WordPress BackUp Plugins: 10 Best Options

Have you ever wondered why you need to take a backup of your website? Consider you have a high-value website with good earnings, and suddenly, things go wrong with your domain name, what can you do now? If you don’t have a recent backup of it, perhaps nothing, excluding regretting yourself. Now you can understand … Read more

7 Interesting WordPress Cache Plugins to Check Out

Everyone wants their website to load quickly because it improves search engine ranking and means more business will come from it. When we add content, images, videos, forms, products, etc., page speed decreases, and it indeed takes time to load. One concern with WordPress websites is that the platform does not offer any core versions … Read more

5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Bring More Conversions

When we see a pop-up on a website, our first reaction is “oh no, that should not be”. Although many of us do not like pop-up plugins, these WordPress Popup Plugin are indeed helpful to grow business online. It is a beneficial method to get more subscribers and increase your sales. Popup plugins are a … Read more

WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugins {Updated}

Having a responsive website means the page will load quickly, more customers will come to your domain name, and the probability of conversion is high. But it will not happen on its own. So, either you will do it or hire someone to make it for you. Otherwise, if you are using WordPress technology for … Read more