5 SEO Tips for Real Estate

To reduce the dependency on portals and to reduce the marketing spend on Facebook and Google. Real estate agents have to start implementing SEO tips for real estate in their firms. SEO is not a get rich quick game but it’s a very long shot. You have to wait to reap the benefits but if you choose the best SEO keywords in your locality then the benefits are so rewarding.

Real estate is no exception for the people in India and other countries who are dependent on real estate portals. You can publish one free property ads on the portals. You end up paying more for more leads and visibility. Realtors’ sales activity is completely dependent on those portals. You have to create listings and wait for the leads. Due to this demand real estate portals also increased the cost of advertising. The cost of paid campaigns in Google also shot up in recent days.

An average commission for a real estate agent in India is one month’s rent for rental properties and 2-3% on sales. A midsize realtor can close at least 3 or 4 sale deals in a month which brings a revenue of at least 5 lacs per month.

Though revenue is 5 lacs they are spending huge on portals and paid campaigns to generate leads. The fear of missing out pushes them to have a presence in all the real estate portals out there. To cut down these costs and to generate leads organically realtors should start working on search engine optimization.

SEO Tips for Real Estate
SEO Tips for Real Estate

Here are the 5 helpful SEO tips for real estate.

Build Your Own Site

If you want to sell at least 5 to 10 units per month, you should have a website to showcase your project. The problem with both builders and realtors is they build a website, but they don’t manage it. And to be in the game you should update and track the performance of the site regularly. Hire professional web developers with SEO knowledge to build your website. And focus on any one category that sells the most in your locality.

Real estate has many subcategories. For example, Gated community flats, Villa plots, commercial properties, rental properties, and leasing. Pick any one subcategory and build your website accordingly. Try to build traffic for that one category and don’t focus on everything. Remember, SEO is long term and tough. If you are focused you can win quickly it will be very difficult to crack the ranking. Find the best SEO keywords for real estate agents and stick to them.

Search engine like Google prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly and faster to load. While building makes sure your site is mobile optimized and load faster. Which will ultimately improve the user experience and reliability.

Create Real Estate Content

SEO means it’s not only to improve website ranking in search engines. But to improve the experience of the user visiting your site. Content is still working for many. Create quality and shareable content targeting the SEO keywords. Hire a professional content writer or write SEO-friendly content.

Establish a separate section for blogs on your site. And publish useful real estate content regularly on the site focusing on long-tail real estate keywords. Optimizing your blog for SEO can bring you Tonnes of organic traffic for free.

High-quality content may earn you a featured snippet on SERPs. Which will ultimately increase your credibility and traffic. This is the cost-effective way to build organic traffic. And increase your ROI, unlike costly traditional advertising methods.

Use Local SEO

This is super important, optimize your website for local SEO by linking your Google location. And enabling your business in Google Business as well. This will help potential buyers to find you easily. Besides Google, you can submit your location on other classified sites with proper contact information.

Uniform and complete communication details across all the classifieds are very important. Local listing in SEO helps you build the trust factor. 

Elevate Social Media

Build your position and increase followers on all four major social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Create a content calendar that works well for you and automate the post daily. The content can be images, text, or short videos that create and increase your engagement.

You can generate organic traffic by creating Reels on Instagram. If you are selling anything to human beings you should not miss out the Instagram in 2023. Create a high-quality video of your properties and upload it on install with jingles. The content will catch eyeballs with relevant hashtags.

Don’t be like other realtors, create unique SEO content. You can make content about the locality you are operating, engaging quizzes. Do you know sessions and many more? Be different.

Create FAQs

Create a separate FAQ section on your site or add a FAQ widget at the end of the blog post. Find the most commonly asked question on the internet in your locality. And try to find the right and brief answers. 

Google displays FAQs as rich results in SERPs, and you can do the FAQ session as a video and upload it on shorts and reels.

To boost your organic growth, you have to spend time and money. But SEO tips for real estate are essential for sustainability in real estate. Be focused on the 25 to 50 long-tail keywords relevant to your locality and category. you will attract more real estate customers.

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