Google Chrome Shortcuts That You Should Know

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browser having 3.2 billion users approximately. When resorting to Google chrome for whatever small doubt we have, that is because of its easy to use interface. And it is highly user-friendly and feasible without much hassle. From Corporate employees to school going students, everyone relies on … Read more

7 Best Shopping Search Engine

The shopping search engine or eCommerce site search solution is basically the built-in or integrated search engine into the online store. As it is an app-based search engine, the work is simple, and it has to identify the keyword searched. And show the most relevant result from the store only. Thus, we can say it … Read more

Google vs DuckDuckGo

Comparing Google vs DuckDuckGo is not very tough, especially when both are well known. Google is the most popular, and it has the most searches. So this is the very natural choice. DuckDuckGo is the lesser known, but it is starting to turn into a rival of Google. DuckDuckGo or DDG: Always, you don’t have to … Read more