Importance of Blogging {Updated}

The importance of blogging has increased in the time of digital marketing. And every day it is expanding and touching new heights. In this broad digital space, branding is essential. Brands try many methods to build brands and grow business online

What is the most common thing suggested in online brand building? Start a blog. It is the first and most common advice digital marketers give to new brands. Here in this blog, I will tell you the actual value of a blog and how a blogging platform can help you build a brand.

Importance of Blogging
Importance of Blogging

Benefits & Importance of Blogging

You may ask, why it is essential? Because it is beneficial. Following are some of the benefits of blogging are given here.

Organic & Relevant Traffic

When you publish a blog related to your industry segment. You get high visibility on search engine result pages by doing search engine optimization for search engines. And build backlinks for off-page SEO to increase organic traffic to websites. And the best part is the audience you get is relevant to your target industry. So this is the best method to advertise business online for free.

Brand Story

Telling your customers more about the brand story is essential, and a blog is a suitable place to do it. You can write exciting, emotional, motivating stories about your brand and how you build it. 

Loyal Customer Base

Do you want to build a loyal customer base? How would you do it? You need to address the problem that your customers are facing. A blog is one of the best ways to address the pain points of your customers.


Chances are always high that your blog readers will visit your product pages too. So, it is the right time to convert your visitors into buyers. Blogging is the best way to do it. 

Do’s & Don’ts for Blogging

Blogging is wholly based on content marketing strategy. So, there are always many flaws in the system you develop. Following are some of the common mistakes and tricks that you must consider. While starting a blog for your domain name

No Direct Promotion

The blog is not an advertisement platform. You don’t have to talk about the product all the time. You have to write about the problems your customers face and how your brand is making solutions. 

Talk About Society & Change

Some websites have a brilliant blog space. They talk about lifestyle, topical days, and the importance of change in society. And many more things. They are not promoting their products directly. But trying to engage with the audience naturally.

Know Your Customer

Before publishing your first blog on your brand website, you need to know your customers. Try to research your target audience. Try to build a detailed list of their interests, problems, and buying behavior. Then start content writing and publish SEO Content. And write SEO-friendly content to attract organic traffic.


You have published your blog; will you wait for someone to come over to read your website and blog? No, you have to market your blog via social media and many other channels to get more engagement and reach. 


Blog helps you build a loyal customer base. And improve website ranking to get organic traffic from SERPs. And connect your brand with the target audience naturally and emotionally via brand stories. Now you know the Importance of blogging in digital marketing. If you haven’t started a blog yet, it is the right time to enter this marketing channel.

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