Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval {June 2023}

What are the top article submission sites with instant approval? It’s almost overwhelming when you first start looking. The key to choosing the right one is knowing what keywords you should use to optimize your articles for search engines.

When you first submit articles to an article websites, you might not get approved very often. You see, some submission sites take a while to approve your article and then it’s back to the drawing board to try again.

If your submission doesn’t get approved right away, but eventually, it’ll be approved. Don’t worry, though, as more submissions will get approved every day, as long as your articles are original content to take benefits of content marketing.

Instant Article Approval Sites
Instant Article Approval Sites

Tips & Technique That Should Be Keep In Mind Before Submitting Articles

If article writing is your favorite hobby, then take advantage of it. Post your articles on article submission sites with instant approval that allow other people to read and republish them. This is considered as best and free of cost method for backlinks for off page seo, and increase organic traffic to your websites. And get quality backlinks for seo to index your website faster in Google.

The articles listed with the free article submission sites and directory are categorized accordingly and indexed by several search engines. These articles appear when a relative keyword is submitted to improve to improve websites ranking.

Write SEO-friendly content on one particular topic and excelling in the same will bring awareness to readers’ eyes. Thus, the information provided by you in these specific topics are regarded as trustworthy info, and you will be considered to be an expert in a particular field.

Once you submit your articles, the free article website automatically has the right to allow other content publishers to decide on the articles and publish them automatically. You must know content writing to submit articles on instant article approval websites.

Your articles must and should offer the resource box along with your details and links alongside the article.

Benefits of Article Submission

Search engine spiders like original SEO content. It’s easier to have your article approved this way than waiting weeks or even months for it to come back up in the rankings!

Now, I know you’re probably thinking: “Great! I’ll submit my article to these submission sites, then forget about it forever!” Not quite. Keep in mind that the higher a submission site is rated, the more traffic you will receive from people looking for information on the topic of your article. So make sure you’re using the highest rated submission sites.

Some of the high PR article submission sites also offer to submit category and Tags to help you get your articles ranked better. There are many different free article submission can use for free. One program enables you to analyze your article’s title and keywords; another helps you monitor and track your article’s progress.

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

S.NOinstant approval article submission sitesPADAApproval Time
2 Hours
4 – 48 Hours
8 Hours
11 – 48 Hours

List of Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval

Article submission sites with instant approvalPage AuthorityDomain Authority
instant approval article submission sites

Final Thought

If you were trying to write an article on how to grow a tomato plant, you want to use specific keywords to help search engine bots find your article. Most of the article directory specify the keywords to help get your article included in their directories.

In addition, if the article submission site has your niche in mind, they may suggest sub-categories that are similar to your topic so that the search engine spiders can find you quickly. Most article submission sites work very good with common niche for blogging.

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