Why Paraphraseonline.io is a Better Alternative of Quillbot?

Online paraphrasing tools such as Paraphrase Online and Quillbot are important tools of the trade for writers. They allow them to do time-intensive editing tasks in a shorter amount of time. Here we will discuss Paraphraseonline.io as a better alternative of QuillBot.

However, there are too many paraphrasing tools available online. Not all of them are the same, some tools like the ones we mentioned earlier are really good, while others are bad.

Navigating this quagmire of tools can be difficult, so to make it easier for you. We at SeoLinkWorld have compared two great tools. The results of the comparison will make it much easier for you to decide which tool to use in your writing endeavors.

Why Paraphraseonline.io is a Better Alternative of Quillbot?
Why Paraphraseonline.io is a Better Alternative of Quillbot?

How Will the Comparison Happen?

We will start by discussing Paraphrase online and how it is helpful for writers. Then we will do the same with QuillBot and at the end we will draw a comparison. And why Paraphraseonline.io is a better alternative of Quillbot?

In the discussion of each tool, we will check out their paraphrasing modes and test them with the following text:

“JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars have carved an unforgettable niche in the automotive world. Captivating enthusiasts with their sleek designs and unparalleled performance. These iconic vehicles embody the essence of Japanese engineering and craftsmanship, combining precision, and innovation. And a relentless pursuit of driving excellence. From the legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R, with its awe-inspiring power and agility, to the nimble. Spirited Honda Civic Type R, and JDM cars exemplify a harmonious marriage of style and substance. 

Their distinctive aesthetics, and advanced technology. And exhilarating driving dynamics have garnered a devoted global following. JDM cars continue to be revered for their unique blend of reliability, and speed. And the pure joy they bring to those fortunate enough to experience their thrill on the road.”

Paraphrase online

Let’s begin with the features of Paraphraseonline.io that directly help with paraphrasing. This is a free paraphrase tool that has no paid features. So, all its features are available for free.

Paraphrase online has four modes of rephrasing. Each mode is powered by artificial intelligence. And provides a different output than the other modes. Let’s check each mode and see what uses writers can get out of them.

Word Changer

With a self-explanatory name, this tool does exactly what you would expect it to do. It can peruse the entire provided text and replace some words with their synonyms. 

Sometimes it replaces words with synonymous phrases. So, the length of the final output is somewhat different from the input.

In the image below, you can see that the output of the given text is changed a little bit. The changed words are bold. As you can see not too many words have been changed.

Paraphrase online

So, how can this paraphraser help writers? Students and content writers can use this Word Changer mode to reduce stuffing. Stuffing of words refers to using a word too many times in one write-up. This also extends to “keyword stuffing” which is a real problem in writing SEO-friendly content.

Another good feature here is that if the writer clicks on the bold word. A drop-down list of words opens up and the writer can choose a new synonym to use in place of the old word. This feature is present in all modes of Paraphraseonline.io.

Sentence Rephraser

This sentence rephraser mode expands upon the previous one and adds the capability to replace phrases as well. So, it can replace words with other words and phrases. And it can do the same with original phrases.

You can see this functionality in action in the following image.

Paraphrase online

This mode serves a similar purpose to Word Changer as it helps reduce keyword stuffing. And it can improve sentences as well. Writers can make their content better by using this mode, but nothing too elaborate.

Paraphrase Text

This is a mode that can change the text to make it easier to read. It paraphrases the text by making changes to words, phrases, and even sentence structure. You can see it happening in the image below.

Paraphrase online

As such writers can use this mode when they want to ensure that their content is unique and easy to read. 

The changes to sentence structure set this mode apart from the previous two. And this is an advanced technique of paraphrasing.

Text Improver

This model is very similar to the previous one. It makes the same type of changes to the text i.e., replaces words and phrases with their synonyms. As well as changes the sentence structure.

However, the difference lies in the areas of the text they change. Thus, the output is qualitatively similar yet different. You can see the output of this mode below.

Paraphrase online

Writers can use this mode in conjunction with the Paraphrase Text mode. And get unique content that is highly readable as well.


QuillBot is a paid paraphrasing tool. Since we are comparing it to a free tool, we will stick to its free features as well.

It has two paraphrasing modes that are available for free. These modes are called “Standard” and “Fluency”. QuillBot has five other premium modes as well. So, let’s check out how Standard and Fluency can help out writers.


The Standard mode is the least powerful mode of QuillBot. However, that does not mean you should underestimate it. 

This mode focuses on reducing the repetition of words, and phrases. It also focuses on making the content unique.

If you check the output of this mode. You will see that very little of the original passage is retained. And most of the content has been paraphrased. Here is the output.


If you look at the bottom right, there is a small “legend” that shows what the color coding in the output means. 

  • Orange words are the new additions made by the tool. They represent the changed words.
  • Yellow underlines signify structural changes in the text.
  • Blue represents the longest unchanged words in the text.

A lack of blue means that the text has been changed a lot. A lot of orange and yellow also mean the same thing. So, in the given image of QuillBot, we can see that the text has been mostly changed and now looks very unique.

Writers can use this mode to reduce word stuffing. And making their content look unique. All they need to do is to input their content and let the paraphraser alter it. 

Fluency Mode

Fluency mode is also great for writers. It does all the things that Standard does but with one major addition; it also makes the text much easier to read. This is especially great for people who are in the business of content writing, and blogging. And writing books for children. 

The common thing between all three types of writing is that a major part of their audience is not super literate. Difficult writing only alienates these audiences and reduces the popularity of the content.

You can see that this mode indeed makes the content easier to read in the given image.


If a writer is not satisfied with some parts of the output. They can use the universal feature of editing any word from the output using a list of synonyms. 

This feature works the same way as it does in Paraphrase online. You click on a colored word and a drop-down list of synonyms opens up. The writer can use this list to make changes to the output and tailor it to their liking.

Why is Paraphraseonline.io a Better Alternative to QuillBot?

The two tools are quite evenly matched. Paraphrase Online has more paraphrasing modes than Quillbot. But Quillbot is more powerful even with just its two free modes. 

So, how can we say that Paraphrase Online is a better alternative to QuillBot? It’s due to the following reasons.

  • Paraphrase online is completely free.
  • Paraphrase online has a 2,500-word limit compared to QuillBot 125.
  • Paraphrase online supports English, Spanish, and Tagalog. Compared to QuillBot English and German only.
  • Paraphrase online does not have usage limits; it can be used as many times as you need.
  • Paraphrase online does not require registration, you just hop in, use it, and hop out.

These are the kinds of things that become the deal breaker/maker. If the capabilities of the two tools are similar. 

Since QuillBot and Paraphrase Online can similarly rephrase the content then naturally the better tool. This is the one that is easier to access and use which in this case is Paraphraseonline.io.


And that is the end of the comparison of Paraphrase Online and QuillBot. We pitted the free version of Quillbot.com against Paraphraseonline.io. and concluded that due to the better accessibility and ease of use. Paraphrase Online is the better alternative of Quillbot. 

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