Email Marketing

3.9 Billion active email users available in 2020 worldwide. That’s more than LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter combined active users, if optimized correctly then this techniques are powerful and driving returns for the campaign of digital marketing. It is the best investment for a higher level of user engagement.

Definition of Email marketing – A structured and systematic process that is sent to email users for delivering highly relevant marketing communications and campaigns to target subscribers.

The success of email campaigns is based on a Harsh and continuous process. The Digital marketer follows the 3i principle for email marketing.

  • Initiate – Begin initially with users and work towards a fully optimized email marketing campaign. Who are your target subscribers? What kind of email content will best suit their preferences and needs?
  • Iterate – Measure and analyze the performance of your campaign. Are your target subscribers opening your emails and interesting in them? Are they ignoring them? you’ll use this information to find out about your mistakes. repeat your successes, and continually improve the execution of your campaign.
  • Integrate – Incorporate your email campaign into your overall digital marketing efforts.

Four effective steps for email marketing process –

  1. Data. The first step in any email marketing campaign should always be the creation of a subscriber list. This is a compilation of email contacts who have consented to receive your communications (they’ve opted in). You can create as many lists as you need in order to segment your subscribers so that you can target them with relevant, personalized content that they will actually care about.
  2. Design. This step involves deciding which content you should include in your email and the design principles you must follow, to ensure that your email ends up in a subscriber’s inbox, ready to engage and excite them.
  3. Delivery. This Step is all about the delivery Of your marketing emails. You will learn how they are managed through an email service provider (ESP). You will learn how to utilize testing to decide what your email should look like and when you should send it to guarantee the best possible open rates.
  4. Discovery. Analysis and reporting are fundamental when revising and refining your digital practices. Tools will allow you to track every cent spent on your email marketing and let you track.

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