Affiliate Marketing Sites List {Updated}

Affiliate Marketing Sites List is the best for all those who want to do affiliate marketing. It gives you all the necessary information on websites for affiliate marketing. You have to know that this type of affiliate marketing requires constant growth and promotion. Promotion is done through the affiliate links. And to get all the latest information in no time.

You can join a program where you will have to enroll with affiliate marketing websites. You may also start blogging on WordPress with good SEO content to have a continuous flow of affiliate links through search engine optimization.

There is the first online bet in this program, and you are entitled to earn income for every chance you make. But there is a limitation in earning income daily. And wait for the best partners to manage to generate your daily income access.

Affiliate marketing sites
Affiliate marketing sites

Their range includes pay-per-click advertising. They also have cookies and provide banners and text links. They also have a range of different affiliate networks. And they are very good at selecting the right product to promote.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing. And an affiliate earns a commission by promoting a merchant’s products. To start affiliate marketing, follow these steps:

  • Choose a niche: Select a topic that you are passionate about and have a good understanding of. This will make it easier for you to promote products related to that niche.
  • Find affiliate programs: Research different merchants that offer affiliate programs in your chosen niche. You can start by searching for affiliate networks. Such as Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, and ClickBank.
  • Create content: To promote products effectively, you need to write SEO-friendly content. This could be in the form of blog posts, videos, social media posts, and more. Make sure to include your affiliate links in your content.
  • Build your audience: To be successful in affiliate marketing. You need to have a target audience. You can start building your audience by creating content that appeals to them. And by actively promoting it on social media sites.
  • Track your results: Keep track of your sales and earnings and analyze your results. This will help you to see which products are selling well and which content is performing best. Based on this information, you can make adjustments to your strategy to improve your results.

By following these steps. You can start earning a passive income through affiliate marketing. But, success in affiliate marketing requires persistence, hard work, and patience. You need to create quality content and build your audience. And track your results to see the best results.

Purpose to Choose the Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketing

For daily income, you can visit which website is best for affiliate marketing. Here you have to visit the sites that offer daily payouts to their best partners. And have to find the best partner in the particular niche for blogging. By registering, you have become part of the affiliate revenue sites list. And can generate daily income through affiliate links.

You have to choose the best affiliate marketing programs for income by making a good website. First, choose a domain name and create a website or blog. Then, go through the step by step instructions provided by the affiliate program.

You have to go through registration to ensure affiliate marketing. For e-commerce platforms, it is important to register the domain name of the website. Affiliate marketing programs do provide management tools.

You may encounter some problems while promoting affiliate links through an affiliate program. For example, some affiliate programs must create an account to upload the files. And some need you to sign up for the subscription.

So you need to read the instructions carefully before creating an account. Otherwise, that does not allow you to affiliate programs directly but indirectly.

Affiliate Marketing Sites List

S.NOAffiliate Marketing WebsitesCommissionCookie life
1HubSpot15% recurring or 100% of the first month’s revenue90 days
2Elementor50% per sale45 days
3Moosend30% Lifetime Recurring90 days
4AWeber30% recurringOne year
5Sendinblue€5 when a referred user creates a free account + €100 if that user buys a subscription90 days
6ConvertKit30% recurring30 days
7GetResponse$100 for every sale referred, or 33% of recurring subscriptions120 days
8Fiverr$15-50 for Fiverr CPA, $10 CPA + 10% RevShare for Fiverr Hybrid, or 30% of every Fiverr Learn course order30 days
9Pabbly30% recurring30 days
10Unbounce20% of recurring revenue for every customer you refer90 days
11Constant Contact$5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial, and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account120 days
12Systeme.io40% recurring180 Days
13Typeform20% recurringUnknown
14Outgrow Affiliate Program20% upfront and 20% recurring30 days
15Thinkific30% recurring90 days
16Kajabi30% recurring30 days
17Teachable30% recurring, with the ability to earn up to 50% commission through monthly bonuses90 days
18iSpring10% per sale90 days
19Shopify200% commission after a referral has been an active subscriber for 2 months30 days
20LeadpagesUp to 50% commission30 days
21Wix$100 per Premium sale30 days
22Avangate Afiliate NetworkUpto 75%Between 30 to 180 days.
23 WP Engine$200+ per signup180 days
24KinstaUp to $500 per referral + 10% recurring60 days
25 Bluehost$65 per sale45 days
26Hostgator$65 to $125 per signup60 days
27GreenGeeks $50 for one sale; up to $100 for six sales30 days
28AwinGenerally, around 5% and depends on the merchant.Depends on the merchant.
Affiliate Marketing Sites


A top-quality network will allow you to sign up with affiliates. Who has proven track records for performance? This will not only ensure that your campaign targets are met. But will also help with affiliate marketing tips for beginners in building a positive reputation for your website.

Also, using a trusted platform can greatly enhance your affiliate marketing activities. And you will enjoy a smooth and hassle-free operation of your website. This is because the leading and most trusted platforms provide good services.

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