But first, you have to create contents and images to submit on it. And you can easily submit two or more links. This is the best method used by bloggers for off-page seo.

To create backlink, you have to outreach to professional blogs through email, social medi or the contact us page. And ask them for new content, images or any other things else for backlinks.

Submit your video on video sharing sites. And in its description, you can submit website links. Let’s take an example of YouTube. You can submit your video with your websites links. And there are also many websites available in the market like YouTube.

There are many infographic submission sites and image submission sites are available. And you can easily submit your links with an image to generate backlinks.

Create backlink by asking questions or reply answers to questions on Q&A sites. Let’s take the example of Quora. Here you can answer any questions with web links. Many seo experts use these types of websites for generating backlink and increase websites traffic.

There are many ppt submission sites, and pdf submission sites are available on google. And through this, you can submit your content with web links in pdf or ppt. So you have to create content once and submit on multiple websites.

You can submit, edit the contents of wiki submission sites with web links. If wiki websites verify your content, then you will surely get backlinks. And links from the wiki is very valuable for rankings in search engines.

Many reviews websites give free backlinks to the brand name. But first, you have to submit your website for review. And then you will get benefits from it.

You can submit your podcast on podcast submission sites to gain natural backlinks. In the description of the podcast, submit your links. And this will also help in influencing marketing for your brand. And, of course, increase the traffic of blogs or websites.

First check your competitor’s backlinks that have created by using tools like MOZ and ahref. And you can quickly grab the opportunity for backlinks.

Links from Article

By submitting the article on article submission sites, create natural dofollow backlinks. But for this, create unique and readable articles for submissions.

Get backlink by doing comments on blog commenting sites. For this, you have to submit your name, email, website link and comment. All these websites give nofollow backlink. But getting no follow backlink is better than no links.

This is the easiest and less time taken method to create backlink instantly. Social bookmarking sites are best to make your contents viral and increase website traffic too.

If you have any offers for your customers. Then you can submit your coupon code on coupon code submission sites to get backlink. And from this, your business revenue will increase and, of course, SEO.

Create new web pages on web 2.0 sites to create natural backlink. Contents on web 2.0 rank quickly in search engines in comparison to other types of websites. And backlinks from ranking web pages are best for SEO.

Submitting your weblinks on RSS feed websites always help in getting traffic from the same niche of websites. And this will create multiple backlinks in single clicks.

Creating backlink from profile creation websites is the best method for genuine backlink. Here you have to make a profile and submit information with web links.

From Directory submission sites, you can create do follow backlinks. But first, you have to create an account on it. And then you can submit your content with web links.

In Conclusion

Above all types of backlinks that you can create is natural and acceptable for off-page seo. And if you have any suggestions for us, then please go to our contact us page.

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