Directory Submission Sites (120+ websites)

Directory submission sites provide best technique to generate backlinks for off-page SEO (search engine optimizations), And it is classified according to different categories and subcategories. For effective directory submission, you have to submit your website to the most specific subcategory available.

Directory submission helps to rank highly your directory in search engines. You can use your long-tail keyword phrases in directory submission. So, creating a keyword-rich title for promoting your website. Using the “directory submission” sites list.

Directory Submission Sites
Directory Submission Sites

Advantage of directory submission

Most of the time title acts as the anchor text which will be used to link to your website. So select it’s smartly for SEO benefits. And each directory has its own criteria about the title. So There are many directories that allow titles With keywords to spell out the website. But few directories do not allow the usage of keywords in the title and just allow for the company or website name. In such cases, you should only use the official title of your website without any keywords.

Search engines are only searching for links that are relevant to your niche and consider each relevant link as a vote cast in favor of the site means that search engine rankings and link popularity emphasizes relevancy. If hyperlinks coming from and going to relevant sites to your market free Web Content, its value will be much greater than a link from an unrelated website.

Tips for Directory submission sites:

  1. The title ought to be relevant to the goal of the website.
  2. Check the spans of the title. (Generally, it is one of 20 to 50 characters is good).
  3. The title ought to be meaningful rather than just contain a list of keywords.
  4. Attempt to submit a special name for each directory and names can be both short and informative.
  5. The name field should contain only the organization’s name and don’t contain URL in the name field.
  6. Use short but titles should not contain descriptive information about the website. Descriptive information goes into the description of this submission.
  7. Avoid writing a title that does not have any connection to the content on the site.
  8. Avoid writing default or unworthy names such as “New Page” or “Untitled”.
  9. Avoid using any type of promotional language from the submission title.
  10. Avoid having a single title across all directories.
  11. Avoid any type of promotional language.
  12. Avoid capitalize the first letter of every word and also don’t use all caps in your description or title.
  13. Avoid writing a name with only a list of keywords. Stuffing unnecessary search phrases in your directory submission title isn’t very good practice. This can be keyword spam and chances of rejection of your entry.

List of websites for directory submission.

Deep Links DirectoryPADASS
Free High DA DirectoryDAPASS
Instant Approval Directory ListDAPASS
Paid DirectoryPADASS

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