Domain Authority Checkers by SEO Experts

Domain authority checkers are abbreviated as DA in search engine optimization. It represents and shows the backlinks profile strengths of any website with Off-page SEO. And tells about the top and lower ranking or indicates the high or lower quality of ranking in search engines.

Moz scores the search engine performance from one to a hundred. Every domain name has domain authority, nearly 100 is considered as best.

Domain Authority Checkers By SEO Experts
Domain Authority Checkers By SEO Experts

Why are Domain Authority Checkers Used?

In this digital era, the Internet works like oxygen and is approachable to almost everyone. The Internet has not been just a source of entertainment. But also used for running an online business. From website or blog for earning through content creation. This situation has developed an environment of competition among web designers and SEO experts as well.

Website designers and owners must keep trying to surpass their competitors to gain more search traffic on their websites.

SEO experts should adopt such strategies to increase the Domain authority of their websites. So that their websites may be more discoverable and approachable for the searcher in search engine sites.

Domain authority checkers or DA checkers can be very useful for SEO experts. To keep an eye on a website’s domain authority. These DA checkers check and measure the domain authority of their website.

Top Domain Authority Checkers

The following websites provide the best domain authority checkers. And find the domain score of any website within seconds.

The GUESTPOSTLINKS’s Bulk DA PA Checker tool makes it super easy to check the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of up to 20 websites all at once. Just copy and paste the URLs, hit the “CHECK AUTHORITY” button, and you’re good to go!

Bulk DA PA Checker Tool

Not only does it give you the free DA and PA, but you also get handy extras like Spam Score (SS), Total Backlinks (TB), and Quality Backlinks (QB).

This tool not only shows you free Domain Authority and Page Authority but also provides helpful extra information like Spam Score (SS), Total Backlinks (TB), and Quality Backlinks (QB). If you’re thinking about paid guest posting, this tool has everything you need, making SEO decisions simple. You can also download and print the data in a neat table, making it easy to review and plan your next steps.

Data from Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool
Data from Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool
  1. Easy Analysis: Check up to 20 websites at once for Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Spam Scores.
  2. Simple Interface: User-friendly tool for quick and hassle-free checks.
  3. Key Metrics: Get important data like DA, PA, Spam Score, Total Backlinks, and Quality Backlinks.
  4. Instant Results: Paste URLs, click “Check Authority,” and get quick insights.
  5. Security: Reliable results using Moz’s official API for accurate data.
  6. Download Reports: Save results in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats for future reference.
  7. Track Progress: Monitor your site’s growth over time for better online visibility.
  8. Sharing Made Simple: With this feature, sharing metrics with friends and colleagues is as easy as pie, ensuring smooth collaboration.


Prepostseo is another best DA checker option for SEO experts to check their website domain authority.

This DA checker offers to paste up to 500 URLs of websites at a time. And can get domain authority reports in seconds.

It is easy and simplest to use even newcomers and small SEO experts can use it. URL address of any website is copy-pasted in the DA and PA checker tool of pre-post SEO. And can click over the check authority button to get domain authority repost.

As shown in the figure.

Why Consider Pre-Post SEO?

It is free of cost application that is the best option for small-level web designers. And SEO experts among several DA and PA checkers available online. It can meet the standards of Moz domain authority checkers. As it is designed according to Moz domain authority checkers. This DA checker has some key features because SEO experts can consider this.

Raw Data: Even SEO experts do not need to paste the URL address of any website. They can find URL addresses from any raw data of any website.

URLs List: Also, valid URL addresses of different websites can be pasted to check the domain authority.

Spam Score: This software offers DA and PA checker tools. That can even complete results which include spam scores.

Page authority: Prepostseo has a PA checker tool as well which can keenly check every page of a website before finalizing the results.

IP address: It can find the actual IP address of any website along with the origin from where a website originated. So many websites’ IP addresses can be found.

Bulk DA Checker: This has a true bulk DA checker with which we can paste up to 500 URLs at once for measuring domain authority.

Google Indexed Pages Checker: Its feature is checking the index page on Google. Along with checking domain authority, spam score, and page authority.

Download Excel Report: SEO experts can even download the domain authority measurement results in the form of an Excel file. SEO experts can avail of such a good yet affordable DA checker tool with so many features. And they can download results in the form of an excel file to keep it safe for the future.


It’s also known as open site explorer. This DA checker is the best and most powerful DA checker available to check the domain authority.  As we know, that domain authority term was first invented and used by Moz itself. It is its official DA checker by its name. Moz gave this DA checker this name. So it’s clear that the company has the best concept about how the website’s domain authority is measured. 

Many other DA checkers are available and educate people about domain authority measurement. But Moz Link Explorer is the best DA checker so far. Which keenly observes every page and content of the website. And paints a comprehensive picture of the domain authority of any website.

This DA checker keenly and deeply measures the domain authority of the website. This is the particularly best property that makes it a top DA checker among other DA checkers available. Link Explorer measures the domain authority of a website. So efficiently. It also deeply tracks the links and content of a website that is designed and used.

For user trafficking and how these links. And content is helping the website to increase organic traffic. And engage more users?

This is undoubtedly the best feature of this DA checker which measures the domain authority of a particular website. And can open roads for the development of many small and big businesses.

This Can be Helpful For any Business to Get High-Ranked Websites.

Small business runners can spread awareness and publicity campaigns about their products.

This DA checker allows SEO experts to adopt more useful tactics and tricks. To improve the domain authority of their website to improve website ranking.

For improving the domain authority of any website SEO experts must need to keep an eye on whatever links they are sharing.

And whatever they have shared on their website. And they should develop links to engage more users.

This DA checker helps to check the current and old lost links with the help of which users can get back to your website again.

This is undoubtedly the best feature of Link Explorer proves it top best DA checker.

This ability of link explorer to even keep an eye over the old. And current links are one of the best features of this DA checker.

And it helps SEO experts with link building for the high domain authority of their website.

From Link Explorer, DA checker SEO experts can get results of domain authority of their website in the form of a status code.

With the help of this domain, authority measurement SEO experts can find old. Or lost links to use them again for improving the domain authority of their website.

For using Moz explorer?

To use link explorer an account is needed also it’s a paid DA checker tool not available for free.

should SEO experts use this?

As it’s a paid DA checker tool it gets a little costly to use. Another drawback is that only ten link queries can be checked with this DA checker within a month. Other than this Moz Explorer is the best choice among DA checkers available so far.


But it does not perform badly. It’s also named a Trust flow or citation flow or link quality DA checker which is mainly concerned with checking links of websites.

Here the name trust flow is referred to as the deep checking of links. A website process according to which this DA checker scores a domain authority of a website out of 100.

The more valid and efficient a website’s link is more trust flow score would be given to that website by this DA checker.

This DA checkers measure the domain authority of any website much better. As compared to so many other DA checkers available.

The trust flow rate is based on the area or specific content a website is focusing on.

If a website has a focus on selling animal feed or pet feed. Then the trust flow score would be higher if the website focused on that particular area more.

Also, the trust flow score would be ranked higher. If a website tends to cover many focus areas.

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