What is JSON Schema Markup: Types of Schemas

In the field of search engine optimization, schema markup is one of the most important developments. You can improve your website’s rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) as well as tell the search engine. And how to display the content at SERPs once you become familiar with the concept and method of schema markup. You can write the schema markup using the JSON language. Once you are done creating the schema markup. The details and information can be confirmed with Online JSON Viewer. 

Online JSON Viewer can help you get all the details and information to confirm. If the details you have entered are correct or not? The user must confirm the schema details before inserting the JSON code into the web page.

If you’re interested and want to learn about this language, read this article thoroughly. In this article, we will tell you what exactly JSON schema markup language is and how it helps in SEO.

What is JSON Schema Markup: Types of Schemas
What is JSON Schema Markup: Types of Schemas

What is Schema Markup?

The use of schema markup (or structured data) is an on-page SEO technique similar to the use of keywords. The schema markup is a piece of code (JSON-LD) that is added to the backend of a webpage in the head section of the meta tags. It is a code that communicates directly with search engines and is not visible to your readers. It is similar to meta-data, but it is more powerful.

Structure Data helps a lot to understand the intent of the webpage. Whether it is an article, organization, service, or product. The schema markup in JSON language shares the information with the search engine. When inspecting the code, the Schema markup can be seen. The user can use Online JSON Viewer to learn what information is contained in the schema markup code.

In simple words, the user can have search results of SaaS tools by searching at the query “Plagiarism Checker”. While if the user searches the query “Best Plagiarism Checker”. There will be blogs in the search results explaining which SaaS tool is better. 

This explains how search intent matters. And how schema markup helps the content on the webpage.

There are different types of schema markup for different types of web pages. Some of these are explained in the following.

Types of Schema

There are different types of schema. Each of which has its element to show different search results.

Article Schema

Article Schema helps search engines to learn what the article is about. The information like headings, description, author, and organization. The publisher is mentioned in the article schema.

The main thing is that it helps the content to get ranking in “people also ask” results which are also called FAQs results. Other than that, with a perfect article schema. There is a high probability of getting a ranking in feature snippets or knowledge panel search results.

Product Schema

Product schema explains to the search engine that the webpage is about a product. The description, images, and content mentioned on the webpage are all about the product.

In the product schema, the complete details are shared. Which include a product image, product name, description title, size, weight, sellers, and brands. As well as an aggregate rating which is also called reviews in simple terms.

It helps to get ranking at the query of “category of product” or “name of the model of the product”. In this way, it is easy to find potential buyers and increase the sales of the product.

Organization Schema

Organization Schema lets search engines understand that the content is about an organization. The schema adds information in JSON language. In which the details like logo, name, description, services or products, the field of organization, and area.

More than that, the owner and the details of the owner, like number, name, and contact details, can be added to it. So, the organization can get a ranking on the brand name as well as the owner’s name.

It is the type of search engine results that show businesses with a website and a map. Organization schemas help the business get ranked in local packs.

Website Schema

Website Schema explains the website and what type of content is written in it. It explains what type of website it is. whether it is an e-commerce site, business site, blogging site, or just a portfolio. 

Other than that, the websites like forums, and social media. Just an admin panel is also explained by this simple JSON code, which can be seen clearly in Online JSON Viewer.


The Schema in the JSON language plays a great role in explaining what the content is about to the search engine. It is important to check the schema JSON code using Online JSON Viewer. So, the details added to it can be confirmed. Otherwise, the search could get the wrong intent and rank you on the wrong keywords. Which won’t be so beneficial.