Top 6 WordPress Search Plugins

Think like a visitor. If you visit any website and are looking for a particular topic or product, what will you do? Confidently, you will take the help of the search bar. It is available on the website and blog. Imagine if they have no search bar, then switch to another website or take time to go through … Read more

Top 5 Elementor Alternatives for Web Designers

Every website developer knows about Elementor. It is one of the most used and reliable page builders in the history of However, things have changed dramatically in recent years. The market is loaded with several page builders (as an option). If you do not like Elementor (either its free or paid version). Then you … Read more

Best WordPress Poll Plugins to Try

What Could Be Better Than Knowing Your Customer View or Interest? Having a poll or survey on your website makes it customer friendly. After all, if you ask something and provide a voting option through WordPress Poll Plugins to customers on your WordPress-based website. Then things are easy for you because you may know a … Read more

What is Slug? (URL in WordPress)

Have you checked all the points related to SEO? And don’t forget to correct slugs; it can hurt your SEO. Let it be understood by an example. If you have an e-commerce store and you are selling Nike shoes online. In that case, if you make a URL that is not similar to a product. … Read more

What is WordPress Plugins? | Things You Didn’t Know

We are pretty sure that you guys are using mobile phones. There are plenty of apps on the store, and everyone uses them freely. Some of them make our work easy and effective, and some are fun. The same is true for WordPress-powered websites to start blogging on WordPress. Plugins have changed the complete perspective … Read more