Directory Submission Sites in India (2022 List)

Here are given list of directory submission sites in India for link building. To rank in search engines always need backlinks on relevant content to index.

And it have an option to choose a category, and you to enter title and description and your website links. And it will ask for the anchor text keywords and tags. That you want to use in the anchor text of your links. And always build backlinks on authority websites.

Directory submission sites in india
Directory submission sites in india
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Directory submission for your website will get backlinks for increasing website visitors. As a result, your page rank will increase in search engine results pages.

Many SEO experts say, directory submission can significant to improve websites ranking. And increase organic traffic and attract to your blog. Besides, if your submission has excellent content updated. And it will likely be rank in search engine results. And always keep in mind to avoid duplicate content.

Last but not least, check submission guidelines of the directory submission sites. Most of these are allowed users from all over the world to submit their site listed. Moreover, it allows unlimited submissions by a single user on the same domain. And follow the factors, you can quickly increase ranking with directory submission.

Tips before Directory submissions

The first step is to submit on reputed directories helps your website in ranking better. And then you will get better traffic than your competitors.

When you have found a suitable Indian web directory submission site. Always submit to those blog niches similar to your blog or website. For example, if you are a fashion retailer. Then choose a web directory submission site that deals with clothing related products.

While submitting on the web directories list, be sure to use appropriate anchor text for links. This is an essential factor of off-page SEO for search engine results. If your link has the wrong anchor text, then chances are more that search engines may ignore your website. Thus, make sure you make use of the proper keyword tags and other relevant keywords.

Please choose an appropriate category, and the option has its benefits. But before choosing these options, compare each of them. Then, omit ranking and benefits to choose the option that suits them the most.

Instant approval directory submission sites list mainly are provided with a free listing to websites. Nowadays, it’s trendy among bloggers because it works tremendously for Off-page SEO.

This process is repeated for the number of URLs submitted. After that, include key terms and keywords. It is related to a business’s products and services. So this is a very effective method of promoting the online presence of websites.

directory submission sites List

Here are provided directory submission websites for India list. According to Moz tool with High Domain Authority, Page Authority, and less Spam Score. So submit your website links with proper Title, Description and contents for backlinks. And boost your website traffic rank in search engine organic results.

Directory submission sites in indiaPage AuthorityDomain Authority
Directory submission sites in India


So select it smartly that are benefited for search engine optimization. And each directory has its criteria about the title. For example, so many directories allow titles With keywords to spell out the website.

But few directories do not allow the usage of keywords in the title and allow for the company or website name. So in such cases, you should only use the official title of your website without any keywords.

Search engines are only searching for links relevant to your Niche. And search engine considers each relevant link as a vote cast in favour of the site. Search engine rankings and link popularity emphasize relevancy.

If hyperlinks come from and go to relevant sites to your web Content. Then its value will be much greater than a link from an unrelated website.

After Directory submission, you can submit your website to create more backlinks. These websites lists are the best and reputable for off-page SEO. And that will help to achieve miles done for your search engine optimization in 2022.

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