Explore These Siteground Alternatives

What is SiteGround? And which is best SiteGround alternatives?

SiteGround is a fantastic web host. Which provides great effectiveness as well as countless web hosting characteristics. The higher cost, but, may push several people to search elsewhere. Many minimal alternatives help in providing sustained uptime and reasonable page loading times. All these web hosting companies offer better WordPress features. With an instant and effective customer service team.

Siteground Alternatives
Siteground Alternatives

Why Should You Find Alternatives to SiteGround?

  • The pricing of the hosting service is reasonable. But the renewal cost is expensive, and you must pay more than others.
  • You will receive a barrage of promotions for extra services after setting up an account. Such as malware removal and site backups.
  • They do not offer their services to many countries.
  • They have limited storage with most of the packs.


There are more than two million websites using Bluehost hosting services. The hosting setup process of Bluehost is simple enough that a fresher can do it with some instruction. If you are new to this, you can start using its shared hosting service. It is cheaper than other hosting services and is easy to set up. Bluehost WordPress hosting offers all the tools. And a user needs to launch their WordPress website and is jam-packed with useful features. Additionally, Bluehost provides dedicated servers, which are excellent for sites with high traffic.

The biggest advantage of using Bluehost over SiteGround is that both SiteGround and Bluehost provide comparable services. But Bluehost hosting plans are less expensive and the best Siteground alternatives.


What are the Advantages of Using the Bluehost Hosting Service?

  • Bluehost offers hosting services at an affordable price. And Bluehost offers dedicated servers also.
  • Bluehost has years of experience in the hosting service industry. You can get the best service from them.
  • Its user panel is customer-friendly and easy to use.
  • From time to time, Bluehost helps customers learn how they can make the most of their hosting service. They release videos, tutorials, and blogs through which customers can enhance their knowledge base.
  • Bluehost service fees are competitively low compared to other service providers with the same configuration.
  • Unlike many service providers, you will find Bluehost is fast and secure. The installation process of Bluehost is easy and fast. You can start using its services within 30 minutes.
  • If you are new to website and blog making, Bluehost offers a website builder. This makes the website-making process easy. It does not matter whether you have experience or not. By following simple steps, you can make a good website.
  • Bluehost has various payment options. You can use PayPal to purchase their hosting services.
  • They also provide a monthly payment facility to their users. You can use Bluehost month-wise.
  • Bluehost provides a refund in case a customer wants to cancel their service. But it should not be more than 30 days from the date of purchase.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Bluehost?

  • They do not offer telephone support services. You can use chat support for fast service.
  • Bluehost does not typically announce coupon codes or discounts on its services.
  • With the basic hosting plan, users can not use more than one website.
  • They offer a charge for website migration.
  • If you want to purchase a dedicated IP address, you must pay a good amount.


Dreamhost, is a Los Angeles-based hosting service provider. This is one of the finest alternatives to SiteGround. It offers sustainable and fast hosting to its users. And its control panel is user-friendly, so customers can customize it as they need.

Dreamhost is an officially recommended hosting service provider for WordPress.org. They have been in business for the last 26 years. You will get everything you need to start a website. Currently, more than 1.5 million websites are using its service. Half of them are WordPress websites.


Let’s Read the Advantages of Using Dreamhost as Your Hosting Service Provider.

  • Dreamhost provides a month-to-month billing system. In which users can cancel their service at any time.
  • Its basic plan has enough facilities to kick off your business.
  • They offer a free domain name and SSL certificate with their basic plan.
  • You can use Dreamhost website builder Remixer to make your website.
  • Joomla, phpBB, Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento, Shopify. And Tumblr are other platforms to make websites from scratch.
  • They have a managed WordPress hosting service. You can install WordPress with one click.
  • They have no limitations on disk space and bandwidth. (Excluding DreamPress, VPS servers, and email service).
  • Dreamhost offers a customized control panel to provide the best user experience.
  • You can move your website for free to another server.
  • Dreamhost provides an automatic backup facility. It makes customers stress-free because we were all worried about website security once.
  • They offer a 97-day money-back guarantee. It means you can request a refund within 97-days.
  • It has an award-winning hosting service.
  • Dreamhost is a fast-working server with 99.9% uptime.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Dreamhost?

