Best WordPress Calculator Plugins in 2024

Looking for the perfect WordPress calculator plugins? This post compares the top options side by side. See which plugins offer the best calculators and easiest setup process for your needs and budget.

WordPress is the simplest tool to create your website or blog. The fact is that 43.3% of websites are powered by WordPress on the internet. More than one in four websites you visit is created by using WordPress. 

  • WordPress is an open source content management system that may be used. Or changed for free by WordPress software. 
  • WordPress is a content management system application. And that makes critical components of your website. Such as content, simple to administer. You can change things on the website without needing to know the programming. 
  • It is an effective tool for making a website accessible to anyone even for people who are not developers. 
WordPress Calculator Plugins

What is the purpose of WordPress plugins?

In the context of WordPress, a plugin is software that is added to fulfill the special features. Or functionality of your WordPress website or blog. You can understand it by adding the capabilities of the website. It is a catalyst for your website without working on the core capability.

The various purposes of WordPress plugins are:

  1. Extended Functionality
  2. Customization
  3. Ease of Use.
  4. Community Development
  5. Regular Updates:
  6. Plugin Repository
  7. Compatibility
  8. Performance Considerations

Education website WordPress plugins:

The world’s most famous education websites in subjects. Like statistics and business use WordPress plugins:


How do education websites use the WordPress plugin? 

Education websites like and Omni are prime examples of WordPress login. It enhances the capability of the user experience by the following dimension.

Custom Calculator Plugins.

  1. SEO Plugins
  2. Performance Optimization
  3. Contact Forms
  4. Analytics Integration
  5. Backup and Security
  6. Customization and Theming
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Localization
  9. Monetization and Advertising
  10. Customized user experience 

Various uses of the WordPress:

In previous years WordPress was used to create blogs only. More plugins and themes have been added in WordPress to make an interactive website and CMS. You can create several business sites and blogs with WordPress. Not only the website it can now be used for creating an ecommerce store as well. With WordPress, you can create 

Cost Calculator

It is a WordPress plugin powerful and intuitive. And allows you to create and customize quotes, price estimation, and booking. And service order forms for your website. This plugin provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization. You can create forms according to business types. Like finance, real estate, construction, design, medicine small business, and much more. 

This plugin has Canva support with drag and drop options. You can find and put elements in your form. Like dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, and so on. 

This plugin provides a responsive design. A real time calculation with 100+ customizable templates. They accept payments via PayPal, stripe, and WooCommerce. 

The plugin features a responsive design, real-time calculation, and 100+ customizable templates. And the ability to accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, or WooCommerce. The cost calculator is compatible with multiple languages. A cost calculator is a perfect tool to streamline your process by creating estimates. And quotes for your business. 

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a well-known and famous WordPress calculator plugins. This plugin is used by 300,000 active users. You can create any kind of calculator with Formidable Forms. It has more advanced functionalities with dozens of pre-built calculator templates. 

These tools can be used to create any kind of calculator you have in your mind. This plugin has a visual styler which allows you to design a calculator template suitable to your website. If you are running your restore formidable forms can create a calculator for pricing. And discounts which help you in running your store. Everything looks easier and more professional. 

Calculated Fields Form

Calculator field form is also a well known WordPress plugin. It also features a calculator which enables users to create a calculator of any type. It includes loans, quotations, installments, calculators, etc.

This plugin comes with a variety of predefined templates. That will save you from having to start your business from scratch. It also has a logic builder, which allows you to create new fields for assigning values. And implementing mathematical actions. It also provides integration with PayPal in case you run an online business. This plugin provides features such as text fields, slider controls, and radio buttons. 

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator

This WordPress plugin is versatile as it contains more features and functionalities. With these plugins, various types of calculators. Such as general calculators, calorie calculators, etc can be formed. You do not require coding skills to build your form in a calculator as it has a friendly user interface. 

For example, an online store, and insurance. Hotels need an estimation form which can be created using this plugin. 

ez Form Calculator

The greatest option for a form calculator is ez Form Calculator. It features an advanced cost estimator as well as many tools for constructing mortgage calculators, cost calculators, estimating forms, pricing request forms, and other similar applications. 

You may also make your form more user-friendly by including components. Like dropdown menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

You can also create leads by including contact forms. You can quickly make payments with this plugin because it is linked with PayPal and Stripe. The main disadvantage of this plugin is that it is available as a premium option but the money paid is worth it. 


There are some hints to consider while taking calculator plugins in WordPress. A good calculator must have a huge library of calculator templates. When ready-made templates are available why need to make everything from scratch? Some WordPress calculators provide only a limited type of calculator.

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