23+ RSS Feed Submission Sites

RSS Feed submission sites List to submit your contents and generate higher amounts of traffic and backlinks. Technological advancements in content delivery allowed to share content through an RSS feed.

Content online is constantly changing, and cannot be ignored this factor. The latest updates of relevant feeds will be visible to the readers of the topics.

As more people are submitted news and information through it. They saw a massive spike in traffic and growth. This is because many people started posting links blogs and other information. Social media sites provides a one-way connection between users and content.

This one way connection has made possible to data transfer faster. Submissions on it provide link building opportunities for users. since they have been directed users to pages with updated content. This is why this have become very popular to take advantages of internet marketing.

RSS Submission Websites
RSS Submission Websites

How do I submit an RSS feed?

To submit an RSS feed, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Valid RSS Feed: First, ensure that you have a valid RSS feed for your website or content. The RSS feed should comply with RSS specifications (e.g., RSS 2.0 or Atom). And should include the latest updates from your site. Such as blog posts, news articles, or podcasts.
  2. Host the RSS Feed: Make sure your RSS feed is hosted on your website or a reliable server. The feed should be accessible to the public and regularly updated to reflect the latest content changes on your site.
  3. Locate Feed Submission Services: There are several RSS feed directories and aggregators on the internet. You can submit your feed. Examples include Feedburner, Feedly, and Digg Reader. Additionally, some search engines and platforms accept RSS feeds for content indexing and syndication.
  4. Register and Submit: Sign up for an account or create a profile on the chosen feed submission service. Follow the provided instructions to submit your RSS feed URL. Usually, you’ll need to enter the URL of your RSS feed and provide some more information about your website or content.
  5. Verify and Monitor: After submission, you might need to verify ownership of your feed. Or website through verification methods provided by the service. Once verified, your RSS feed should start appearing in the directory or aggregator. And your latest content updates will be accessible to a broader audience.

Benefits of RSS Feed Submission

A user browsing through a major search engine will not come across RSS feeds listed on websites about the topic. RSS feed submission sites are excellent at giving the reader. Or users the option of subscribing to RSS feed directory submission directly from the website. The benefits of using free rss submission sites are many.

Readers can submit content and build backlinks from the feed to their blogs or websites. This process leads to improve websites ranking in Google and other alternative search engines.

Submitting the feed to a high PR backlink directory is also an option on most free submission sites. Backlinks from PR sites carry much more weight in the SERPs than regular backlinks. A PR backlink is exponentially more valuable due to its high level of authority and relevance.

The main benefit of RSS feeds, mainly when used with simple syndication. And the amount of traffic brought about to the relevant site. Feeds provide high quality backlinks that improve Off-page SEO.

When users browse through a relevant topics feed, they will likely find a variety of links. This results from relevant content being displayed and linked through blogs, articles, forums, etc.

If you have a high page rank, you can get free feeds from the leading websites and blogs. You can also submit your content online to attract readers. And promote your website or blog for SEO.

RSS Feed Submission Sites

The readers are available to the latest and most relevant online content. There are many options available to bloggers and website owners to make their posts. And blogs more visible to the feed readers.

RSS Feed submission sitesPage AuthorityDomain Authority
rss feed submission sites


You can optimize your website content to get a high page rank. You will need to submit articles, blog posts, and other website content. The RSS Feed submission sites list will be a great source of backlinks and increase organic traffic to your website.

When you optimize your website content, you can generate higher amounts of traffic. And more readers will visit your blog, an excellent way to drive traffic.

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