  • Their customer service is excellent but limited. They do not offer telephone support, but you can chat with them for aid.
  • Although it is fast, sometimes it works slowly.
  • They do not offer an email account for the starter plan.


With the managed hosting company Cloudways. There is a strong emphasis on simplicity and performance. Cloudways eliminates all the headaches of your server management team. From the straightforward server and application setup to the continuing server maintenance. So you can keep concentrating on expanding your business.

Cloudways is an affordable web hosting service provider. They have a wide range of plans, and you can select from them according to your requirements. Many businesses are adopting cloud-based solutions.


Benefits of Using Cloudways:

  • It has good uptime for both server-level uptime and PHP 5.6.
  • They are one of the best customer service providers, and you can fix your issues in a matter of time.
  • They are one of the best hosting providers with fast loading times.
  • Cloudways is competitively priced compared with other service providers.
  • They have a simple but effective control panel for their users.
  • They make sure that users do not bother with security points. So, they always provide the best security patch to the users.
  • They make automatic backups of hosted sites to provide decent and customer-friendly service.
  • Their migration and configuration processes are simple and easy. So, customers can finish up things easily.
  • Cloudways provides developer-friendly services.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Cloudways?

  • They do not offer 24/7 customer service. You must check before contacting us for assistance.
  • They have a European-centric database center. So, that can be a concerning point for customers who want to host their website in North America or Asia.
  • They do not provide an email hosting service.

A2 Hosting

You might be surprised to see A2 hosting on the list, but it deserves to be here. A2 provides shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated. And Reseller hosting services with free SSL certification. It is a US-based company that started services in 2001. And A2 Hosting considers a siteground alternative.

A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

There are So Many Things that You Should Know about the A2 Hosting Service. Some of them are Mentioned Below.

  • They offer an unlimited desk for a website. It means you have no limitations on space.
  • A user can transfer unlimited data from the server. A2 hosting claims 99.9% uptime.
  • They have an amazing control panel for their users. Users will find it friendly.
  • They provide unlimited websites and databases with their famous packages but cross-check once.
  • They offer an SSD with their server.
  • You can enjoy a free content delivery network and SSL to secure your website from hackers.
  • HackScan security system to make it more secure.
  • If a user does not find it useful for their website, they can cancel the subscription at any time.
  • This is one of the best advantages of using the A2 hosting service.
  • They have some of the best customer services and respond to customers within a minimum of time.
  • They have a turbo option with their hosting. Which makes your website 20 times faster.
  • It is the best option for WordPress users to start blogging on WordPress.
  • The Website staging feature is included with the pack.
  • A2 Hosting servers offer backup restores and rewind backups to make their servers more sustainable.
  • Users can use the email service of A2 hosting free of charge.

What is the Disadvantage of Using A2 Hosting?

  • A turbo server is expensive, and only a beginner cannot afford it.
  • There are limitations to website migration. And once you complete it, you have to pay the fee for every migration.
  • They don’t have any Windows server hosting. Compared to other service providers, A2 is costly.
  • They are not a traditional cloud hosting service for the A2.

WP Engine

When comes to Siteground alternatives then WP Engine consider as a natural choice. WP Engine was founded in 2010 to provide WordPress-centered hosting services. They offer many plans to supply flexibility, scalability, security, and easy-to-use tools. Their members know how to get better performance, how to be safe, and how to achieve stability.

WP Engine
WP Engine

Let’s Have a Look at the Benefits of Using WP Engine For Your Website.

  • It has one of the finest WordPress-managed hosting service providers.
  • If you have WordPress hosting, then go for it.
  • If your website is hacked. WP Engine will restore it at no cost.
  • They are using EverCache technology to provide a fast user experience on their webpage.
  • Customers can enjoy a 60-day free trial from WP Engine. Users can cancel their service at any time.
  • They offer free SSL services to their customers. And also a CDN for better content delivery time.
  • They take backups and restore them for free.
  • The best customer support team is available to fix hosting-related issues.
  • You can use the staging features.

What is the Disadvantage of Using WP Engine?

  • The WP Engine is expensive compared to others.
  • The WP engine does not allow some plugins and themes to work with them.
  • They do not give free domain and email services.
  • WP Engine does not offer control panel interfaces.

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