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What is Directory Submission? It’s the process of submission, a URL on web directory submission sites to build relevant backlinks. It’s one of the quickest ways to develop backlinks. The major benefit is that it is free of cost and great returns in traffic and targeted organic search traffic.

Most of the directory submission sites in India have a search box where you can choose your category to submit. After submission, the directory submission form will be available, where you can type in the title and description of your website. The submission form will ask you for the anchor text keywords you want to use in the anchor text of your links.

One of the easiest methods to increase your search engine rankings is to submit your web pages to free directory submission sites. These sites effectively build backlinks to your website because the search engines are always looking for new websites with relevant content to index. It will also be easy to get backlinks from authority sites because the links come from a directory you have submitted to.

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Reasons to Submit Your Blog to Directory Submission Sites

Your goal should be to find ways to increase traffic to your website. One way to accomplish this is through directory submission, which is the best way to increase your website’s exposure.

When you submit your blog to a directory submission site list, your website will get backlinks, increasing the number of people who visit your website. The more building organic links to your blog, the more organic traffic to your site. Also, directory submission sites to help search engines locate your blog in their results. As a result, your page rank will increase in search engine results pages.

So, what are some of the best reasons to submit your blog to a directory submission site list? Some of the most popular reasons to submit your blog to a directory submission site list are listed below. Most of these will prove beneficial and will prove that directories are the perfect place to publish your blog. As many webmasters have found, listing websites in a directory can give you significant search engine rankings and increase the amount of traffic you attract to your blog. Besides, if your blog has excellent content updated often, it is likely to be featured in the search results.

Directory Submission – The Simple Way to Help Your Site to the Top of Search Results

If you want to increase your page ranking, then directory submission is just for you. You can submit your web site URL there, and it’s added into the directory within hours. This is by far the quickest way to develop good quality backlink. If you are wondering where to start, then the first step is to find a reliable directory website.

The next factor that you should look for when choosing a directory submission is to look at the link benefits they offer. A good directory submission website should provide link building services such as directory submission, article submission, blog posting, press release submission etc. You must check these benefits so that you do not waste your time with directory submission sites.

Last but not least, you should look at the submission guidelines of the directory submission website. Most of these directories allow users from all over the world to submit their site listed. The number of directories also differs, and some directories allow unlimited submissions by a single user, whereas others restrict the submissions of the same domain name only. This will help you to choose a directory submission website that will best suit your requirements. If you follow these factors, you can quickly increase your web site ranking with directory submission.

Tips before Directory submissions

Directory submission sites in India are very effective. It is the best platform to generate the maximum number of visitors to your website. The first step is to find directories that are relevant to your business. Submitting to reputed directories helps your website in ranking better and will provide better traffic than your competitors.

When you have found a suitable Indian web directory submission site, make sure you read its terms and conditions. Before you submit your website, make sure you understand all the guidelines stated in the terms and conditions.

Always submit directories to those related to your Niche. For example, if you are a fashion retailer, choose a web directory submission site that deals with clothing related products. This will help in improving your overall visibility.

While submitting to the Indian web directory, ensure that you have used appropriate anchor text for links. This is an essential factor as most visitors to these directories arrive at the site through search engine results. If your link has the wrong anchor text, then chances are more that search engines may ignore your website. Thus, make sure you make use of the proper keyword tags and other relevant keywords. Moreover, ensure that you use the main keywords of the category you have submitted to your website.

directory submission sites List

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Directory submission sites in India

Benefits of directory submissions

While submitting the website, it is essential to choose an appropriate category to increase your website’s ranking in the directory. Each of these options has its benefits, but before choosing these options, one has to compare each of them’s overall ranking and benefits to choose the option that suits them the most.

There are only two types of directory websites: free and premium. Free directory submission sites mainly provide a free listing to websites. Nowadays, various companies offer online marketing services for business sites, including building a robust online presence. It is trendy among online business owners because their services have made a tremendous difference to their online visibility level.

This process is repeated again and only differs in terms of link count or the number of URLs submitted. After this procedure is complete, the site gets registered with the best Indian directory submission site available. After that, the owner is requesting to include the key terms and keywords related to their business’s products and services on their site, which will improve the visibility even further. This is a very effective method of promoting the online presence of websites.


Most of the time title acts as the anchor text which will be used to link to your website. So select it’s smartly for SEO benefits. And each directory has its own criteria about the title. So There are many directories that allow titles With keywords to spell out the website. But few directories do not allow the usage of keywords in the title and just allow for the company or website name. In such cases, you should only use the official title of your website without any keywords.

Search engines are only searching for links that are relevant to your niche and consider each relevant link as a vote cast in favor of the site means that search engine rankings and link popularity emphasizes relevancy. If hyperlinks coming from and going to relevant sites to your market free Web Content, its value will be much greater than a link from an unrelated website. We have provided directory submission websites for India With High Domain Authority, Page Authority and with less Spam Score according to research from Moz tool. so submit your website links with proper Title, Description and contents for backlinks. And boost your website traffic ranking from search engine organic results.

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