SEO Interview Questions & Answers {2024 Updated}

One of the main objectives of SEO Interview Questions and answers is to understand how exactly you know about SEO. And what steps they take to improve website ranking in search engines. Once you have a good grasp of knowledge about search engine optimization. You will answer more effectively to the interviewer.

By answering questions directly about SEO, You will show that you know the basics of using them. And have a very sound understanding of how to make effective use of them.

Another important SEO Question you must answer accurately and confidently. As you probably know, meta descriptions, keywords, links, titles. And other elements of your site. Yet, many people make the mistake of describing these.

SEO Interview Questions
SEO Interview Questions

What are the Biggest Challenges for Hiring SEO Professionals? 

In most cases, when a company is searching for a digital marketing expert for an SEO position. They are looking for someone that’s been successful in online marketing. If they’re looking at hiring an SEO specialist for their business to index your website on Google. Then make sure they choose someone who’s accomplished everything they need to do to get there.

What is keyword Density?

When writing SEO content, there are many ways to achieve high keyword density. And knowing the ins and outs of all of them will help you become a more effective copywriter.

According to SEO Experts, 1-2% of targeted keywords should be used in the contents of web pages. And according to Alexa, keyword Density can be calculated as?

Number of times the target keyword appears / Number of words on a webpage = Keyword density (Source: Alexa)

Although this may seem like a simple answer. It is not as easy as it seems when trying to break it down into simple terms for a new hire. Let’s take the word “web pages” as an example, one of the most important elements of designing a website.

The word “web pages” contains two different parts. The first part is the actual words that make up the page, while the second is the title.

Another important aspect of the basics of SEO is the number of incoming links that are associated with each keyword. SEO experts say anchor text from backlinks is used to tell search engines about their niche. This means knowing the best way to link building to your site and keep them active.

What is the Role of HTML or XML Sitemap in SEO?

For Search Engine Optimization to promote the website. It is necessary to clearly understand how to use the HTML or XML sitemap. This makes it much easier to show a web page in search engines in HTML or XML. And keep it running smoothly by knowing exactly where everything goes. And what needs to be done to ensure that the page is well-organized.

What are Black Hat Techniques?

Good SEO experts always avoid using black hat techniques. Such as keyword stuffing or black hat schemes such as link farms. One of the things that you can do is to make sure that your page ranks well in the search engines. And avoid using any of these tactics. Yet, if you use them, this hurts your page’s ranking.

What will You do to Get Free Traffic to Your Website?

In response, say that you will do proper search engine optimization to get top in the search engine results pages. And create good content, get quality backlinks, and do content marketing. And focus on social media optimization. Be careful here, as you don’t want to say something negative about anything they did to get traffic. But rather want to praise them for a job well done.

What is the Purpose of Using Analytics for SEO?

Analytics is used to analyze work on websites for search engine optimization. And this will show you all the data that you have worked on getting much attention. And increase organic traffic of a website. A good SEO analyst will be able to offer you all data and more through analytics.

Analytics will also show you all the changes they have made to get better rankings. Perhaps they have changed their campaigns and rebuilt them from scratch. And maybe they just added a new keyword or phrase.

Either way, you might want to know how much effort they put into search engine optimization. And how they have progressed over time. You could ask them to show you some of their work.


Finally, you should answer your perspective as an SEO expert about previous SEO achievements in SEO Interview Questions for freshers. And be sure to ask them about their future objectives. What are they looking to achieve in the future? What do they need to do in one year?

Several SEO Interview Questions you could ask to determine whether your prospective SEO expert is an expert. They understand how SEO works, what type of websites and how they work, the why of SEO, and so forth.

In short, you must be thorough in your research before giving an interview for SEO Service. You must understand what these firms do and how they operate before hiring them. So, make sure that you know how to choose the best SEO keywords to optimize your website. And analyze your competition.

You also need to know, how to write SEO-Friendly content for your site. So that your site’s SEO efforts are optimized correctly.

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