Grow Your Online WooCommerce Store with an Affiliate Program?

Right from the beginning of launching your WooCommerce Store till the time you hit the sales target. You will have to indulge in many marketing strategies. Amidst the fierce competition in the market and the rising demands of the customers. You will have to include a few marketing tactics for the WooCommerce store. With an affiliate program to get ahead of the curve.

Now those of you who are new to the term affiliate marketing must know. It is one of the ways of amplifying the brand reach by providing the right to distribute the products and services. And this will help affiliate marketers to reach a wider audience range. And this is one of the best marketing tactics to grow your online audience.

The business should have the right tool to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign. An affiliate plugin would be the only way to grow your online store with immediate effect.

This article will give you a glimpse of all the top WooCommerce affiliate plugins. You can choose for your online store.

How to Grow Your Online WooCommerce Store with an Affiliate Program?
How to Grow Your Online WooCommerce Store with an Affiliate Program?

Why Your WooCommerce Store Requires an Affiliate Program

Getting regular traffic and sales is the first motif for any online eCommerce store. But to ensure regularity in the traffic. And sale requires the business owner to implement various marketing techniques. Out of all the methods, affiliate marketing is the prime one. It is one of the quick and easy ways to attract customers to visit your store and indulge in your products.

An affiliate marketing program involves affiliate partners who would implement marketing strategies. And promote the store after the owner signs up for the program. If you choose a lucrative commission plan. The affiliate partners will help you to increase your sales.

With the help of such affiliate programs, one can also build a loyal customer base. Not only can it convert your loyal customers into affiliate partners. But you can also provide them commissions and store credit for every sale they make from your online E-Commerce Store.

How can you choose the right affiliate plugin for your online store? 

Now it is clear that the affiliate program benefits your own life E-Commerce Store. However, you must be cautious before you choose any WooCommerce affiliate plugin. Here are some features you must look for before selecting any affiliate plugin.

Easy to use

The affiliate plugin that you choose must offer an easy-to-use dashboard. The user must take a little time to get used to its features.

Managing, organizing, and saving affiliate links is one of the features that you must choose in your plugin.

Track Partner’s performance

The affiliate plugin must be able to track the best-performance affiliate partner. It can help you to offer better payouts and earn better profits.

Integrate a standard payment gateway

The affiliate plugin must be able to work sincerely with every standard payment option. including Stripe and Paypal.

Your WooCommerce affiliate plugin should be able to generate affiliate links even for your partners.

Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins for Your Online Store

Now it is time to check out some of the top WooCommerce affiliate plugins. You can choose to implement your affiliate marketing strategies.

#1. Solid Affiliate – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

This login is the only solution that can provide all the required features to your E-Commerce Store. You won’t need an extra add-on after using this plugin. Some of the features of this plugin include refund protection. And effortless integration with popular services, including PayPal, MailChimp, and more.

#2. ReferralCandy

As you might have heard, ReferralCandy is one of the top WooCommerce affiliate plugins. And that will help to turn customers into affiliate partners. This request affiliate tool helps to automate the reference program. By paying out the customers in an automated manner. It frees up a lot of time for the user.

It is one of the seamless affiliate plugins for E-Commerce online websites that support live chat. And customizes the reward option for all the referral partners.

#3. Affiliates for WooCommerce

The expert team of Store apps has built this popular affiliate for WooCommerce. This plugin provides complete control of the affiliate program. Where they use it and perform various functions, including releasing the payouts. And approving affiliate partner requests, customers into affiliate partners, and more. It also provides real-time sales reporting while setting up unlimited affiliate partners.

This particular plugin with an intuitive dashboard provides all the valuable information. And user needs but in the most simplified manner.

#4. Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO

This is a paid plugin that helps you create dynamic pricing. And discounts in your WooCommerce online store. You can also give out bulk deals, special offers, and cart discounts. And user role-based discounts.

This plugin is simple and easy to understand. Which is one of the most significant advantages of using this particular plugin. You may find several discount plugins for WooCommerce. But the discount scenarios may differ from one store to another. Hence at a certain point. You would have to take up professional help to achieve your discount strategy.

If this plugin seems to be working for your online WooCommerce store. You will first need to buy it with a cost starting from $69/per year to $169/per year. You can reduce the regular price of the plugin by a flat 10% by redeeming this flycart coupon code.

#5. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

It is one of the affiliate plugins developed by the AA team. You can get more than 20000 downloads and 4-star ratings. Making it an effective solution for all your affiliate marketing needs.

This plugin allows users to sell their Amazon products in their stores. As they sell the product, they can earn an affiliate commission on each sale.

The Amazon affiliates come with the Amazon associate report module. That helps track the conversions, shipped items, clicks, and revenue the user generates. You can also benefit from the onsite cart feature, product stats, and 90-day cookie feature.


If you want to stay in your E-Commerce business. Remember that affiliate marketing can be one of the practical tools. It can help your business to go beyond the physical boundaries by letting third-party sellers sell your products. Especially in return for a commission. Moreover, a good affiliate plugin can ensure the affiliate marketing program runs smoothly. Here you may face the advantage of saving time. As you can manage your affiliate links, commissions, payouts, and more.

As a bonus tip, you can sign up for the Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO. You can create dynamic pricing and discounts in your online store easily.

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